Trapped in the Past

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 23:14 -- Cryptic

Once again I'm stuck in time
Frozen in thoughts
Crossing every and all spectrums
I call it...being in my feelings
In efforts to continue my lie
And with a sigh the cycle restarts until
I return to being in my feelings
Looking through my life through metaphoric movie reelings
Slowly undoing the seals my lies place
Upon these eyes
That replay my past decisions and their effects
Giving special focus on my regrets
Installing fear
Not just of repeating these mistakes looping in my head
but of falling short as I have so many times before
So I write my thoughts
Recording my fears
And Catching my tears in every private place
Leaving my own trace of realism to uncover
The question is does anyone care to discover
that which as I mentioned earlier
Is sealed from even the man
writing it all down


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