I know you know my struggles; I know you my pain

So there's no need explain why I'm emotionally drained


I'm feeling deranged; living in shame; Going insane, losing my brain

Being so vain, struggling to maintain, My feet dry as I walk through the rain


But I keep my head high towards the sky 

Wiping away the agony and fatigue that's in my eyes


No lie, when I asked for why

I pressed for knowledge; Perseverance was the only reply

But procrastination, inquired 'Why Try?! Rely on the die; on the sly, vie for nigh never for the cry" 

So I implied with wry; kiss the lye


It's not you against I, eye for an eye; no, never that

It’s I against I, living to die; it's the flow of time, you can bet that...



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