Prisoners of Lies


I plaster on a smile, and I pin up my hair, and I go out and silently question the morals of society, if those morals even exist. I have the scattered visage like a little girl lost in a deserted forest. I’m just another prisoner, a prisoner of the lies and the hypocrisy that governs us.

It’s all a mess, and I’m part of it. I can’t make it stop, much less can I make it any better. Government lies, false flags, and ignorant accusations. Racism, bigotry, injustice. We’ll never live up to what they want. We’ll never be enough. We’ll never be free. We’re repeating the cycle of our past, and we are letting it ruin what was never really ours.

Human beings and animals alike die in order for “leaders” to make a point, yet nobody is brave enough to make it stop. Although, I wouldn’t blame them for the cowardice. They practically have a gun to our head waiting for us to mess up their plight for disaster.

They are killing us off. One by one. We are bait in the eyes of our tormentors and they will feast on our flesh as soon as we buy into their scams. One by one. They’ll tear apart the fleeting hope that survived the explosion within us. They’ve raped our minds, and they’ve ripped out our souls just to gain the little they don’t already have. Tampering with our thoughts, and playing with our trust.

I’m afraid it’ll never stop.

Not until they’re the only ones left to take from and we’re six feet underground.

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