The lost boy


Centyha Forbes
Tears………………………his young feet no longer walk, but sliding through the hard gravel floor. The boy had been taken into a dark place when he was first brought. But the tightness of which the rope held his hand seems to tell him that he is alive, but is he well?
Fear…………………….the men who took him there was just as wicked as the sun itself that day when the little boy was out shopping with his father, hand in hand as always until the little boy attention was caught by a small cat wondering around. all care free and all in  mischief he decided to chase it and he does this until he realize that he was lost.   So he walks until he felt a hard hand suffocate him, must be the spirit that punishes wicked boys.
Pain………………………the father dear not sleep and his spirit hold no ground until he found his son, he call police and answer many questions. But he was weak of answering and he waited and waited for the phone to ring, until that one great day when he finally receives a call about his lost boy. He ran and drive and ran more. Eyes wondering and breath getting shorter as hope get longer,  he found the lost kid and he held tightly onto him. He was no longer worried, his fear instantly melts away when he pick him up and hug him for hours.


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