Poetry Is A Gateway Drug to Success


I've been searchin' the web for months now

Looking for someone to be my cash cow

someone to pay off that tuition

and clear the way for me to complete my mission


I know the likelyhood of me winning is a million to one

I know the likelyhood  of me succeeding is almost zero

but that's not what I'm here for

I wasn't born just to hit that reset button the second the game hits level 2

I wasn't planning on quitting when I was the one strong sperm in my father's.....um, long goose

I wasn't created to quit when the going ets tough

I was born to say "Hell NO! STAND UP!"


I'm a rebel at heart, but a passionate saint

I'm polite to my elders

I hardly ever say "ain't"

I like to sit in my room and tik-tak on the computer

And let all the letters on my keyboard know I’m their ruler

Setting fire to the web

posting lyrics

never drab

always fab



Now that may seem fruity to some but that ain’t, or isn’t the point

The point is the point you see

The point is/are the limericks I breathe

The words I spout, the fire I spill

Spill because holding  all this in is a crime

At least I hope it is


Because I wanna hear everyone else’s fire

I want to feel them burn those tires

Well, I guess I’d smell it first

That burning rubber

Like holding that foot on the gas as you take off

Fast and Furious

First gear’s click

Second gear’s shift

Third and Forth are a given once you light up that engine called the paper


This world is full of it

This lyrical beat call rhyme and rap

Called poetry

Called crap

But those who call it crap don’t know

Don’t know how far we’ll go


When We Rhyme Like We’ve Never Rhymed Before



Jermone - this is great!  Can we share it our followers on Twitter and Facebook? 




Mary (PP Staff)


hahaha sure, just work on my name's spelling would ya? Don't want any "Jermone" getting credit.


Your poem is so relatable. Maybe I'm just in a similar spot, but I felt a connection to your words.

Lydia Pandorf

This is amazing. I'm speechless... I was reading and then it made me rethink I even had a chance to win any scholarship because no matter what all these poems have true value but it's something that draws attention or draws fans that usually hits the mark and makes an outcome. I relate to this poem and I just want to take a few claps slowly to say BRAVO! Skills dude, skills.


This is awesome, the way you write is remarkable. I could read this over and over. Truly amazing!


Such an inspiring poem!! You really have a way with words!!


This is truly AMAZING!!! I LOVE YOUR FIRE!


Very powerful, and really relatable

Peter Rico

I can notice an emcee when I feel one. I bet you spit bars too! Good job with this.

Child of the One True King

wow! great job!! I think you should win....or maybe come in second and let me come in first ;) jk, let the best poet win! (which is probably you)  I called mine Paper Power if you want to check it out.


Wow...your poem literally blew me away ! I love it! Especially the continual rythm that never ceased to flow till the end. 

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