It's easy to choose the broad path that everyone follows.
Conforming to everyone's beliefs and never standing for your own. Yes the narrow path is one that only few choose to follow. That narrow path is a test and those who choose it are up for the challenge. This test tries your character, faith, and everything else that makes you unique. Choosing that narrow path means that you choose to lead and not follow. You have your own mind and don't believe what the masses of people say. Even if they are all against you it doesn't mean that they are right . They are just all joined together making their opinion in ignorance because it is bliss. No matter what everyone believes there is only on truth and it will stand no matter what. The truth is no respecter of persons and doesn't hold back any punches. The narrow path that i speak of is the path of truth which many choose not to follow. They would rather swallow down lies any day because the lies are so sweet tasting. The truth is bitter because it doesn't regard anyone's feelings. To me the truth is the only way to go and that path is narrow. I chose to go right with the few instead of going to the broad path to the left which is nothing but illusions created for death.



Ayyye! I like your poem!!! Its like picking the red or blue pill!


Lol yea thats exactly what its like

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