The Truth


Christ School
United States

Sometimes I wonder about our generation

How will we fit in with the larger population?

We go through our  days hoping to be distracted

And we dont stop and think about the way we acted

Our preoccupation is to make sure were "Trending"

Getting thousands of likes on Instagram or sending

That tweet that an actor or athlete retweets

Hoping  that that's the golden ticket to fame

But this is a pointless game

We say we want to be unique

But we try our hardest to fit in

The crowd so people dont think of us as different

and stay comfortable in our own skin

But it is ok to be different and its encouraged

I now strive to be

different because it has helped me flourish

especially in the arts

In film, video, photography, with cameras

And all the parts

I use this medium to tell stories

whether mine, his or yours

whether a tragedy, comedy or glory

Because I'm Proud with a passion for production.

Photo and video are confined to high school years,


Applying to college,

to gain more knowledge in film, business

And about my future.

Following the thing I love,

to do, to make and to need.

Speaking of,


Without God in my life,

I would, plead, misread or bleed.

I know that God has a plan,

for me, to be a man, follow my passion

and to succeed.

I struggle with my sin, insults

and criticism that can hurt like a knife

But I can't let that affect the result

of my life.

Art  will  be judged

It is the first response,

But that line is always smudged

Before you say anything and yield

Consider if it's helpful and will heal

Do  take criticism to heart,

I take it and use it to set me apart

I want to do good work

It doesn't have  to be famous

I do what I do because I love it relentless

I love learning stories and figuring out how to show them

Hinting lessons and morals, having an underlying theme,

A strong plot with good camera work and acting

Create a hidden gem.

I do it because I'm a disciple in Christ

I do it because it makes me different

I don't want to follow the right

path  if   it's the wrong way to be normal.

Blaze my own trail

It helps me succeed in my art, learn, and have a mind


OF  all of the crap that distracts us

All of our sorrows

They just throw us under the bus


They dont know how strong we really are

You will decide how to succeed

And to determine how far.

What I'm trying to say here

For now, This is a safe place we share

So jump in, find what you love

I'm a first-hand account

Of trying something new,

forcing myself to grow

and doing what I love

until I reach the stars above

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