Breathing hitch-hiking its way up

BPM increasing like its leading to a solo

But no words follow

How do  you sing for sweet release

When fear coils like a snake in your gut

Fangs biting into your organs

Beads of sweat bursting from skin

The way lava boils over the rim of a volcano

Red-hot as it meets cool air

You choke on the aftermath

Sticky saliva settle cesspool in your throat

Festering full of "I'm sorry"

Where once "help" was an open wound

How do you reach the infection when it scabs over

Trapped beneath scar-tissue

Do you re-break the things that heal improperly

Attempt to remind them again

Hoping for better results

Remove the bulletproof vest to be shot

Praying that this time you won't bleed

How many times do you skydive

If you don't have a parachute

Sometimes taking a leap of faith

Leaves you broken rather than dead

And at that point

Which is worse?


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