Without filters I fear for my mind 

and the tricks it plays on itself all the time

Without filters in which I see the world

My eyes would see opportunity everywhere

and not just the beaches,

I would dine with the self proclamied pharoahs

and the servents he beseeches

I would dine with blind man and feed him the foods and

we would sit on rocks,

Understand each other 

and discuss the value of human stock

You may say why I rock and Not a five star restaurant

The restaurant is inside and judges based off the appearance

I sometimes cannot stand the look of the judgemental eye

of those who think they have arrived

If Kings of Kings ate on rocks who am I

to think I am above the most high

Once agian my mind drifts

without filters, and if it continued on

there would be a lot of this

non sensical thinking

rambling going on

keep typing to the beat of an imaginary song

that is not there

without filters

I cant say who I'll be

but I know for fact I would not be me

The me that is typing this poem

filters everyday,

from what he eats, what he watches, what girls he chose to lay


The me that is typing,

operates through the filters he has created to catapult himself

into greatness

slendor untold

The Me that is typing this recognizes the Filter "old"

and will defeat time and reason

to perform what seems to be treason

to myslef 

by facing the fears and walking into that hell

knowing only that God told me it will go well

Me without filters, many say I have none now

I am free, I am vocal , I believe in the what

not so much the how

I dream , I challenge move to beat of my halfway crooked drum

I believe all is possible, and I have occasionally grabbed the attractive friends bum

But Who Am I? without filters nobody would know

Because with every pair of eyes there lies somebody show

Through the show they filter to what they beleive

and to that I say there can be no repreive

Without a filter, i'll be who I am but with Wings on my back

Soaring to places above and I would never look back

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