Just The Way You Are


Insercurities seem to control us,

drive us to do strange things.

Plastic surgery,


and branding.

Some of us, however,

do lesser.

Make up,

hair dye,

and manicures.

Truth is,

everyone is beautiful.

Whether it be from personality or not,

we are a world full of incredible people.

No matter the color,

no matter the size,

no matter the gender.

Each and every individual

has some special.

A knack for music,

a hobby of collecting,

a vision for art.

Maybe you are an all-star athlete

or master of the stage.

Do what you want,

and if they stare,

who cares?

Love what you do,

follow your dreams,

accomplish great things.

Take off the filter,

quit covering up,

there is nothing to hide.

Because you are beautiful,

just the way you are.


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