The Shadow of lies

You are the light to my darkness as the moon is to the night 

You protect me from the lies that lurks in the shadows of the night 

The lies that I myself should not hear 

With each lie a path is awaken 

Should this path be a lie or should it be true 

But I will not follow such path I shall not find out this way

But I’ve got to ask 

Is what you speak true? Are you my protector in shining armor

Or are you a lie?

Have all you’ve said to me been a lie as well 

Do you love me with all that is to be true 

Or Are you selling me a lie? 

Baby, Baby

I call on to you

Tell me what is true and dare not lie 

Am I to live what is true or is she living a truth and I am living a lie

Baby, Baby 

I call on to you 

Please be my night in shining armor 

My protector and protect me from such hideous thoughts 

For I am your truth 

For I am your joy 

But wait how can this be?

If what I have been hearing from the lies that lurk in the shadows 

Are true 

Your a lie and I am not your truth 

She is to be your lover and I am just a lie 

That lives within the shadows 

Why have you dare lie to me

All of the pain hit me at once

How can this be true 

Why am I not your truth?

Why am I a lie?

Give me a reason as to why you lie to me about me being your truth when you knew that she was to be your truth 

I am broken, torn apart piece by piece 

For now I am not known to believe in such lies 

I am my own truth and I will no longer be a lie or live a lie

For he is not my knight in shining armor 

For he is not the light to my darkness as the moon is to the night 

For he is not to be what is true but a lie that I have Buried in the dust

I am true to myself and only myself 

I will not live a lie nor will I be one 

He have mistaken me for weak which I am not 



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