One Day More

Little did we know
What Heaven has in store for us.
There came an angel,
Unbearable for us earthly judges to look upon.
His voice brought harmony, his face brought tranquility,
Himself brought the blinding light of holy.
Not daring to contest absolute purity,
We withdrew back to our courtroom obscurity.
He came forth, repeating sacred stories
All with the universal beginning:
Tomorrow we'll discover...

Little do we know
How the stories concern us.
Us earthly judges, preoccupied with reality and own affairs,
Loath and reject the angel.
Wisdom in his stories does not convince us
Since we exiled his kind during the start of time.
As a pariah with his progressive vision
He anoints the world with that innovation,
Yet the world deems devastation;
He blesses the world with affection,
Yet the world deems this retardation.

Little will we know
Why God places the angel among us.
At one point on the axis of eternity
We will abolish slavery.
At another point on the axis of infinity
We will support equality.
Will the story prove our existence throughout time?
Maybe the angel will know.
Maybe, filling with sheer simplicity, his story will not have a plot.
Regardless, his innocence will be worthy to look upon
Until we, the earthly judges, know the entire truth.


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