What if..


Our heart is tainted and our values are infected. We are fools to believe what we see with our eyes.
It doesnt reflect how an indiviual's heart lyes.
The past doesn't define how a person is defined. Mistakes shouldn't be recorded for every soul goes through a climb.
Appearances are illusions thats apart of our minds. We assume the negativity by the things we tend to find.
We don't stop to think what a person might carry.
We cant seem to care enough to help a person with their hidden pain they've buried.
Maybe the problems are bigger then you imagined and being how they are is their way of showing you it doesn't matter.
What about the abuse and the mental problems they have.
What if they have no choice in the path they have mapped.
What if their dreams are taken away.
What if confusions comes in out everyday to play. You have no right to assume, maybe they're afraid because of people like you.
And you wonder why a person might close up and make there hearts go blue.
But did you ever stop to think maybe they think their life is a waste and maybe they need a hand to leave their cold hearted place.
Maybe they need a smile, or a laugh and a sadle. Maybe they need the help from some flames of a candle.
Maybe they need the attention they've craved.
Maybe they want someone to tell them it'll be alright. What if they're losing an internal fight.
What if they lost their hope and faith they cant seem to find.
What if they never met a person who was kind.
What if lies has caused to them to be blind?
What if they think its to late and they're better of as dead?
What if they think there is no light because their heart isn't being read.
Maybe they're being bullied.
Maybe the names there being called is too much to handle.
Maybe pulling a trigger will end the misery they've been fed.
What about the screams and the tears they shed. What about love, compasion and the light from the angels you can send.
What if all they want is a hug instead?
What if all they really want is a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen?
Maybe they want their inner heart to glisten.
What if all they want is to be found.
What if they're screaming in silence but their voice makes no sound.
Maybe they're to afraid to let it all out.
What if its up to us to search their heart and scout. Maybe thats what its all about.

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I wish the author would fix the typos and grammatical mistakes.


I was a bit too lazy to actually go back and fix it. But, I did. If you see any errors, please tell me. Thanks




I like this very much!




very true. We are here not just for ourselves but also to care and fill those what if's with love :) 

God bless! 


Thanks. God bless you too.


I really enjoyed reading this poem




This is amazing. 
May you always recognize the power your unrestricted, unbound and unapologetic words have to affect the world and may you embrace the passion and knowing to act accordingly.
Thank you.
Something I think you'll appreciate: http://www.alizagerritt.blogspot.com/2012/06/your-words-have-power-use-them-wisely.html
Much Love,
Aliza Gerritt 
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Thanks so much


I really love this poem. It's so true and I think everyone can relate to it in some way. The only thing I want to point out is the grammar, besides that it's wonderful! =D


It does have errors but thats where my laziness comes in.
But Thanks :)


This poem is amazing good work



Marlena Xiong

OMG YESS!! This is amazing...it's just about what i'm kinda feeling right now :')


Awe, if you want to talk about it I'm here. And thanks Hon.


....I liked it a lot at the begining and by then end I was sighing with appreciation and relief--such a refreshing poem. It's wonderful, and it builds on itself. I enjoyed it lots--thank you :)




Awe, Thank you.


"What if they're screaming in silence but their voice makes no sound.

Maybe they're afraid to let it all out."

Only one of the parts that almost made me shed tears. This is amazing, thank you. I wish there were more people that think like that in the world.


Thats my favorite line too!!



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