Behind White Mask (Iago's Final Say)



Is not a virtue that will get you anywhere


Now, that is the truth for which I care

A man born mortal is a man who lies

(The gods have no need of such disguise)


We lie in truth, behind white mask

Until we lie within our cask

Pure of skin, but dark of heart

We need only lie for the slightest part


What minds were truthful, ‘tis a joy to taint

Apply a coat of the blackest paint

Then watch them slave to regain the light

No longer is their conscience white


But Irony, I have found you in my grace

Here comes a man with Devil’s face

Dark of skin, but pure of heart

He was truthful from the start



Oh, how beautifully ironic


Alas, was not his tonic

The angel falls when the demon pretends

For it discerns not foes from friends



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