Here I am©.....

I don’t write for entertainment, to gossip, or to complain about my life past or present . I write because, I believe my words are one of the things I have left in this world. My words allow me to inspire/motivate people with my poems, my stories, and my truth. First and foremost I want to lead people closer to the lord. I want to show people through my words and my writings he is a good good father and he is a loving and a just God, and I am not afraid to say it. Correct, all my writings do not talk about Jesus Christ himself, but the greatest gift we can give to one another is love. Obeying and loving the lord is most important. With my writings I pour love into them, by trying to motivate/inspire people I try to give words that uplift, give a new perspective, and most of all tell my story, my truth, my hurt, my struggles with mental illness & life’s obstacles, my feelings, and overall just show people “how I view the world.” Truth be told, I want to be the one in my family, to express myself with words and admit to and say everything that everyone else won’t and never will…… So this is me and here I am. Let’s go.

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-Natasha R. Minier  -Cali 


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My family
Our world


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