Bicycles are deadly


CU Boulder
United States

Don't text and drive

But that's for a car

Text and bike?

You already know


Bikes are useful to get around

So are skateboards

Which gets negative critic?

The one you don't hold on to


You can hear the wheels spin

So you know when the board is coming

Can't hear a bikes wheel though

Close your eyes and hope for no impact


I don't like bicyclists with headphones on

I can't hear you

You can't hear me

Feel like a married couple about to get divorced


Don't know how to ride a bike

Probably shouldn't be then

Need to text someone when driving?

No wonder you don't have a car


Bicycles are deadly

Can you imagine a bicyclist and a student

Both texting...

At least with a skateboard, you would hear the danger coming

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