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"FOUND LOVE" Who doesn't want to be in love or even better; just to be loved?
I sleep only to stay awake My dreams so vivid, that my deep slumber goes to waste I dream of awful things Of shaking and jerking uncontrollably, endlessly
I sleep only to stay awake My dreams so vivid, that my deep slumber goes to waste I dream of awful things Of shaking and jerking uncontrollably, endlessly
They see but do not hear Voices raised only to be silenced “They do it for fame or attention, they do it just because-” “There’s no such thing as racism in this world anymore.”
When I set my eyes on her She was moving majestically In her prinks and glistening hair She look beautiful and affectionate
I gazed The African panaroma Distant Cherangani hills, sleeping Blue Kenyan sky, now murky Lightning, shady clouds
I am Liberia!Though scared by scourges of allien spades,
I LOST MY SIGHT It's one of my peculiar, precious gift, Withholding events with my inner eyes, Discovered earlier in my life, And channelled to the service of God.
The Fall Falling Just like an empire, you fall One day you’re on top of the world The next, you’re fighting to climb a single step   Everyday, you fight to fit into the crowd
Every night at a pub,I see her, the girl with the blond hairand blue eyes, a beauty to behold.Her gaze draws me in,and I can’t help but steal glances.If you ask me what are the eyesThey were the first eyes I ever sawI can see the heavens in them,a
  I remember it like was yesterday When I walked down the third isle in the the shopping mall Your outfit caught my eye and I couldn’t walk no more hence my Hey my name is poetic nice to meet you  I remember the first glance the smile and the way
When everything is going to be at place ?doubted the soul . Patience replied : Oh soul you are about to reach the wining post . Emptiness added: but i wonder why you are so restless and tiry ?
The night you left us here on earth You didn’t tell us you’d be going, There was no goodbye kiss No time to tell you what you’d miss.
Around the sun, gathered the cloud, You spark to me the love to my soul, surely i admire you I saw a flame far away deeply in your eyes, suprisingly it's my heart that spark within you.
Where blue apples are growing,Brown apparel is shrouded.And there's shrubbery for a mile swelling,With sinister graves divided.
A Game “Go to sleep”, I say. I tell myself as I lay, I call out to loneliness as I get bored, And Loneliness brings me a company of thoughts.
Fine taste of life wakes in palms daily  Full seasons soon explore their chance to purpose 
The silence of twilight Never seemed so intense. The old lady whistled Through her bloodstained lips, Grinning at the cup Placed near her husband. The aroma was his addiction But now the coffee
Blade rusted with blood. An opening to let this out. The pain is numbed But only for now. The few seconds of relief. Proof of my pain Reflecting the inside- out.
Am I not a story?A perpetual jugglerOr any apparition hustling to survive? Disrupted volcanoMiserably, a blast!Of flames and flowersPerceived as hollow and no art!
The baby was born, at age one the baby smiled and ran, she didn´t see how her father secretly had a devil horn, her little legs took her everywhere she wanted to go to explore as fast as she can,  
I thought I was someone I thought I was different I thought we were one But there was there was something missing   I care for you But what i give is not enough I miss you
Love is beautiful when is mutual. I am content because my heartbeat rhymes with yours. As the sun begins to wane I Watch distance growing between me and you.
You said, You feel weird  That I am not there anymore And it cuts me deep Into the lonely heart  That I've Chasing away the fears Tucked inside my weaken bones.    
Like a flower that blooms sepals Like a tree that give rise to leaves Like a sun that rises after setting Like a ocean that flows without any thought Like the sky that rains a lot Like the sky that watches all
Walking in my life, I met one life, Of one man life. I like his life. He speak about Life, Example life of wife. I life his face, It shows his confidance, Speaking with evidance.
  And then everyone stayed home everything got closed even mosque or dome they prayed, and mediated
Staring in the sky In this deep blue eve, Thinking once again Of those past gone days. Old patches still hurt my heart Scared pain threatens my way Oh am trapped in mysterious world.
You brought me sunshine when I only saw rain , You bought me laughter when I only felt pain
Don't keep itstop understanding people who barelyknows your worth Don't mind itenough hiding those woundsthat's slowly killing you from the insidejust so you'll look fine 
We don't know the future When the time will come I hope to be here when it happens No fear, no pain
  Her aged hands are rubbery, full of brown specks of wisdom— A holy entity formed of political hatred and troubling nostalgia, Undying, yet rotting slowly.
Where my tears not good enough did my pain not feed u enough did the screams not release your hatred did your fake sentiment fix the wounds you gave me
Friendship Compose by loveless Jay and Bunu Baebee Loveless jay Like a rain she came into my life Keeping my pretty body worm in cold days My heart keep running on her spot Jus like a battle cooks pot
To the super woman You are good and strong You give without a word in life You have your way of strive You never ask for reason in love Loveless Jay
To the super woman You are good and strong You give without a word in life You have your way of strive You never ask for reason in love Loveless Jay
I own you love The love that will full the universe That will move round your orbit like the earth move round the sun And wash away all your pain
The spark of excitement when you’re in my sight; The need to talk to, please you, if I might; The disappointment and sadness as you walk away,
It is time now to fallTears should stream down my faceAnd my throat hoarse from psalm   It is time now to abstainHoly ink should stream from my lipsAnd my throat hoarse with pleas for forgiveness  
Do you love them? Is this the person you Want to spend the Rest of your life with? Can you handle their insecurities? Can you hold them when they Wake in the middle of the night From nightmares?
Do you love them? Is this the person you Want to spend the Rest of your life with? Can you handle their insecurities? Can you hold them when they Wake in the middle of the night From nightmares?
Beauty Beauty despised beauty Beauty, thick body Beauty in disguise Beauty people ignored Try pairs of jeans Look in the mirror flaws are flaws That are made to be beautiful
Sometimes smile to them, Maybe it'll give them some hope. Just great them, It's sometimes brings them back to the world.
Who rules the world? Literally, it is the boys But would you permit me to say that Girls deserve to rule the world too.
Who rules the world? Literally, it is the boys But would you permit me to say that Girls deserve to rule the world too.
Born to be unloved. Made to be broken. It’s tough love and shoves. Quick slaps whenever miss spoken.   Made to be broken.
Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.So unassuming, he enters our worldwith shepherds lowly coming to adorethis infant Lord who will freedom herald.
Roses are red  Violates are blue Suicides an option But its not for you   You may be imperfect  And you may be flawed I think your perfect With your flaws and all  
Water, earth and wind This also includes fire These are elements  
that which produce vibrant laughs from children’s mouths at play so nice and sweet to hear so near somewhere while guns and bullets raucously firing victims somewhere so near in the war fields.
  moving on is hard to do when the moving on still points towards you it’s hard when i am alone and all i see is you it’s hard when it feels hopeless because i put all my hope in you
There was a rich woman named English Who used to be very selfish But she learned a lesson When she lost all her blessing Now she’s in the market where she sells fish  
Bruised and Battered strong words that bring about the emotions of defeat.  What if I told you instead it represents strength and empowerment? No one can weather your storm because only you have the power to end it.  Storms of circumstance self-in
I see Liberia! A land where the seashores of the Atlantic Embraced and welcomed the Mayflower, The great voyage of a rising sun, Imprinting the omen of a new dawn.
Love,a four letter word connection With significant meaningful relation But my Love,which I believe It's not a lost love,but it's a secure Love.
Let me put you in this bubble  Let me paint this picture of you Wear it like a dreath shroud Let my compliment be insult smothered in smoke clouds Ignore every sound except the sound of my voice
"Growin' like a Baoba tree" and I look down at my feet That walked the African soil as a child Running around carefree "Motherland drip on me" and the memories roll in  of the Congolese sun shinning
They ask me Who I am I am who I am  Me, I express myself through the words on my paper telling stories people might enjoy But also telling the stories of the things I have endured
Ruby and gold teach me rainbow pleasures, Sapphire and Emerald glittering catch my Keatsian eyes, And the rainbow colours are my treasures, Diamonds on the summit of the world hold my Grecian heart:
He lived long enough to see his toddlers grow, But not long enough did he stay to mold them, So the woman had to rekindle the candle and let it glow, And the illicit that she brewed became the family gem,
A rose born into the world with a different color.  Was thrown into different crowds of deadly shadows.  Monsters who kept eating away the color’s pride.
Me, a ruined being in agony A traumatized lad with scares all over Is me that the world treated so unfairly And who sought refuge within my home town
It burns. My eyes are burning. It hurts, When you want to cry. It bleeds. My body is heavy and warm.   Crying is nice. It's safe and Warm. You feel it flow and
As we cheered to the new year, That was supposed to be the start of gear, But Alas! we were embraced by an unwelcoming fear, Fear of mingling, for not to shed tears,
Destructive forces tearing down walls, watching protective shields collide Heartbreak lingers within you,  affecting loved ones held dear.   
Hard Times   Lonely. People crowding, rushing past me, Running to their friends after a long break Waiting for someone to rush to,
You still make my heart flutter When I try to look you in the eyes I can't They have so much more than the surface glitter They have strength Hurt Kindness Hidden behind a hard exterior I can't break
My life, defined by a roller coaster of trials and tribulationsLike the prisoner, thrown in a lion’s pit, unprotected and vulnerableImbroglio in a maze of hardships and adversityClouded by the “fatal prejudice” of humanity. Dragged and chained by
Where am I going? A cold wall The floor is moist Water was drained Pure water, tainted Sewage in the mixture  
A stir in a crowd, a rumble of hundreds all together for a different reason. they stumble and fret, moan and groan, until that one person, decides to go up alone. ------
I've read the book The Little Prince. I didn't quite understand it at first. I've read it the second time since,  Understanding the pilot's thirst.   I realized it made fun of adults,
I step and hear no sound nearby “Hajime” Leaving back my fear and weakness My lungs squeeze to below as hard as I can
It follows me  Despite my control Seeing the world Like a little girl It peers above the bottom There's so much more I tell 'em My mother screamed The skin was seared
I am inspired by those who Love unconditionally always everyone Those who view their love not as something to be earned, but as something given freely   I am inspired by those who hurt
I’m commended and cast out for my old soul, For my preference of a paperback between my fingertips, For my hips swaying to the soul of the sixties,
Dear Old Self,    How are you?  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I would be lying if I said I missed you.  If I can recall, it took a while to erase away the bad memories of you, and now you want back in? 
Those who do not have much Are an inspiration to me. They keep fighting. They are as strong as can be. Maybe they believe in hope Or possibilities. They deserve the world.
I miss you. Last thing you told me  Before you left was I love you.  But, I don’t get why you loving me 
A clever line, a pause that allows for an ever-growing smirk, then an eruption of crackling laughter:                              Victor. A stone foundation on which hundreds have built
you demand from me a small piece of me each and every day.   once we were introduced, I couldn't stop giving. you are the center of my attention.  
Robert McRook           There are many things that inspire me The ocean, a rainbow, a book But few things have moved me to press on
My muse, a little demon rat with fur as soft as moon beams She stares at me when night arrives and haunts me in my daydreams   When still surrounds and dark descends her star-lined ears appear to gleam
Anxiety fills me as I remember the glimmer coming off the gun, I remember people telling it'll be alright hun, but they don't know, they don't know the struggle of having to live with that
I stand waiting Waiting for something to feel Fake smile, forced laughing If only I could get away The sorry, the mourning
What keeps me from slouching  and from staying quiet in the face of giants what drives my dreams beyond the mundane
The absence of hope behind a girl’s eyes That use to shine so bright. He took that from her. She pretended to have so much life But no one knows behind that mask she sobs because of the pain she hides.
He Says Because I Love you See this thing through Lives Through His walls of never ending doubt Never Seeing Never feeling what my pain is about Because I love you its funny how you should say that
I loved him. I loved him more than I would ever love. Afterall, he had raised me. But once that golden liquid made its way into his brain, a numb merciless heart replaced the kind one I had grown fond of.
Lying down in the stone-cold ground   Ocean waves crashing violently with memories of them still around  Vibrant colors fill the night sky  Every night ends with me taking a sigh    
All need to rest To relax is that needed by all None who doesn't need rest Rest day comes God loves his people To give them good is that he wishes Our imagination needs to be stopped Rest day comes
Shall I persuade you to a dance with me  You are so beautiful I can’t resist The dance floor looks so empty without thee Sweat peaks through the surface like morning mist Don’t go away because you’re all I have 
By my side through it all It is my friends Always having a ball   Through thick and thin They inspire me Whether I lose or win They are my family  
I walked out of the house and it was cold Went in the car and drove myself to school Done with homework, I did what I was told. Left my wallet, felt as I was a fool  
One day: I can't remember    Three days: My tears fell on your hand.   Two weeks: In school, they stare.   Six weeks: A lonely sister on Christmas.  
I am a lucid dreamer The visions so real But can't seem to control my dreams For their power remains a mystery Can feel the intensity Mastering them is mission impossible
I walked down the aisle Wearing a pretty smile   I woke up in the morning And found a wish by my side Everything seemed so easy in the clearing I was so happy and smiled
THEY LIKED the idea of glamour, The gold, the grace, the glitter, The idea that money was key, That luxury was handed to them, The thought of being in the moment.
Rubbing her thumb across her bicep… up and down and up and down Thinking of life before, what life even was⁠— What was a life if it meant nothing?  
By thou insane pamper, hob nob with blue water, Reborn in your nap, Smelling death over lap.
Texas.don.g.nutt59.poem dedicated like no other has to be has to do its the life of the real the one thats to true. Dedicated from the long distances away dedicated between me an her her an i dedicated truely about hold hand in hand.
I am a giving tree,  Used to always stay still, Drop red, crispy, apples for all around, Let others climb and break my branches in the process, 
Bound with gold,  wine – flush cries,  running here on your prayer. By now If you trust and obey my words:  the evil will be gone by mine own words, 
  If Only You Could See    Every night I think of the way society is. Making people feel welcome and appreciated is my role.
In darkness, how she wanes and pulls Upon the weary salted tide, A sweet celestial body found Upon the lucid pinpricked sky;The faded morning’s shallow lightLeaves her shadow hovering,Silver shifting crescent moon,Cradled weight of gravity. 
When I was a kid, the biggest problem I had was following through on the decisions I made. Whenever I started a new year of school, I would always promise myself that I would do my absolute best.
There was a little girl, who looks much the same as meBlonde hair, blue eyes, and doesn’t know she’s freeShe’s been pushed away and distracted most her life
Your Young or old , You got dreams to archive. Just think of what you've been dreaming all the time , And now is time to take an action. Pull up your socks, Get a helper, To help you archive your dreams.
whisper your truth into my ears. and into the depths of my soul. read my pains through my tears. i pray my time with you moves slow.  
Where Rivers Sing And Nature smiles Where Forests sprawl Over Silver Miles         Where Bridges rise         To meet the Land         And Trees stand by        Just holding hands
This thing, it bothers me shakes my entire being it is neverending poison   I have absolutely no idea how to deal with it it breathes inside of me tears away all rational thought
We may believe That his head aches Because his daughter's birth.   But it turns out His splitting pain Is caused by the Paul brothers.   His lovely child Athena
Beauty is a feelingOf the soothing breeze,Over the relaxed valley and placid forest;Where, all fauna and flora together metAnd they sprayed on us the nature’s grace. Beauty is a thoughtOf reverential mutual understanding;With much added mind’s dis
Clouds of dust swirl through the hot desert sky The unforgiving sun radiating its disapproval As the fearsome beast is brought to the ground
you left me with no goodbyes you left me with no final words will I see you again?   you left me to face this cruel world alone you left me alone to continue battling will I see you again?  
you left me with no goodbyes you left me with no final words will I see you again?   you left me to face this cruel world alone you left me alone to continue battling will I see you again?  
The Morrigan was found from olden days, To be from the tribe of Celtic haze, Worshipped for strength and war, She was the goddess of gore.  
The video loads Slower than a snail But once it does,  You wish it hadn't   "Hey guys! It's me, Apollo,
Tale of my Raped friend  
Persephone captured by the enemy of all man kind How could this happen to her, she was meant for more Now all she had was hope, she refused to eat anything That monster offered her  
Mazu the goddess of the sea Who watches over the vast ocean And gives the fishermen her guarantee   But that was long ago
 Ra Your eyes dawn on me As I dawn on you Your existence dark without Your purpose bound in me You owe your thanks to me
Through all the myths of the past And on every last sheet Not a single soul has scribed That Zeus was an athlete   As powerful he was
I can finally say That I am smiling like an idiotic, Idiot at a screen. My electronics finally know my happiness; And it's shining through, Straight though their body.
For all mortals are Predestined to an ending Peaceful or bloody   Brought into the dark Ferry trip like no other  Duty of Charon   Multi-headed hound,  Cerberus looks after both 
What Shall I say about their senses, What Shall I speak about their Tenses, They're all above the God judgements, May be they are Gods of Themselves.
Driven by the dreads of discernments Manipulated by the orthodox clique Restricted by the foremost nurtures Feelings crippled by the indigent states If try to share some tales, they find no mate
They say she has a habit of hanging out in abandoned churches, weaving through broken pews and stepping over tattered hymn books and leaving bits and pieces of her past in her wake.
“Ow!”, “Stop!”, “Why me, why me?” Aurelie forgot the last time that she was filled with glee. She always got bullied everyday.
texas.don.g.nutt59,poem,forsake,of me forsake of life forsake of the gods forsake of the people forsake of the love forsake of the thrill forsake of the poem forsake of the joy, forsake of the street forsake of happiness forsake of the real the tr
A girl, or a monster.  Is she new to school. She looks sad. Yes, she thought. They staring with wide eyes.  The girl with a black hoodie. Could now never be discovered.
In the Dark   Time slipped through my hands and now was the moment that I had been dreading. Then, with a hushed tone,
Hephaetus, the god of fire and craft Enemies sought to have him ousted from Olympus Prodigy of a god who had magnificent wishes Hell, even ambitious A god of the future Even proving many wrong,
Happiness is like the wind— Cool and comforting and yet so fleeting So when that familiar feeling was dimmed I found my heart somberly beating.   I remember my days of youth
Growing up without being financially stable. Made me wonder if I was the only kid without cable.
First year and whole new places                               Yet so incredibly alone                                             
With her attitude With her curves With her wild hair With her intelligence But with her silence But with her coat
Pinch Fears make you pinch Your eyes And The corners Of your mouth   Fears are weird And
Bullet to the head Face is tired, numb, and red The words you just have said Can't fix the wounds that have bled From a long time ago   Reasons to get upset The tears in which I have wept
As I sat there pondering The world around me crumbled As politicians quarreled Innocents have suffered   Ignorance shielded me
My life Who knew  I certainly didn't My life It's consantly going up  Down Right Left A rollercoaster  There is so much happening It's crazy It can be good crazy 
When I grow up, I want to be a doctor, But those who were created to mold me are destroying my universe.   I wanted to play doctor and princesses, But here I am with my arms being home to my siblings.  
Checking the mailbox Stacked up with all kinds of bills Someone pay these please  
Tears couldn't stop the fireExplainations couldn't win the caseThe wise intution warned me about this...I was sent away  
I realized the divide of black and white, the clash of lower and upper class I would have loved to see the world through a child's eyes unable to distinguish lies
I used to think that it was all about externalities, Do anything to fit in and don't get mama mad at me,  It didn't matter how I felt only how other people felt about me,
Intermediate My carefree childhood days The end of freedom   High School came around Responsibility hit That changed everyone
Remember when life was all about you? When you could dress up as a princess any time of the day, And you could get away with a tantrum when things didn’t go your way?
Eye-seeking Melanoid Adonte’ Dunn I am an antonym of democracy, the one who gets the negative end of the stick. I am an eye-seeking melanoid though,
In second grade everything seems great, the friends you make every breath you take easy, nothing can stop you As you grow you learn things aren't as easy as they once were but it's okay because
High school senior called out of class sweat dripping, heart racing dragging her feet in the grass it was time to face reality   arrested twice at age seventeen realizing now this isn’t a dream
When I was younger, my Family and I would visit my Aunt’s house frequently. The memories I Have of our visits are predominantly Of harvesting fruits and vegetables
The Grocery Game   I enter the sliding glass doors   My purse in my hand   I take breath, in and out  
the biggest change happened during spring of junior year when i saw my father  cry and i realized that those who seem the strongest are those who are most broken I realized that I
It's time to make your decision nevermind those googly dull eyes  eyes front         tick-tock-tick-tick-drip    is it suppose to rain today? Focus. Sweaty palms, your heart beats the Tommy Gun, 
I am from cheer and laughter. From sweet tea to bitter lemonade. I am from hugs so meaningful your heart shines light.
TRANSFORMATION Transformation. Where developmental stages cascade into adolescence.  It molds our countries, comunities, and our families. Our values, transform our future.   
Things can change very quickly Sometimes in the span of one minute I came home from school and saw you sitting with our grandma The both of you looked at me and I knew that was it  
You stiff my breath Make my throat go numb I can’t say a word And you want me say a lot   Why do you have such cruel inflictions on me? Is my soul not enough for you to keep
We are the generation of thinkers The generation of reckless drinkers The generation in which my eyes are appalled and I have opened my mouth to exercise the right I was given This is America.  
1 I wanted to be the one who a game could focus around. But I had to be off to the side, making way for the stars of the hour. When it was my turn to be the glorious focus,
He cries for you in his sleep. Whimpering pleas for your return, Fingers arched for your waist, just aching for another touch. He still loves you.  He…needs you. Selfishly, I don’t want to let go.
The timing was wrong You were too young I wonder what your thoughts were   You had your struggles You’ve had enough
There was a flower Not yet bloomed, still a bud Closed off from everything and everyone Waiting to bloom
These are the baby teeth you forgot about the pieces of you that you don't remember  the sweetness of your innocence the roots of your upbringing  that passed by in rollerskates and scraped knees
Life changes quickly. You are not who you once were. Move on, life goes on.
I Know My Worth   I know that I can be the best I can be, With hard work and devotion in order to succeed.
It was a normal period, Keeping my head down, But they just had to say Something to make me cry.   “It’s not a slur!” they protest,
It was a normal period, Keeping my head down, But they just had to say Something to make me cry.   “It’s not a slur!” they protest,
Standing on your walkway gives me chills, Glowing beautifully with your astounding street flare. And the performances through the cheery nights
If you divide a population By the lowest common denomination The result remains the very same While the one never fits the frame  
Emotions Rough times Ups and Downs  Colors and Blacks   Full rage with emotions Tears with joy Laughter with pain   Time heals all  But it doesn't stop for us
Emotions Rough times Ups and Downs  Colors and Blacks   Full rage with emotions Tears with joy Laughter with pain   Time heals all  But it doesn't stop for us
Three years in Wasting time as I stare in the screen Focusing so much for a virtual win On my homework is nothing to be seen   One day I was brought back to reality
I left a message on your phone? Didn’t you see it? I called 5 times yesterday, you didn’t pick up? Was it all intentional? Or just an undecided decision.
I see the birds that are blue, I only see things that are true. I live a thousand miles south, Yet still I crave to hear the words from, your mouth. No obstacle can get in my way
The pathway home, will take steps to places inside Death... I will carry you, for the road after, and our hearts fall closer...   As worlds away, we soar. The new darken,
Smoke surrounded me as i lift my head and open my eyes I was a deer in the headlights;  
You never think that itll be you Pass it off and say no that's not true But then there you are , sweat coating the palms of your hands Pulling and snapping the hair band on your arm
You never think that itll be you Pass it off and say no that's not true But then there you are , sweat coating the palms of your hands Pulling and snapping the hair band on your arm
It begins as a thought. Small yet calling for attention.  I ignore it.   Then an idea. Ignorant yet from experience. I ignore it.   Then an emotion. Whimsical yet possible.
Senior year was dimmed by the coming shadow of applying to college Countless hours in coffee shops writing essays The alternating waves of excitement and stress It’s all about the money
I am stuck in the same place I have been in for years, Comfortable and safe, but stuck. It’s nice over here, Everyone waves to me, Everyday is the same routine,
Hopeless Hopeless is how I felt. In counseling with tears streaming down my face and no regard, For my makeup smearing revealing I had lost any sense of grace.  
Fear  has  a  purpose.   The  purpose  to  warn   Warn  us  of  danger.   Fear  had  a  name...   The  name  of  a  man A  man  dressed  in  darkness.   Fear  arose  quickly...  
The vigorous waves, the powerhouse of the sea Crashing upon anything in its way Nothing in this world that it needs to obey A zealous surge of energy that is alive and free  
She's been there longer than us She'll be here long after us She took us in And we hurt her   She gave us a place to live She gave us food to eat She gave us water to drink
Boom! An explosion of pain comes across my face, 
My heart is racing Can I really do this? I want to start pacing It's too late; we're off   This seems like it goes on forever I want to reach the end  Started this, I should've never
I was scared of being alone A new challenge to start  In a place that is unknown  Leaving my family really broke my heart    Sometimes I tell myself  This will be worth it 
She called me again, she always will Some girls I know went through it And the fear of it makes me ill   I was up with her for a while ‘til
Why did you leave meif you knew that you were going to be a dad i understand that you were just a teenager but still  you should of stepped to be my dad   why did you leave me didnt come back till i was  8 
In my earliest day 
I stand on the edge of a cliff, and this cliff is called my future. Yet, as I stare down, it begins to turn into a rift. The doors of opportunity I see open become fewer and fewer.  
They take my kindness  For weakness And my silence as speechless If a Black woman has a dream  It's considered unreachable They want us to fit in world's society Meaning Lighter skin= Beauty
reality is a stream of nothingness to me now. numb body numb mind Nothing In This World Is Real slowwwwwww down the clocks teeth broken; tongue swollen I Can't Breathe.
A Light dusting of snow  I know the snow can be frightening I see your eyes as the snow turns to ice I see the the frostbite crawl up your walls crawl up my hand   I don't care
Her face is broken with tears, Her heart is shattered with grief. Holding no sympathy, his face was blank. His heart is cold and dark. Love destroyed them,
The jump they talk about is not literal. They tell you that you have to jump. To take that leap of faith.    I took that leap once. I put my heart on the line And I let people see my pride and joy, 
You can't beat ignorance with a fist...something I was told  But society begs to differ as if our once warm blood is now cold I try to stay positive but negativity resurfaces every chance it gets
Smile for me Sejo you would say ukiwa chonjo with lots of blushes though its not with crushes that you fall for in my smile then it always sounds true But you don't really know my smile  
You stayed; You left; Like allergies in the spring. After flowers came and went, so did you. The festival came too late. I didn't even get to celebrate you.   You have no idea
I Am A Woman.   I am a Woman. I am strong and can do anything. No matter what HE says. I am a Woman. I am powerful and can be anything. No matter what HE says.
  The hold that you had found in my veins, was not found without warning.   It was preceded by a feeling That weighed heavy in my chest.  
You have a chance in a life time Why not take it. It’s only one Chance And only one opportunity I took a chance And, it made a great Difference My life has Been long
I looked up at the sky Wondered who am i ? Will I be defined by my gender Or by the women before me
Humans have fear beause it stops you from making the wrong decision, Sometimes it stops you from making the right decision, When you are brave you are scared but you do it anyways, You have the power to stop fear,
Humans have fear beause it stops you from making the wrong decision, Sometimes it stops you from making the right decision, When you are brave you are scared but you do it anyways, You have the power to stop fear,
As my mind becomes dreary, And my eyes become teary, Again.. I promise myself I'll be strong, But my mind is clouded by fog, of past memories,
I was 17 when I realized I couldn’t swim Jumping into new waters Where my feet can’t touch where I thought there was a lot
PleaseThe air makes it hard to breatheBut I still breathe for youBut you don't see itI take all the time out my day to let you speak But you dont see itI make sure however you're feeling, you're heard
War is Death! War is the worse, not the best It is full of graceful and destruction Proven who is best is nothing   Blood, guts, tears All the little children fears-
The instructor said, Go home and write a page tonight And let that page come out of you Then it will be true   I wonder is it that simple?
The feeling   Delicate yet strong like a glass of wine The feeling and taste is just as bitter Though i can’t help but look at your clear eyes
Winter brings such wonderful tidings. Each and everyday, winter glows with  such majesty. Winter is the essence of cold.  Never growing old. Winter will never be the same every year.
Roses and petals float away in deception    Let go because of various misconceptions    I tried to show her my truthfulness and reveal my inter beautie     But I was shot down   
The letters across my back shout the truth so urgently so vividly that no one can deny.  The world so clearly seen from behind.  But in the front, a hollering silence fills the void, even those of gifted ears
Some wish they could have it, Others wish they could feel it, Some others wish it could be all theirs alone, Ironically some wish others have it more, All in the same biome of the solar system.
Some wish they could have it, Others wish they could feel it, Some others wish it could be all theirs alone, Ironically some wish others have it more, All in the same biome of the solar system.
Letter to my son
My mother went through struggles,  Most I was too young to see I didn’t realize how hard she really had it Until her life became a reflection of me She had 5 kids,  five mouths to feed, 
A tree tries to grow on a battlefield of men, Filled with greed, the soldiers attempt to break the tree, They yank and pull on her branches and they burn her leaves, But her roots are deep,
What are we to do in the aftermath of chaos? Pray that it stops. Know it won’t but still hope. March the streets and cry out.   Our typhoon of contradictions
Yeah I'm different  But what's wrong with that? This is something we don't choose  This is something that makes us confused So please don't accuse Us for being different  Saying its our choice
Names have POWER! They title something, represent something, mean something. They can make you feel like you're on top of the world. They can make you feel like nothing and everything. Names have POWER!
Who am I?” A question asked by othersTo get to know each other more. Instead, I ask this to myself Every night. “Who am I?” Oftenly asked by many.
It feels like forever I have held this in my heart. This story of sadness, but also pure joy. A tragedy in which death was the verdict.   Where one chose to take his own life
I had to grow in the coldest weather Broken and unfinished The chill turned to warmth Before I knew it, I was reaching the skies
There's that image of me in your brain I gave you my heart and soul but what you chose to see was vain every image of me in your head is of my physical body you never learned to appease my brain  
Our passions go out Not with a bang but a whimper Not with a whimper but a whisper Not with a whisper but a shout
How do my genetics decide what I get and why does my pigmentation determine the quality of my life? How am I expected to be calm when I'm constantly threatened with the personal encounter with the afterlife?  
  Piece for the walkout   In all this damnass cold You and I create, Bicker, conclude, articulate. In all this damnass cold
    You lied to me when you said you "respect" me; I showed you my weakest side, and you took advantage of my vulnerability. you humiliated me for your own pleasure; you tormented me for someone eles's doing,
    I learned from a deaf man that society is beauty's flaw, and empowerment its greatest fear.     I heard a Cherokee cry: "Am I no greater than a white man that I have to leave my own land?"
She bore, life. First two, expected. A third, sweet baby girl don't you know you're unintentional. But oh how she'll love you all the same.   Daughter. I am hers and
As my grandma always said, Blood goes deeper than water But if that is always the case tell me why my mom never married my father   Family goes deeper than blood  Its who you love with all you have
MONEY, NOT EVERYTHING Money can buy Food but not Nutrition. Money can buy Gifts but not Thanks. Money can buy Blanket but not Warmth. Money can buy Books but not Knowledge. Money can buy Blood but not Life.
E-B-O-N-Y E-B-O-N-I Different vowels same sound Different words which is right E-B, just two letters E-double B-I-E Another nickname
A mentor can be one you adore, A mentor can be one you abhore, A mentor must be one in which you learn more, More than before.   In times of ignorance,
You came into my life at the point in time When I needed a teacher,  Someone to instruct me on fingering and bowing Little did I know how much more you would bring.    You saw the talent no one else did, 
It sits in the of your mind,  It claws at your thoughts to give you what it finds.  It seems to want to disappear for a while,  But it always returns with new worries in a pile.   
It's June 6, 1944 sitting in boats. The ones we call true G.O.A.T.'s. My brothers are nervous. It's our honor and priviledge for our service. Standing shoulder by shoulder. The truest and greatest soldier.
Mom of three, busier than a bee All the gratitude in the world will not be enough For how many hours and days you were unfree Some days were much too tough
From the day I was born,  I knew I was not wanted.  Through my eyes she saw darkness, fear, hate, envy. This world is not all sunshine and rainbows, This world is," Let me use your face as a punching bag,
Yes! People hear these rumors that black people are ghetto, poor, stupid, and just plain old UNEDUCATED. Because of our skin color, we get judged.
I will continue to play Until the end of the day I might be late But it is my fate I have many deadlines But i’m still gonna shine
Why? Can you tell me why? My heart is crushed, sad, blue My heart and arms are aching To hold and be with you * I close my eyes and think of how You brought such joy to me
Have you ever needed a friend? Have you ever needed a friend? In a new school... have you ever needed a friend? Her name is Lisa She didn't have to be nice to me She didn't have to give me food
Momma, Grandma, Aunties and Great Aunties And all the others that came before you and me Thank you for shaping me
Sitting still I am locked Deadend by the complacency of settling... "Hold her back"
Can anyone hear me? Hello? Thought so. Talking into a deep and empty cradle of depression and anxiety.
September rain falls on the house In the falling light, the old grandmother Sits in the kitchen with the child Sitting beside the wood burning stove
She’s scared to hear the thunder That her mother can not fund her Deep down in the basement So her father makes the payment With all those Philadelphia road trips
Hey there Peter Pan, Come from Neverland, come to take me away.   We don’t have much time So let’s make this last
These thoughts that lingers in my head I cannot explain   Only These thoughts are encrypted by him himself   He who’s not powerful or mighty   But me who’s brittle and broken  
Daddy is yelling, Rambling, Cursing, At mommy Mommy is grieving, Crying, Hoping, For Grandpa Grandpa is dead
Honor to “War Photographer”   Carol Ann Duffy’s War Photographer Like a prophecy for me. His “spools of suffering”, portraits Of “Belfast. Beirut. Phnom Phen.
Our faces bounced off of every wall, as well as the bodies of many with faces of despise, Some of theirs would shrink and some of theirs would swell  
At the dawn of a sun drenched summerFlowing with hope and lightThere began a decay inside of meThat injected my veins with the night
We're all a bunch of dreamers Some of us advid drinkers Novelists write collections of lies I write the truth before it dies The sweet prose that I can make drip sense Or fall into a senseless abyss
Suffering of a Mother Why do you love me when all I do is make you suffer? Is it because of a title that the world has placed upon you
you took away from me the only parts of myself that i ever loved and made me despise them as much as all the other things  that i could never stand   you stole my heart and ran with it  
Seeing the beauty of life is only attainable by freeing yourself of negative energy:   Golden gates of bridges divine cross your thoughts and opinions, Full of dominions telling you to dominate your own fears,
Running down your cheeks, sparkling in light Was it pain, or was it fear was it anger, or was it despair But weren't they priceless, they once said or are they worthless I always said
Glowering at the bleached sheet of paper,then to the clock I had 5 minutes to turn my thoughts to words in a poetic style My english teacher ordered that we all write a poem from the heart
Glowering at the bleached sheet of paper,then to the clock I had 5 minutes to turn my thoughts to words in a poetic way My english teacher ordered we all write a poem from the heart
Glowering at the bleached sheet of paper,then to the clock I had 5 minutes to turn my thoughts to words in a poetic way My english teacher ordered we all write a poem from the heart
Here lies the time of which it commenced The days past as every sand Of the hourglass In a fell swoop of descending   If the cosmos were mine to mix And the beauties thereof, mine to possess
  I am here for myself and the only one there for me I’m the one who has a story to tell I’m the one who wears a mask, not seen
Wrapped in the blanket azul of her birth, the little girl spells inmigrante beside inmate with a stick in the dirt on the border between cage and patrolman earth.
"I feel like I don't really know much about you," Spoken by three friends I have known for over two hundred days. Only a little over half a year is really no time at all though.
225,000 children are being assaulted each year Their scars are very severe Some of them can’t be seen And some of them can be But you never know which one hurts the most
 How can i describe my stay in the wilderness?The mixture of joy, love and sadness,Sleeping and snoring in darkness?I slept on a very flat mattress,Wilderness pay!
I'm a little black girl With a strong head on her shoulders And a plan to have a good life Avoiding all of life's boulders   So while I'm still in high school I'll take all those AP classes
I watched as she slowly Fell into herself I almost wanted  To make a wish Say a prayer Because she was a Supernova An implosion That causes an Explosion A star's last hurrah
All I wanted to do was write   But in a world of hate I could barely get a sentence out   My aesthetics betrayed me
All I wanted to do was write   But in a world of hate I could barely get a sentence out   My aesthetics betrayed me
I'm just a girl that craves intangible things Like love A love that sees past my flaws And imperfections You see, beauty fades but we are infinite
It's a riddle of the mind It's a pledge to be spoken When all light seems to die Inside we are awoken   When I cringe in despair Over what's gone and what's broken It's the price to be paid
Introduction Do not pity me I got myself into this I’ll write myself out   Beginning Lines on a clean page
From a distant she speaks calmly. Listening to her sense of humor, I was drown in a density of attraction I was caught in a net of romantic world, I was fascinated by her delicate skin,
A beautiful sun rises colouring the eastern horizon with warm orange trails-like routes like a super highway slowly they extended out and soon they will disappear   Hot is what I felt
Voodoo Doll
Can you please remind me where I am?   I must’ve took a wrong turn 5 years back that direction  
At times when i’m all alone, i’m thinking should I end it? Should I end the days where I “ Smile” all day long?   Should I let go of my very own life?
The words that guide And move your soul The words that leave marks And help you grow   The words that strike your heart with pain And remind you of mistakes from several years ago
Poetry has taught me how to fly taught me how to be me taught me how to breathe freely never to worry about judgment  to only feel and think Poetry has taught me how to fly 
You've always been right there for me from the very start I always knew you loved me from the bottom of your heart even though you're not here with me will never be apart
I don't wanna be pretty no more It’s what got me into this in the first place Our society obsessed with this image This image of beauty and being materialistic
Shots firedSchool shot downRepeat school shot down17 people deadWho you ask Who would do something like this.... A kidBullied youngBullied oldWith a Broken heart, Crying, dead inside Cares less about lifeAnd less about others Why Why so many innoc
I’ve always worn sweaters in the summertime No matter if cloudy or skies full of shine Sweating down my back, I smiled like I knew it Was cool. Walking alleys, crossing streets, Neutral, just to get through it.
Tout n’est pas perdu                                                                            All is not lost ( poem written based on my interpretation of the topic "Lost and Found")  
you are hurting my mind hurt me to think about hurt me to be without i thought about you today and i felt the pain in my chest where you were not leaning
Friendship… What is its meaning? How does it last? Will it be short-lived or never die? So many questions to be answered, But when will they be answered? One question leads to another,
If I was loved as a bottle of wineI'd be held and caressed till the end of timeTo be clutched so  tightly with in  his fist Oh to be what he could not resist!  
The green, So bold against the blue, So bright against the frame of life. >>>>>  As I look through the photos in the box, The box that mom kept put up,
It all began with a wrong call To a friend that was known for long He was like a star on a midnight sky And like a wind that I cannot tie You gave the green sign of likeness And I was high
Come away with me let's run into the night. Chase the moon tell her our wildest dreams N' bask in the moonlight.   Watch the stars twinkle and shine so bright.
"Cream-faced loon", "fleshmonger", much more where that came from, William Shakespeare wrote many sick burns;   such as my personal favorite, with all its irrationality:
We know the story starts “once upon a time.” Maybe not now because this story is mine. So, I was sitting in a tree, When a girl came to me.
Dear Almost,   I was about to forget you, but you said it so strongly: “Stay,” you said. “I love you,” you said.
To you,    On that dark and cold autumn night That’s where it all took place I was blessed with a beautiful sight
16th September 1689 I will never feel the weight of you in my arms or hear you cry.I'll never feel the grip of your hand around my finger.
To my tears for not letting me think Leaving thoughts behind with every blink The emotion will pass but the facts still remain I cry about nothing, so it seems, I’m insane The reasons for tears get lost as they flow
Hatred and brutality make up our personalities, Endless wars and fighting brings nothing but insanity, They explain it as fidelity, define it as loyalty, But is killing your neighbors truly an act of audacity?  
Its because of you I'm writing, with countless words to say. I dream about escaping you, all throughout my day. Yours walls are high and guarded; and your width is very long.
I wonder what my life's purpose is I wonder if life even have a purpose I wonder if this worldly life will last forever I wonder if there's anything worth dying for I wonder if there's anything worth living for
You get up You strive hard You did work hard. You sacrificed all you have got. You carefully laid down your playing cards. You show them what you got Yet, God willed it and you lose in the end.
Dear Past Self,   I remember the tears that  roll down your cheeks, a wam trail of despairing emotion lingering on your sodden face.
Dear Brother and Sister   I know that life hasn’t been easy. But life isn’t easy nor fair. You think that you’ve been broken. But yet you still stand strong.   Yes you have cried many tears.
I once heard That if you repeat something enough times It loses its meaning And before i heard it I knew the principal But never put it into words
Zoning out is not a pain the feeling of dancing through the rain And feeling it kiss your cheeks like it hasn’t done for weeks   or maybe even years
To Whom It May Concern,   I haven't written you in two years, I've talked to you, Sometimes you talk back. Through that broken watch you left me Everything I own to remember you by On my wrist
To Whom it May Concern,     Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this.   I know your time is limited,
Dear Ryan,   Life is the sun rising for the new day and the oxygen that fills your lungs. It makes me wonder about the kind of person you will become.   There is no limit the clouds nor skies can hold
Dear Depression, you thought you won drowning me with unwanted thoughts making life harder than it had to be not anymore I realized that I'm the boss you are no longer in control
Spoiler Alert   Stop it. Yes, you. Stop worrying about what will happen   Let’s take a moment to reminisce   Remember when you took your firsts steps?
Dear Love, This is the first  Letter again, But I'm adding more Things to it. Let me start this off by saying That I'm so thankful To have you  In my life. Before I met you,
My Dear Uncertain Heart, People call us insecure, “Nothing there”, they say as they walk past. They try their best to wear us down, they hit us sharp and fast.
It's easy to paint, they say It's easy to draw, paint, and sketch without thinking Thinking about nothing Nothing that turns into, perhaps Something?   It's not as easy as you think
A porcelain girl inside this world is trapped with hate but filled with love. All is against her, for the light is pure and good The dark is death and evil.
Dear mom,   Love is something that cannot be stopped Or stalled as you so want me to do. It’s almost as if you are pained
Please give me money I want to go to college It is expensive   I apply daily Seemingly to no avail I need scholarships   My family is stressed I am concerned and afraid
Dear Dimples,  I miss you… Do you miss me? My brain only allows me to remember all the good memories even though I tried to remember the bad ones and move on. Even though you have only been gone for a few months
                                       Dear Dad, that I never got to know                                                                                                                                                            
We met back in 9th grade It seemed like we were the perfect match You made me feel things I haven't felt before We're both Capricorns We have the same birthday We had so much in common
So fragile, I feel like I am glass About to break, about to crash The sun here all day, and gone in a flash Taking in the fresh scent of freshly-mowed grass
Dear pen,   We’ve been together for years Changing with the seasons And yet our character is still the same. Across thousands of pages,
Dear Grandfather,   I don’t even know what to say to you. You’ve made a writer speechless. Congratulations.  
Facing new challenges, that's what humans do, We all find a way to get through. Taking one day at a time, Slowly, but surely it all flys by. Would it be okay To leave the bay?
Vulnerable, but strong. I stand today, sometimes in awe of whats changed. Its good, but still lasting. I used to think it forever remained. My heart was filled with all the mean words I wish I could of said.
Dear visitor,   The wall is about stories a larger story still under revision That story is complicated
It’s 11:11, I still wish for you; Your safety, happiness, and for dreams to come true. When we first met, Was it love at first sight?
To the father of my dreams, and the man who infiltraited my heart without ever knowing it, I wish you would have stayed longer, but I wrote this for you:   Your name was Kelly—like my favorite color.
Perhaps I was wrong, maybe my accusations have been oversung.   You were, as far as I was sure, the problem that made me fight.   But as I leave you in the dirt and move on, it seems
Dear Casey,   You said you loved me And I left you Because I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it...   You're 24 with a kid, You smoke weed, I met you online,
At times of utter chaos, the mind sleeps. Hiding behind a closure, until vulnerable no more. And days later, after closure, comes a newfound fascination- in what exactly happened.  
Dear my future child,   
Dear my future child,   
Dear Lost Love, Flash back to this time last year I watched you when you were live That Colgate smile caught my eye Like a whisper in my ear The innocence in the grin But it’s not perfect to all
Dearest Sister, Oh, how you have suffered. Child of infidelity, war, and poverty-- Abandoned by those you loved most, By those who were supposed to love you back.
When I was 14, I already knew I wanted to be an Astronomer.  When I was 14, I already had gone through heartbreaks.  When I was 14, I decided to leave boys behind and focus on my upcoming regents.   
I've been hurt, Thrown in the dirt, I cried out for help, My emotions would melt. Tried to be strong, Didn't know it was wrong. You just stood and stared,  Calling me impared.  
I am a lost boy looking for his Mother. Out in the rain with no shelter, no cover Scared and confused having to face the unknown. Am I the one to blame for you not being at home?
Dear my little son, You swim like a fish in the sea, Which is pretty inaccurate as you swim in a round bowl next to me
locked hushed cocoons summer falls but winter springs and frees butterflies                                                                                     that release readers
Dear Broken-Hearted Girl,   I remember seeing you, lying there in the darkness of your room I remember watching the tears fall and listening to your stifled sobs
to the girl i pushed away,   you and i could’ve been cosmic sky beams we could’ve been one another’s worlds and more
Inside it is dark There’s a monster in me It is something I can not hide The monster was created to shield my fragile heart from pain.
I am still while the world turns beneath me. The weight of my sorrow does not slow its spin, for soft words cannot calm a tumultuous sea.   I do not listen to the wind twisting the trees
Dear 2018,   A blank slate, I look upon this table rase, And wonder what words shall soon appear on the ancient histories of this age. C’est a-dire une revolution 
Look twice, save a life they said, I thought once, considering the instruction; It is known that a great number of lives are lost every day,
I was nine and in the fourth grade, I was favorited by the teacher and By my peers. I excelled in class and on the playground, I was the one that brought the fun.
Nostalgic seems to be a scent lacing the air. If only whilst being engulfed, nay ensnared fathoms below the initially perceived windows analytically. Just before sleep takes us with celerity, for in absence line 5.
Dear Dreamer,   The day you found out that your future would be determined by a few documents and a serial number,
Mirror mirror on the wall What stories can you tell me? Has life been kind to you upon this street After being broken? Many stop, stare, and look for their reflection They don't see the story you hold
To the You from that night: I hope that you know.   Did you consider the torment, that trickled broken onto the sheets? Or that my silence was
23/10/2008gota watch the surface the shadow of my eyelids are always upon me love it all you want but just dont repeat it the shadow of my eye is always upon me FQN ALL FIND IT HARD TO KEEP U'R MOUTHS SHUT what i find hard to comprehend is u dont
To her I had clung, Haunted by the melody she’d sung. Only bitter pieces remained, And the numbness waned.   “Don’t cry,” she’d say,
Your daughter is not timid I'll fight all the demons No matter the outcome You've been my armour from the day I was born But now it's my time to face the challenges So I shall, and overcome them too.
Dear You, Look around you. There is so much love,  But you're wandering again aren't you? If you're good enough for the God above.   You have faith in God to guide you. Still you are scared,
Dear Bill,   I feel that many things are due As I’ve refrained from heart to hearts For the sake of my old wounds
How do I feel? Well its kind of complicated to say. I'm rather different you see. Let me put it in this way... My soul is crying, My heart is broken, From my past relationships to God's chosen.
Hey, Mr. Senator, Can you not see This isn't how learning is supposed to be Just take it from me, Under each eye, there's a lavender-shaded valley
To the girl who thought yesterday was today, She lowered her gaze, Her old ways haunting her. She withdrew her hand, Her presence in all absences. She bent her knees, Her fantasies shattered.
As I tend to grow up, I no longer can do the things I liked, Eating all of the yummy cakes and drinking chocolate from a cup, Playing videogames with my cousin and riding my bike,
Man, her smile is so big, why is she so happy? Why is she always smiling? She sits alone, always looking in her phone But what they didn't know is that there is a battle going on
Dear Love,  I watch as she guides you away Away from my steadying hand again I’m Again, pulling away from my comforting embrace
What is true beauty? A precious newborn baby, Who is worry free? Tree leaves after rain, Shining brighter than diamonds, And rubies galore?
Hey mom, where’d you go? I tried to call but you didn’t answer your phone Dad says Heaven’s where you went,  Did you get the picture I sent?
There is a door I can barely see  Everything is trapped inside with me I'm left here to rot, and no one seems to have even thought  They thought I had a life But behind everything
Dear Grandma, Thank you for being the only person really there for me, Thank you for giving me advice at a young age. Despite not understanding it then, the words you spoke are still fresh in my mind.
Another new place; Another new road. Another new school; Another new home.   Each move just the last.   Pack up your clothes; Pack up your shoes. Pack up your books;
Dear Beautiful, I never thought we would come this far, How we could go from strangers to sisters. The way I can sense when you are unstable or confused,
Dear Stranger,   It has been a little over a year now since I first met you, Since your own daughter first met you, and the rest of your grandchildren too.   We don't blame you you hadn't a clue
i called. as i listened to my phone ring- going once, going twice- it stopped; my heart did, too.   for a moment, i thought you had answered. but then, oh, but then, there goes the ringer,
I was walking home the other dayThinking of all the things that could happen to me in just a two minute walkBecause the color of my skin causes me to have a target that will forever be stit
I am from the love of my mom and dad  I am from my Hmong Community I am from the sweet smell of my mothers garden I am from the singing and dancing with my friends I am from the delicious food my parents cook 
To the house on Scotland Road, I miss you. Not as badly, or as often, anymore, just sometimes, on nights when nostalgia comes to visit. I’ve had a few houses since we left you – or rather since we sold you,
Coming from two different worlds, meeting in one special place for us, where everything seemed to come together,
He's long goneEven though i waited patiently for himAlthough i am bitter, andRightfully so, i still wonder.
I love to talk. I may talk to you Or, I may talk on the phone (talk, not text). I may talk to myself.
I will love you forever because you bring out the best in me. I strive to be the best I can be, not only for myself but for you.
For all that it is, love… love isn’t one for being bound. Not even when placed in the most fortified of prisons will it ever submit to its capture.   It takes on new names. New owners.
“You’ve stayed by my sideEven at my worst moments.Don’t you ever getTired of it all? It seemsLike an awful lot of work.”  
Love Is A Strong Word It Is Demanding And Intense But Without It We Would Not Be Here   Respect And Honesty Are The Foundations Of Love Because Without Them There Is Nothing  
The words “I love you” Have the immense power Have the intense power To both set you free and cage you in Simultaneously   The words “I love you” Can erase doubt Can entice doubt
We know eachother  its good to know someone. I love to know you both, and for you to know me. We are good people doing our best in the world.    Our lives were intertwined from the frist note,
My Recipe for a healthy relationship – You take two Adults with enough Common Int’rests
It was all just a dream,  That I once thought it wasnt make believe. Your lips against mine went from the moon and back,  Every touch planted on my body, made me feel complete. Every word filled me more with joy.
Why? Why should I cheat? Make your heart go back... Repeat Why? Why should I lie? Make your heart deny what it wants to feel Why? Why should I steal your joy
It seems as if no time ever passes by When I stare longingly into your eyes. Because I love you, you will be the only one Until the moon loses luster, and life on Earth is done.  
It wasn't the way in which HE tortured ME with hope, nor was it the words HE said that angered me. HE was so ignorant, knew nothing of the loss I was fighting to endure. HE had not seen my pain.
Where did it go? Does it still exist? Has it gone extinct? “Love”  A lost meaning With lost emotions    Door bell rings on the first date became an “I’m here“ text notification 
they say home is where the heart is, but ever since you took my heart, i’ve wondered, where is home?   you made me promise this gift was just for you, so why can you take it where you go?
Baby your hands have the softest touch; When they are wrapped around my body. I woke up from a nightmare the other day; I dreamt of pushing you far away.   You held me when I cried telling you this;
Walking down the streets of the  village breathing in the cool fall  morning air. My hand gliding on the    My hand gliding on the tan brick building  with the smell of pizza running through my 
I'll always be there for you because I love you I'll always be here because I love you No matter how many times time gets hard and we fall distant We'll fight because where else can we go?
Most people do not see how they treat others. They fight, they argue, and yet for a purpose that is not right.   We all can shine. In the night sky, like a million twilights
"Why?"     A toothy grin plus a peckNo care about slightly chapped lipsOr breath from the dinnerFixed as a surprise    
You see your flaws. But to me, you have none. You are perfect, In more ways than one. If you ever need a hand, Just know im right here for you I'm never leaving, ever. Why? Because I love you.
A fully blooming heart, you’ll see, Is what I call fidelity. The vine of love that’s ever near Connects the hearts if they’re sincere.   And with the truest love that’s there
i remember those years when you would've ignored me now i've done the same   i've made her suffer all those "I love yous" are now sent into obilivion   my worst fears are true
Because of you I know what Love is Or rather- Isn't.    Love isn't 16 missed calls  within the span of  8 minutes While I'm at my prom   Love isn't being afraid to go to
Sure “You can go first” means Because I Love You   Please “You can have the bigger piece” means
I have burned  all the pictures  that were a reminder  of the mistake of that was us   and I have shed the hurt and the pain that I was  saving for the next time we met  
Build me up, Even when I'm annoying. Care for me After I do something stupid. Understand when I need space. Surprise me. Envelop me with love.   I'll return the favour.  
Seven Petals; Full of life and beauty, A friendship that isn't a duty.   With them full of freedom, happiness; belonging.   Never the feeling of unfreedom, sadness; longing.
Your actions advocate for themselves, you are more than just words, You are my smile, as I am yours. The trust is mutual, never one-sided,  Equivalent to my diary, you're who I confide in.
The feeling of being on the edge of breaking Trying to slow the race of the breathes I'm taking Attempt to convince myself this all won't end up wrong Seconds ticking through my day begin feeling all too long  
Colored like clay they lack the charms Of Parakeets and lyre birds. They have no music, one might say. Yet, happy they are beyond words.  
It was in a million walls, I still laid my bricks and mounted out my tears for waters. I had a call for the storming war, made out my call to stand out simple for others.
You that made me laugh You that kept me warm You that have my heart  Has now won my soul.   The way you held my hand made me smile, warm was your touch like the warmth of the sun.
Because I love you, I thought it was okay to spend all my energy on you. My grades started dropping, And I was up every night talking to you.  
The swaying of The  Willow Tree's  leaves is like the swaying  of a little  girl doing an elegant  dance    And as its long beautiful  hair grows  down to the ground I 
I love you Is a word that Consistently reconstructs Itself depending on Its use.  
Do you still love him?
My heart blooms as we speed down the highway, windows down, voices strained, as the next song comes on, smooth and sure as your eyes
Because I love you, My heart stops when I think of you my dear, If I could hold you tenderly everything would be made clear.   Because I love you, Thinking of someone treating you bad,
For a whole year, we sat and talked and fought. Because I love you Jay, We talked. We argued. I hit you. Because I love you and I don't want to lose you.
When I first looked at you It was as if the earth stopped My heart raced The speed of light does not compare to how fast you captivated my eyes Your smile Your laugh Your jokes You
How is one perfect? Relationships, on the mind Fake, real, love is blind   Mom and dad may be Or they may be broken too Perfect is not true   They can be caring
in the middle of night  I wonder if everyone will the same  If I’m long gone    Whose gone crying at the funeral  Whose even attending the funeral  These are the thoughts that makes my mind race 
Because I Love you I am only doing this because I love you Please believe me like this is the truth
Bruises run across your cheek, Bad smells follow, everything will reak, Blood stains your carpet and runs down like a creek. Falling to your knees every, single, time he speaks.
If I could I would  It would start with denial. I would say you aren't the fire that burns in me.  You don't make my heart lurch forward  Like when you hit the brakes too hard.  If I could I would 
Your sweet smile brings light to the dark Like the florescent moon in the night sky, Your laugh brings joy to my ears
Don't change because I love you, change because you love me. I want you because you're you: not afraid of other people's opinions, brave enough to care, caring enough to help. So
Because I love you Seems meaningful and beautiful But in today’s broken world Because I love you Is just another form of manipulation  
For thirteen years we've seen it all. Together we'd rise, Together we'd fall. I can see it in your eyes. Togehter we'd cry, Maybe, someday, together we'd die.   Your smile makes me laugh.
Within near proximity of the one to whom I pledge, the one I mercilessly shatter angers to come one with instead, collapse, yes I do! though surely not for exhaustion,
Africa my home My motherland The land of my forefathers Africa my Africa Africa the land of legends and heroes A land where peace rains My ancestors chose the land for me Africa my Africa
There is a new butterfly That perches in the flowers of minds Eyes don’t blink in seconds Costumed like the rainbow in the sky   I threw my eyes in my pocket My mind in the cupboard
Your tears fall Your happiness climbs Your stomach churns Your finger tips tingle Your name is said Your pupils focus on it all   Your tears fall Your forehead crunches up
My name is Emily.  I'll have you know The name Emily Comes with some prejudices    If Emily had a definition, it would be,  Pedestrian, Common  
He gave me a story, A tell of a boy who had a crush, On a girl he gave laudatory.   He was smart, With a mind like a labratory, And he even drew art.   The girl had to go,
Because I Love You… I will help you reach your goals Obtainable or not I will give you support And never put you down Because I Love You… I will show you how much By cooking breakfast
Because I love you I do my best Because you showed me all the rest But soon I'll have to leave the nest And be my own man A figure stout and strong you see That he was a model for me 
Hello. I haven't had the chance To meet you. But, here are the things I feel, The things that are very true.
The sound of my head recalls sweet kisses, Our moments drum close to rhythm danceable, And how do I take your yes for no, Your sudden intentions to let go of me.
258 The number of black civilians killed by the police force last year Was it justice or was it hate The truth we will never hear   64 The number of officers who were killed on duty last year
I feel the wind blowing Against my fare skin The cold giving me Chills up my spine As I walk the single brick pavement Gravel grinding against my aching feet
Boys and girls of every age Wouldn’t you like to read something strange? The tale that began with a rabbit hole Went so wrong and spun out of control. It caused commotion and so much rage.  
         Once upon a time      there was a happy ending           Once upon a time          things were simple           This Point in time            things get twisted          nights come quicker
The sound of growling crawls its way from The dark of the forest, accompanied by Faint, weak cries of hunger. A mother sets forth. “There is no more time. With nearly
Once Upon a Twist of a Cinderella Story By Tayler Ferguson  Hear thee, hear thee, here's a mother's tale,An untold tall tale of three tiny girls that are pale,  A new heart beats for the first time,The first breath was taken in,The eyes blink open
Bashing thru the Night Swift as the Knight riding Black Feel youngs power Might
Once Upon A Time...  Potions and Spells, a witch can brew, but what about her minions too? Not all can be done by just the small one, the millions of mixers shall get it done. 
Goldilocks didn’t finish her dinner So she went under nature’s hood to see what was good The three story cottage was empty And full of delights Who knew porridge could stay warm until midnight?
Oh Ariel, Ariel, Dancing, singing, holding your fork Your “love” Eric is such a dork   You perceive him as oh so sweet
Once upon a time I had two friends who Lost their selves after a couple of years  But their story, oh their story you would really want to hear. One an officer the other a street walker
Once upon a night The heaven in the sky Blossoming of stars For their sparkle, they strive  
Red skipped, twirled and laughed. She caught the wolf before each act. The wolf was known for perfecting the art of temptation, So Red would not give him a chance for redemption.
She's been trying That's what they say She won't make it Not today she's a failure It's no surprise  With all these looks of demonize   But no she's a civil fighter
Hey, I'm that kid that sit in the backseat, I don't ask for attention and I'm really good at math. I don't ask for attention though I might ask for a match,
The Princess and the Pea Once upon a time in a far away land, lived a princess fair and fine.  Her mahogany hair gleamed in the sunlight and her eyes twinkled like the brightest stars the sky. 
Dedicate Into Your Zero Mind That You Can Never See It Coming. The White Tissue In That Skull Can Never Wise Up If You Dont Wake It Up.
  Lost in a maze of trees, alone, forgotten I stumbled upon a house, covered in the bowels of darkness, A place familiar to a bird who is perched on a white oak. Tiptoeing, branches swaying in wind
A curse was placed, the girl was hid, Fated to touch the wheel. Her parents loved her, of course they did, Hoped to remove from her fate a seal.   The fairies warned, the girl obeyed,
You claim to be the good guy is that really your role? stealing from the rich and giving to the poor? But you stole my love away from me you stole my lovley Marrion and thus you must be buried in the cold
Baby Bird sitting on the bench in the shade. Your little eyes still not awake a tear races down my face It shouldnt have ended this way. But what did they know, a dogs instict will tell all.
When Red was a babe Her granny had said, "If you're ever in trouble, use your hood made of red"   Now we all know the tale of that little red hood that caused so much trouble
If only, Mulan, you kept your long silky hair You could be Rapunzel, not a soldier in despair Look at her shiny golden locks Meanwhile, you’re surrounded by cocks  
no matter how competitive I am I cannot run as fast as these young men my lazy body doth protest too much I therefore walk behind the pack who runs  
Ever since Aurora was young, She knew she was a little queer. She was so confused, That she shed a tear.
Another victim, another prize. Here's one positively pint-size. No one ever really knows where my shadow truly goes.   Searching far and searching wide for children toward death, to guide.
A mesquite tree, all dark bark and tiny leaves and twisting branches-- watch out for thorns. Seed pods hang like ornaments.   Fourteen pounds of blanket.
Him Twisted, violent Charming, sickening, terrifying The reason I can't sleep anymore Mort
When? When will the world learn How to expect a favor in return? Why does everything we do Need not benefit us too?   What’s wrong with spinning a lie, Especially, if it’s how you get by?
Sometimes I look at myself 
Once upon a time… There was a young girl and her father The girl’s name was Cinderella He married a young woman who had 2 children, Anastasia and Drizella.  
What a wonferful life I see the lovey trees  I actually like reading books But, my mom says it is for fools We moved in with this girl and her father
Today is the time for rain, But it is not the only thing that fell. Today is the day that it fell from heaven And fell down to Earth.
"Once upon a time" goes the story But I can't help but find it boring Because it's filled with heteronormies And no representation for me.   I want to read one where the princess
Once upon a time, I’ve could’ve been a beast If I judged one from the inside That’ll make history Then the witch came and slayed And it seemed just like a dream I told her, how dare, no not for me
Water fell from my eyes Thoughts of hope actons of needy Crown on my head is the prize Eating every word of God, not reedy Consume my life with your works Baptized in spirit an righteousnss
jihadjihadis     what was it?who are they?   Not a bunch of crazywar-fuelledblack-clothedextremists.  
Taken from his mother.He had the power to wishbut with a swishhe was stolen by another.  Raised in isolation,receiving all he needed,with his life, he proceeded. Then there came a realization. The cook who raised himwas wicked and afraid,for the b
You know those things People say? 
Were past racism right? I mean it shouldn't matter if were black or were white But does this go for all of our police? Do they still care if our country has peace  
How important is the Dream, and in each story it is a common theme.   Cinderella was looking for a better life, while Prince Charming was hunting for a wife. Ariel just wanted to explore,
The W(a)(e)ighting Game   Wait or weight  Which will I choose  Shall I choose to wait while my Prince Battles a Dragon’s fumes
From the first humans to modern day society we seek knowledge from those of our past, We try to understand where we all have went wrong Where we have fallen 
I am sewing a dresswith the thread of strength,And knots of ambitions,And when it’s ready, Then will iron itwith the remission,I am sewing my broken soul!
As one, we are the people. As one, we are the world power. As one, We were once the United States of America.   Slowly, but oh! so slowly... The rivers came, angered, shunned, alone.
America the For∙mi∙da∙ble: “Inspiring fear, or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense or capable.”   America is
Unity is Nowhere to be seen. I only see racism, The bigotry and prejudice. Everywhere, there is hatred for Diversity.  
Forget the blood lines that make our trees bright red Forget the colors that highlight our lively skin Brothers, sister, mothers and fathers We are all something bigger, better and stronger Yet…
Open up the gates, let the people see 
When the dust settles, what happens and what remains? When history unfolds, are there not horrible pains? The land of the free had to be paid at a price The lives and sufferings of millions to be precise
Each and every one of my family are very comfortable, thanks to you, but as a day comes by, you put us to use. We survive in here, feed ourselves, take care for one another, but you do not seem to quite bother.
They call us the greatest. Sometimes we can know why. But if we are tastelesss,  then we're hung out to dry. They elected Lincoln was honest, brave, and true. Now our morals are sinkin'
Eyes Eyes that show us the world we live in Eyes that give vivid pictures in our minds Eyes that let us see the wonder Eyes that make up our own experiences
There's nothing you can say to stop my dreams There's nothing you can do to refute my claims You can talk all you want You can say it's not true Your opinions won't stop me Because I AM destined for greatness
I can hear the soft murmurs of laughter and the joyful noise of friendship fills my ears, In front of me snaps of red fizzle down the dark purple sunset and booms of blue light up my eyes,
A flower from a meadow of a forgotten childhood memory Carbonated taste of a soda shared after a movie The clammy sweat from the palm of a young nervous couple
In the last light of dusk A bright flame sprouts From the center of the flag That represents a united country   Old glory now represents a dying idea The one of unity
'Merica Is the old man who stopped and turned To snarl at my mothers beige skin In the dairy aisle without shame It is the voice in my head saying  I'll never be able to hold my girlfriends hand 
Temples, chapels, shrines and mosques  All homes of Almighty Gods    Whoever the hell has more might    She prays to, for a life of love.She's tired of demons and the ghosts    That possess her heart and soul
What Am I Worth? Just A Fuse Or Dust. Maybe I Need To Find Ones Self. Cry Each And Other Day  Or Their Just Really Wet Sobs. Can I Ever Be Happy? Maybe Have A Glorious Day Or Is It About Finding Oneself.
You illuminate through my darkest nights Your presence fabricates smiles You result stars in my skies Like sweet water from heaven your meals You're destiny's charisma You converted terrors into sweet dreams
left some memories behind! all we used to do was nothing but keeping eyes on each others! No talks! No sharing! Still I loved that, might you loved that too ! we could share our feelings ,and talk our few unclear talks
In a world where nothing stays the same Either for better or worse America could either lead to fame Or it can lead you to a hurse Aren't they both the same? They seem to be a curse
From the moment you came here To establish a great nation You came uninvited You erased the natives of this land And brought a people out of their own free will You say this is the land of the free
"I'll be there in 5"      you were still in bed, weren't you?   "I'll buy this time"       I didn't mind paying, just like you                     didn't mind forgetting your wallet at home  
Oh, the want for greatness is an earnest desire, It’s your life, after all. Passionate people in a divided nation, Of course they don’t want it to fall!   Voice your views! Denounce the enemy!
Its 3am when he leaves, You know this because you were expecting it to happen, They never stay And you never learn, That your body might be a temple but not everyone is meant to worship in it.
Hello, I'm Diamond, or at least I would like to be, If I told you that I was, you would have to believe me. But I could be someone else, An imposter or traitor, criminal or spy,
To be strong, To be powerful. To be young, And to be mighty. Land of the free, Home of the brave. America is beautiful,  
Remember, Remember how America was great although there was terror Remember the Roosevelts and Honest Abe, what they contributed and oh, how they were aware
Chronic Constantly there Endless creeping torture Pain, misery, despair, alone Illness   Fighter
I'm told I'm not allowed to Not allowed to wear that, to do this But this is where it crosses the line This is where we stand up and demand action.   "Girls can't wear suits, wear a dress instead"
Religious freedom you ask? You must've heard it from the settlers. Who dares question my right to believe? We must've fought for our freedom not yours.   I am a prouduct of immigrants.
Does anyone care what goes on anymore? Children are fragile beings of the earth. They abused and locked behind closed doors, Kidnapped and killed just after day of birth.  
Does anyone care what goes on in the world? With people that hunger and need much care? They have bloated stomachs and legs all curled, All shriveled, yet young, and entirely bare.  
Meet in the Middle In America, Where we're free to our opinions We're free to believe If that is so Then why is there contention?   Brother turns against brother
America The Great Or Shall i Say america The Hate We're The Image Of The Land For Heavens Sake And We keep Increasing Our Murder Rate Killed By An Officers , A Black Man's Fate
So we see more and more, that our system of democracy makes less and less sense. Sure, back in 1770's and 1780's Representative was logical. In those days, you had to take a horse and buggy for several days to go between states.
Let us deceive the 18th century; turn scrap metal into jewels. Set chicks free until man and cockerel become indistinguishable.   Let them run hot headed until mothers’ cries-
Let me tell you what's happening from sea to shining sea.   "Wetbacks" "Terrorists" "Niggas" "Bitches" "Gays"  
Knight Hawk gazed at the falling leaves The brown folly they had become His heart sunk within his chest As he looked out the window high Above the freezing ground whereby
painful paperweight stones are sinking in my soulso i don't fly away crawl into the sea and wait for the water to surround me
There is something that everyone wants,
“If”   All we do now is just question the feeling Always thinking the other plans on leaving I told you my goals a long time ago You the one to decide to stay or it let go
Naperville I am privileged I live in Naperville I never struggled I have too much food to eat I have too many clothes to wear
Before, She laid in a hospital bed Now, she makes sure the dogs are fed.  Before, She was surrounded by nurses. Now, she collects designer purses.   Her family used to hope and try
I am a part of Generation Z and amending society   I wonder what waits for me after this inaguration I hear voices in protest and anger
Im driving down the road An emerald meadow bathed in moonlight The azure river did flow That mid summer sunday midnight  
January was lovely Crisp and cool and clear December was so dreary Shrouded in mist and fear   I can’t recall what happened
Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Langston Hughes the greats All deriving from our ancestors shipped in crates America you great land of opportunity  
It feels like I’ve never been alone before. Obviously I have, but that was so many years ago. I grew comfortable, you were a huge part of my life. Although, you were the part of my life that held me back.  
Two sparrows collide in mid-air flight, their wings battered and torn. I was one watcher then, and now I saw something I could have sworn.  
Around age thirteen, freshman year is where life began for me Rising up from my cocoon so that the world would take notice of my identity I was quiet but passionate, Reserved but determined
I am from laughter, joyfulness, and a caring family, from my very first furry friend on Christmas morning, to my 10th birthday at Disneyland with friends.  
In my life I have seen things Just as any other human would But In my life I have seen struggles I have seen pain But In my life I choose to focus on the good Wait No
      When they say Those were the days When they tell Of the good old times When Back in my day We walked uphill, both ways   I wonder how things were different.
I wake up in this moment,  this moment so real.   I waited for your touch, while these wounds refused to heal.    To the depths of days I wish to not speak,
Iced caramel coffee spills on my shirt As I maneuver the key to open the door to my happiness   Lights flicker on as they warm up The glow highlights center stage  
It’s complicated really, How I used to define the word complicated. A year ago if you asked me what I wanted,
Tyler Bradford 17 Years in the Life   I woke up not knowing who I was As if I was reborn But this rebirth wasn’t beautiful There weren’t any happy tears Only I feeling of ominous
I once was able to breathe To see the world To go outside and smile   Now I pray to stop To close my eyes And stay in my room and suffer   The healing is slow But I try
We started the year shaky and unstableFighting, never understanding or ableI tried to help you move past itI tried to show you by burying the hatchetHowever you still couldn't move on
From this point forward, I shall march into the battle And fight until the end.   From this point forward, I shall be my own commander. No one else will issue my orders.  
I am hiding under a window curtain, watching the 5 roll towards ocean beach and pretending that I am not a person and that my friends are friends without knowing me.    Remember:  Doctor’s appointment on Thursday. 
One thing that I'll never know Is where on Earth I'm meant to go. People always have these dreams Of what they'll do. Of who they'll be. But I'm not like those who know.  
Just one year ago The future was still unknown But now I can see
Bound now, but not forever In this vessel I once called me Betraying my soul whenever Mocked by society Liberation will come Her touch is all I seek With a kiss so powerful Her lips will set me free
Never had I ever imagined a summer to be quite like that. The feeling of love and loss and freedom all tangled up in one. We were isolated in a place that was never isolated.
In the year of still not our lord but better known as 2016 I celebrated I grieved and was introduced to a newer
Freedom is not a word, Is is not an emotional state. It is a beautiful bird that cannot be caged. There are many that will try to take it away. They will burn it, humiliate it--and they'll even make it cry.
I don’t know who I am anymore, I can’t distinguish myself from my friends, Who I am doesn’t even matter, Because we’re all pawns in one giant chess board,
When you’re all alone at night Looking for someone to talk to in sight Crying each night for not being good enough
When you’re all alone at night Looking for someone to talk to in sight Crying each night for not being good enough
The smiles The acting The way people don't notice All I want is someone to care To think To understand
But I love him Though he hurts my soul Am I important? Or is the other version of me who he wants?  But his hoodie is soft
I don’t remember January. I came into this year terrified, A friend about to commit suicide. Tears, tears Are all January brought.  
Use to feel like I was on top of the world But due to foolishness and absurdity from the company There I was looking for my next opportunity One phone call in May saved my year, giving me the best news I can hear
I ran I had broken And yet, still I ran on The second, much worse, shattered, wrong I drown  Look up
i don't understand why why it was easily hard for our memories to stay a shine and keep producing it was easily hard for me to forget, to forget anything.   you didn't give birth to me
I have been told I'm not good enough I have been told I'm not real I have been told this is not for me I have been told this & that I have been told and I have been told.
In July of last year I was blue.  To be precise I would say I was powerful, Electric Blue.
There's a path lost in the plains. It leads nowhere It is worshipped for its ability to mislead It knows you. It knows what you have done, It has seen the inside of your skull and all of it's
My blue-eyed hero, who listened to my cries My great grandfather; fellow lover of pies Then its "Papa please get better"   The blue eyes faded The hero seemed to stay
Being you Is truer than true. It takes guts, it Takes courage To stand out Of the crowd. As people we grow, As people we change Either get stronger Or weaker. We lose friends
u should be vegan
Nostalgia has become part of my personality,  Really, I don't mind.  I dig up old memories  it's a revelation to rewind Because though my eyes are the same shade of brown they were 365 days ago 
Funk makes me move, it makes me groove Listening to James Brown, I feel good My friends told me that I dance like a schmuck But I can't get enough, of that funky stuff I might run out of luck, stuck in a rut
When reality gets too tough, and my imagination isn't just enough. I turn to that fantasy world, the one I've known for years and years. Where I'd turn in my tears, and find happiness in escapism.
The warm and breathtaking smell  Of fried onion With a hint of pepper and spice Well slice tomatoes On top of a well milled pasta Make any day brighter  What makes me feel good? You ask.
I wake up with a song in my head Can't wait to get out of bed With a guitar by my side I strum a few chords   Music is my energy A force that drives me everyday Hop on the bus to get to school
From pen to paper, ink seeps and spreads out, corrupting the sweet innocence of white. A simple line morphs into subtle clouds, then spreads to form a strong and gallant knight.
There is nothing better than a sky filled with clouds that are ready to pour down rain. And the only thing that rivals that is when the heavens open up to bless the Earth with cool and gracious water.
that " good feeling " I get when I'm at a concertand the entensity of the bass makes the room viberate with life,in that instant  nothing but joy exists in my world this is when my smile streches from cheek to cheek 
Each and everyone of us, was sent down to this world, We are here to dream, to hope, to wish, to love and to love each other.   We were born to soar on eagle's wings, we are born to fly up in the sky,
Remember on Halloween when boys would dress up as superheros? And if you did as a girl you were considered a weirdo?   I find it funny because when I wear makeup, I feel like one,
Fresh smell of french toast, Is what I like the most. Whole family is awake, We are never late. Look in the mirror, So ican see myself clearer. Mom still wants to dress me,
Quivers overtake me.  My mind can’t seem to slow down - Shut down, after a loaded day of A load of mess A pile of heaviness I tried talking to Mary Jane, because She was slow- paced.
With having had peace in my mind in my heart, for getting up early is a big brand new start, accepting the Lord with all that I am, I shall never be the same again, I use to wake up all grouchy and sulky,
When I'm feeling blue, I want to scream and cry But listening to music gives me this high Sometimes a great playlist or some Drake makes my day Other times a good Beyonce song make me wanna slay
Every morning, I lie awake. A blaring alarm is all it takesfor me to want to hit the brakes to bend and break under the pressures of 
The earliest of rising, The stillness of the silence. The shallowness in the sky, The darkness is moving from west to east. No longer dark, Now busy with sounds. Sounds of  birds chrping,
Hard day hard work hard night lie down lie flat lie still not like theres something better to do   lies you tell yourself to get down lies you tell yourself to get up
Whenever I'm feeling blue, all I do is look at you Your smile melts my heart, I pray we never part. On the days that you're away, I know we'll halfway My days are up and down, you never leave a frown
He looked fine, and he would live forever. At least I thought.   His beard was white as snow, his eyes outlined with blue, but center brown. His struggle to get up from sitting down.
Greediness s all around the world. Roaming the earth to and from. Evilness was in everyone, even the good ones. No one even care when my son was kill. Dancing and getting drunk what all that matter to them.
How I greet my day. It is my last year, I wont shed any tears, I'm ready to get done and go, To see the world and go back home.  I want to see the oceans, and sail them too.
Filld with that turgid silence Registering disturbance in resilience Arousing aroused anxiety Beauy debated in baked filthy Stealing instant focus Un-delineating no locus Pouring oxygen of drivel
What is love? is there a reason to shove? Why I'm not beloved? Why I'm not above? Is love truly love? I thought love comes from heart. But now people use their mind, And love.
Dear Me,  You are strong, You are beautiful, You are capable, You are smart, You will get through this.   Nobody can control you,
Welcome to my wonderland, My world of make- believe, Where everything is perfect, And nothing ever hurts me.   Welcome to the dream world, Where nothing is ever real, As we fly around Neverland,
The Greatest Trick   By Joshua Patterson, A.K.A. The Kronikler      
When, I wonder, Did this pen become more than a pen? When was it tamed and strained and changed, Into the vessel from which I dispel my sins?   When, I speculate,
Image by Ted Pim   Daddy, why’s mommy crying? Daddy, why’s mommy locked in her room? Daddy, where’d mommy go? “Mommy’s feeling sad today, feeling tired today; mommy’s going away for a while.
The waves crash against the shore The fiddler crabs shuffling along the sand The shy sun comes out to warm the waters Soon to be filled with bubbles from jet skis And colorful bikini bottoms
Someone who comforts me Someone who loves me Someone who cares A best friend beyond compare   Someone that always cheered me on Always made me feel like I was Number One
In the canopy A toucan pokes its head out of a tree Trying to live its life In a place that is as busy as a bee hive   Having a vividly colored beak With a body that is quite petite
Tan AKA ECTS Ripped heart   You are jus a girl driven to  desperation by months ,and months ,of indifference... So your  head is hitting yo heart.  U tryin to think of these ideas
There was once a boy, in the 1700s who survived in his house's basement. Stuck he was, for the sadness exhausted his will to go out side. His mother too, for she was distraught at the idea of bearing a 'mad' son.
The Land of Trees A Place that's quite green. Filled with lush and so many hearts. The beauty it offers is a luxury. Nature is so vast... there is so much we can do. But I warn you...
Sometimes when I think to myself "Is the Golden Rule just there to be threre?" Because I scrath my head and wonder... Aren't humans a race? Culture is what makes us different.
I often wonder, Yet I never wander out, I can only wait.
The silence of night Power like Shaquel's height Whisper of a horizon Addictive like amazon. It feels like ride or die A release of things to hide Oh,skies the limit Discover,you prohibit.
I am omnipotence. born with a direct connection to profound abundance chosen to be right here right now uttering my thoughts into existence transmitting verbal frequencies
  Yeah thou was told to help other. Readings and teachings of our Lord became sand cover, Like a crucified rose tumbling on a grounder, And circle could not be any rounder.  
Pen. Paper.  Thoughts. Words. Feelings.  Unfinished trains of thought.  Wants. Needs. Desires. Plans.  All lie within the space between My poetry and me. 
Writing isn’t a talent Writing is an art An art that even people with minds under lock and key Shades snapped shut
I had a strange dream last night, I was a cop in a lengthy firefight I was scared and the long awaited back up was just not coming Bang! Bang! The shots rang! And all my mind kept shouting was “run Charles run!”
Addition of symbols onto crisp white line, Seemingly trivial, though strands of my mind.   Coming together they all seem to mend The insurmountable wares
It was a myth that held me back, a stubborn kid, ready to be "mature". Forget Doctor Seuss, I wanted to go Wilde. I wanted to paint a picture, not say Trees are green,
My skin is as dark as night, similar to Onyx and Obsidian, Hair bushy and sun-kissed, but that don't mean I always got a gun attached to my hip, If my melanin offends you - I have nothing to tell you,
Before 10th grade, poetry wasn’t my thing I’ve convinced myself I couldn’t write poems Except for roses are red, violets are blue Studying creative writing showed me It opened my mind to what I could write
Life simply goes on But sometimes, people do not And fail to look into the future Not uncommon or unheard of.   We are all afraid To look into our own selves And tell us what our true purpose is
I Am Against Racism   I am a believer, in the fact that racism is a major issue in the world I wonder how life would have been if it had never existed
im really rather fond of drivingof moving, while not moving muchof possessing the power to annihilatebut using it for meandering about andgoing to mcdonalds
the raindrop that splatters   on the kitchen counter means   there is a leak in the roof again   my mother takes an extra shift at   night my father
                                       Can I Sense What the Physical Eye Cannot Detect ?                                                       By: Alesiya Walker   When a heart pleads for love,              
     What's in a degree for you and me, Time well spent or time merely lost? How high a fee, how great a cost! What's the reward? What can we be?      We strive to be the bosses of our selves,
We are the medicated souls, too much morphine, too much pain, to take away.   We are the medicated souls. No one can stand to hear our screams even when they say to not be silent.  
sad tasteless chicken white plastic dinners eating alone all off doing our own thing what happened ot the youth and happiness?   I guess we grew out of it the world is different
Anguish is plastered on her face Like fragile, etched glass. She smiles and pushes herself, But is surrounded with frightful fragments
I am… I am a poet. Overwhelming, destructive thoughts. She said write. So I wrote. She said don’t paint your skin red.
Beauty is just a face and courage is spoken not seen.   Beauty isn’t hateful, beauty isn’t spite. Beauty is inside of me, in you in all of us. But, the only beauty that matters is the kind that you can see...
Hopes and dreams, That always seems, Out of her reach. Broken lives, And stolen Dreams. Two winged sky roamer,
    As we look deep within, everything we ever thought was real, what we thought was fake,
They say that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Not where you can see at least, they leave me silenced in the pain.   I could say something, but I don't.
She’s there for me when the voices speak, I let the hidden emotions drain onto the blank piece of loose leaf, When life was hard and everything seemed to be bleak,
Since the beginning i've been speechless Wondering while creeping Figuring out who I really am Nah I'm not sad  This is nothing but a seqence When I finally put pen to paper Writing became my savior
Have you ever felt alone?Like there's all these people around you at work or schoolSmiling and laughingWith their friendsAnd theirBest friends.
I can't do it I can't walk back in there  What if I still get hit? They still won't care They still call me fat  I'm still ugly  They'll slam me on the mat I'm trying... I can't do it
The only way to express myself has been through poems filled with Broken lines of half rhymes and empty metaphors."No one understands," I thought typically. I was a broken
Sometimes you avoid it. You may yell hush if you no longer can ignore it. Many long for just a small piece of it. Feeling the key to truly understand another.
Sometimes you avoid it. You may yell hush if you no longer can ignore it. Many long for just a small piece of it. Feeling the key to truly understand another.
In the sand of time we live only a moment,and in this sad place we leave only a mark.Some stand by watching, leaving only a small dent,but sometimes these dents, can lead from the dark. Regardless of size all mankind has a footprint.Only for a sho
It's a question I ask myself time and time again What am I doing. Why does it matter. I need answers that I looked for in a very dear friend, And found what I needed to understand.   Poetry became my escape.
What if I had told you about every single problem I ever faced? Explained all the trauma that haunted me all day Kept me awake No one would hear that Or at least not most
Well? What are you waiting for? The elements are there: your will and words, your feeling as well. So, what's stopping you?   Don't listen to those people. The ones who say "you can't." 
I wake Sun hitting my eyes I know if I open them I will have to face the light The light of life Where I put on a smile and tell others "I'm okay" "Nice weather we're having?"
PRICELESS You remember the glow in your eyes the first time you saw her as you beheld her through the maker’s lens You called her woman
Every text that I got Every vibration I felt About you is what I thought & my heart just melt   The second I saw, it's not you, my mind just blew. I cannot stop thinking about you.  
If we actually lost our times, Lost memories, faded pixels on glossy paper, Shattered glass on the floor,  the love of time grasped me and fell to its death,
7 weeks since6 letters2 spellings1 deadI'm alive Her name meant“pure beauty”but nothing beautiful comes from the soundof my,hers,our name. The two syllables of a seemingly innocent name turns myheart into a tornado,my mind into a volcano. Her name
The school is full of them so is life Hurt,Pain,Suffering People talking People hurting People Hurt People try
I stroll among the hymn of the stars That open the gate to heaven The moon sings a beautiful song That shall be sung forever
You think you're above us all, you think you're so special You think you're top shit ‘cause of your academic level While it's good to have all of your shit together Having high grades doesn't make you any better
Is that how it's supposed to be  Sitting in quiet because we wore out the words before we spoke Ignoring the deafening silence that comes crashing around our ears
It was her, Her, Whom I've known All my life;   The one Who: Inspired me, Changed me;   Hearing her Story, Escaping from the
I wrote my first poem when I was nine, Super cliche, but in my young eyes it was divine, I knew this was some type of passion, As long as I gave it my all in every line.   Getting older my words became life,
Living without you would be like living without air,        Struggling for gasps of breath and air that don’t quite make it to my thirsty lungs,
I often hear people ask, for fun, "What would you bring on a deserted island?" Some think of survival and bring their gun. Others want to explore in the highlands. In all seriousness, what would I need?
If I were stuck on an island, what would I bring?A person, an idea, or maybe a thing.Stuck on an island, what do I do?I will count on my mom to help me get through.
You've kept me in good company. Safe from any storm, Even when I stood Out in the rain. You gave me a love So devoted, faithful Unlike any other.
I couldn’t live without my mother It has been years since we first met through an ultrasound It seems like yesterday When I felt my mother’s hand rub on my head through her belly
Haikus Inside, there is war. The heart and mind, They quarrel. Like kindred beings.   Fell between the cracks. Shortcomings, All too common.
Greedy they all are, in none I trust Salvation gone So it seemed The darkness runs   It runs away from the worlds I create
I am going to write about One thing which I cannot live without A simple question without doubt, But one thing above all else stands out.   Before we get there though
Life, Love, Happiness. Three existential ideas All provided by The Giver, The one who breathes light Into dark.
Toxins tickling flesh.. Feuling my desire to be fresh, in this godforsaken mess .. Yet I.. Search for poison to rot my roots.. With two left feet I still rock my boots
If I say I can't live without just one thing, I feel like I’m not being totally honest here. Because this “thing” is actually a group of people; People who have been with me year after year.  
Roses are dead, violets are a taboo, Pineapples are exotic, this poem started off emo Lets raise our spirits so very very high,
You were gone for so long Now you're back Gone for too long Eleven months and twenty three days to be exact   Oh how I missed you Your cold touch Your green skin
All I need is that little push, That little look in the mirror in the early morning. The look that says:   "I can't live without you, You collection of cells with your lovely curves.
I've thought about this question plenty, too plenty to recountI could shame the number of ripples in the water surrounding theisland in which im stranded, with how many times I've rejected You.
All I need is us. For us to love each other, care for each other.
If I could only bring one thing it would be this one old orange soft checkered Blanket that was given to me when I was young new small precocious
Above the sun and moon;Residing and looking at my life,You stand with love and mercy in tune. Although I stand in this island of doom,I know we will unite once I die;Above the sun and moon. As this world's chains and whips become immune,My heart w
  A busy city with busy peopleWith dreams and aspirations crammed into 22 sq. milesThe restless hustle and blaring horns People looking for a life reborn  
Hurt, Pain Sorrow, not knowing i was the blame. Depression, Recession, Agression. Love wasn't effective. The joy was gone, a love lost. I soon turned to god to say, Send this devil away.
FAMILY I absolutely need family Family is what I look up to They are always around when things get tight
stunning sight life zapping surrended by light Paradise snapping...   into life forever heaven uniqueness and full of life with her, its a haven    a pleasure to be
Distract without one, I  would be alone with my  thoughts- tearing my mind to  pieces. 
Sitting in my room feeling as if I'm an outcast placing blame on innocent people  for my mistakes cutting off all communication with my loved ones
We treasure silences and heart-felt songs, Join in places where we don’t belong. We’re treading water in the desert sand. I’m sinking slowly and I have no legs to stand.  
I see that long face of yoursAnd I start to think about how you've changed my life twice beforeBut now it's my turn to play saviorDon't want to cause major uproarSome people think I'm an eyesore
Part IIDear Dad;
Strong calloused hands held me as a child Father is my protector and my teacher Every day since my birth father has smiled Father knew we were one in the same creature   A strong bond shared through blood
Part IDear Mom;I know you find it hard sometimes to handle me-But I need you to realize just how much I love youAnd although you might not believe meIt’s very true that I really care about you.
Eternal Darkness That is all that existence But a girl Blindly shuffling Deaf To The world Seeing through The pain Blind to The Joy And then suddenly Her thoughts
I met a boy who liked to draw, But he wasn't like other artists, His skin was his canvas, And his paintbrush; A blade.   He hid his drawings, Underneath bracelets and sweaters,
Breaking news! Fifty people killed in a bomb blast, Students of a popular University engaged in a riot and killed 4 students, Strippers needed for one week, Robbers attacked a bank and killed 5 guards on duty,
The Elixir of Love   Take a breath Another sweet touch Thoughts unfold for all to see
Realistic, that's what you tell me Child! Be realistic you say to me Pick a realistic job, have a realistic dream Perhaps I don't want just some realistic job!   To ask me to pick a realistic job
I slip, the ghost of the unheard girl no one knows I climb the stairs, ascending my personal heaven I sit, reclining against my personal deity’s throne
Beyond the pure cloud abide  Worlds full of adventure. Lives work side by side and life begins anew.   Below the slate mountain stands a life of humble roots. Men work the earth with bare hands
do you ever wonder what it's like?i have, a million times over,but in the end, it's always the same.
Spending every moment with you makes my day brighter. Your lightening speed search results and siri's robotic voice are the reason that I have all nighters. 
The voice..   I crAve it..   The voice..   UpLifts me..
In my dreams I stand before a wall of perfectly aged stone That crumbles at the mere touch. Inside lies a more perfect beauty- The city within.   I stumble up the grand, weathered steps
As the sunlight shines through trees of green, I can't help but think, Of birds fluttering low and high, And of sweet music carried to the sky.   As the clouds above beam their white radiance,
Good one! Could be better… ehh. Through the years, we and they have become weaker. Full of fluff and chatter that tap, tap, taps, at my brain.  
White space Neverending All alone I don’t remember   “What do you want?” someone asks  
So many stresses, Day after day after day! It makes my head hurt!   The pain in my head Can feel like a volcano Filling me with dread!
Oh two, Thats what some call it Usually chemists, but it's all the same Aren't we all chemists, but with different names? Oh two, Something we all got inside A little like blood,
Don't you just hate when history repeats itself over and over again? I do! Even when I tell my family its gonna be the same result again. Their excuse is where are these kids gonna go.
I am a girl. Who feared men her entire life until she tasted one. Her fear turned to envy and became addicted to them and the sense of pride accompanied by their friendship. Pride was the key ingredient in her attempt to conquer.
If someone posed the question, about what I would bring, to an island so deserted, easy would my answer be, for even though I like to read, and music is my soul, without My God my life would be,
If someone posed the question, about what I would bring, to an island so deserted, easy would my answer be, for even though I like to read, and music is my soul, without My God my life would be,
    Life can be hard To keep my guard It gives me a card As a reward   Life has its own creation While I have my own sensation Of how a lifetime should be  
                                   The dark that engulfs                                                             The missing piece of my life                                                             Where I am asleep
I’ve seen pigs fly, But I can’t believe it, I’ve seen a lot, But the rule is don’t laugh.   I’ve seen an ant making love to an elephant, Would you believe that,
Most of my peers may say they can't live without thier phone. But in my life my faith is more important, heaven is my goal. Because threw it all , God makes sure that I'm always supported. The nuumber one thing is faith.
I feel, The cooling and dancing breeze Of the oh so open and desolate ocean, I sit, On the septillions of grains of rocks Somehow, but surely making a soft bed beneath where I sit,
Everything I need Is contained in my actions. To be different Unique Stand out from the crowd. I cannot live without The differences I make In myself And in others.  
Sometimes I sit quietly in this space And wonder, "How am I still here? How did these fragmented pieces of a man Broken by folly, sin, and stupidity Stay together this long?"   At moments like this,
[Verse one]Goodbyes are the hardestwhen all you know is hellothis prison is the hardestbelieve me you should knowthis pain that you havebabe it'll all be gone soonwhy don't you take my hand
Blank pages waiting for words to glide from a pen. Empty days wasting time that will never come back. Aching silence urging the truth to show itself.
we'd go out in the city after one of your shows makeout in the parking lot of some drug store   you'll write a song about it  and my eyes and your drugs and how it makes you feel alive
Many summer days don’t start off like this You’re out from school, listening to music, and on the phone “Double date? To the movies?” sounds like bliss
80 proof poured down his throat. A captain on the bottle… Demon water in his body   Perception muddled Judgment kaput Steps turned to stumbles.   Three in the morning
Nobody knows what I go thru my family talk about me in a bad way I walk with a smile and play to stop my heart from crying I cry so many days thinking will I ever reach the top of the mountain nobody knows what I go thru I remember when my grandmo
  Decisions, Decisions , Decisions They tell me it's mine for i have chosen this burden webbed of sin, lust, and ridicule
The Painting of Life by Tristen Reese There are different paths in life; yet life is like a maze. You make lefts, you make rights ... but are you making decisions that are winning.
Tick-tock is the time tockingTo us, saying to stop stalling.Tick-tocking is time talking,And guess to whom and why it is calling.
I am stressed and tired. I wnder what will happento me when i reach the end. I hear thngs will getetter if i just keep on continuing. I see my road getting clearer each day.
Amidst a sea of clear intent, A being lists astray, For many visions linger there Each with a different way.   A soul of writhing colors, And a heart of twining chords Coexisting peacefully,
It's such a plot tiwst, When you're your own worst antagonist.   It's not people who hurt you, It's late night thoughts you drew.   What happens when you're the biggest enemy?
I would say that I am sorry for disappointing you But I have come to a revelation I’ve been placed on a pedestal I did not ask for I’ve been given a cape I had not bought for myself
Who are you?  I hear them ask.  I'm not sure, this will be an easy task.  I took a walk along the streets of peace,  To hear the silence of discreet.  I looked around for what I could find, 
Look around, and what do you see?  Everyone is playing with technology.  Before bed, nothing is said, all but an iPad to play in bed.  Oh Romeo, Romeo, where shalt thou be? No more Shakespeare in history. 
I am different. Little are with it, many are against it. I say odd things, I do odd things, I reveal such things that people pray for me to change. I have a different style that is forbidden from society.
Castle Kayla R. Woodhouse   Frozen walls and cold, brisk air Sixty-two degrees and a thin comforter;
    I am free spirited and social confident; I wonder when there will be world peace; I hear a piano being played gracefully; I see life flying past;
“Go pretty yourself” they said. They did not want to see my true colors. They wanted me to be “picture perfect”.   “Go straighten your hair” they said. They wanted me to comb and straighten
I am a goofy guy who loves video gamesI wonder about my future and what is to comeI hear dub step music every dayI see a large house with many carsI want a real familyI am a gentle giant 
The wet clay makes a gross sound. I squeeze it in my inexperienced fingers,  attempting to form some shape, waiting for inspiration to strike.   Finally, I see it.
Where ever we go we arenot alone.Everyone is here with youin your heart.Just close your eyes and waitand you will see.  You don't have to cry you arehere with us.
In a somber room, Filled with moist air, I stand there, in the middle, With weak stilts, And a golden light showering me.   If I shroud myself in tarp, I can only momentarily shut out the glare,
I am Change. Fighting for the LGBT teens making everyone equal Some enviroments treaten some's sanity being able to speak up to key actions speak louder than words not eveyrone is the same
Hey Dad... Did you know you used to be my hero but its been hell not having you here needing help with stuff but there is no one else to turn to help
I think that I think that my life has been pretty good. Got no dramatic tag line or tear-jerker story No cancer, abuse, poverty, depression, and I grew up far from the hood
Working diligently to prepare For what is to come in life, I enter the calm classroom with my head held high. I am the student who always will try.  
Eternity hides this secret from us all Beyond realms forged of the call On the glowing fiery Star Never to taste the void’s chill Yet it faintly glows despite its touch
Where I do I start
I am 4 and starting Elementary, I am the bulliedthe one that is found aloneFound buriedunderneath the playground full of bones. I am 12 and beginning my new self in high school,
I'm not a rapper I'm a poe
I am the one who was once in pain;  My family thought I was in vain;  I was just ashamed for my lack of brainpower;  I was drowning in a heavy rain shower;     I stood up one day,
Who am I…
Hydrocephalus? What is it? Hydrocephalus is when fluid accumulates in the brain enlarging the head that sometimes causes brain damage, But that’s only if is not known on time.
She did not know it then but her little sister Jenna waited outside her door every night, listening for sounds of life.  Jenna hid every razor in the house so that her sister could not hurt herself anymore. 
I am... I am.. I am? Who am I? I think I am just a girl Trying to make it in this world without breaking I think I am just a girl Who wants to look in the mirror and like what she sees
I am... Bound In this world we all are bound by or to do something Something out of our control
I want to be much more  much more than I allow people to see  I want to be much more  more than people thought I would be  I want to shine bright like the city lights  and hold my head up with all my might 
I've silenced my heart and her aches for to long. Let down all that I stood for when I dropped my soul friend to the floor and, hands thrown to the sky, Sold my soul to the crowd.
I take a look around Where am I to be found? No I am not perfect And that’s not a secret. Can you see the real me? The one who is shy The one full of fears Do not be fooled by what you see
I am not my mother Who maintains control at all times I am not my father Who works hard to provide I am not my sister Who gets perfect grades I am not my brother  Who is the baby of the family
I was with a couple friends of friends one day
5.25 feet, is that all I amount to? Is that all that they can see or or can the see, the real truth that inside of this inconspicuous shell, lies a meek warrior chief whose wisdom and strength, 
This artist is prisoned, In thoughts of grassy head. Many things describes him, But few expresses. He is empty with childhood memories, Away from freedom of another soul.
I Am...     Demoralized? Why? They all wondered...    I'm not the happy soul I portray to be I cry..   most of the time I cry in my sleep or cry and I
Growing up in a box where I did not feel safe because my neighbour refused to pay a dealer for a magic pill which helped him escape reality so he was put in his box of reality  
How can I be defined?   I am Strong /Weak Faithful/Fleeting Loving/Hating  
Heart beating to the tune of your immituraty Every song out there that makes you think The rough and tumble life at an early age Is worth your life   2 weeks pass, 
  Who am i Am i who i say i am Or am i who i pretend to be   Am i who my friends want me to be Or am i what i want for myself Is that a dancer, or a writer My future, my goals
My most accurate portrayalresides at the top left corner of my screen;a face so exquisitely composed,so flawless in its feminine glory,it will never confess to being digitally perfected.  
As I sat here
I AM  
“you are what you eat.” an english proverb - if you eat well, you will be well; but if you eat badly you will feel bad. i used to eat icing behind the couch, shovel it into my mouth like the dirt i played with outside. i’m seven and alive, and i...
i always wake up feeling the best at other people’s houses and other people’s beds. is it the person or is it the meds? feed me sertraline and caffeine, inject me with all those pills  and potions. give me a reason to keep living by my struggling...
"There's something bad about her. There's something not quite." I heard a father say to a little boy one night.
I laugh to keep from crying All the fake crap they are buying They don't know what to do
Through my own special needs I have been able To perform good deeds Because of my life As a musician I can now live For God in submission   Through years of therapy
How I wish you knew, what only the stars know,
My deepest fear is not that I am inadequate because i am aware of  what i have the potential to doMy deepest fear is getting caught up in the crossroads of life not knowing what path i should choose
my dreams, my destiny. all are within reach of reality. but they still remain a dream. until I forge them into my future.
I am the black girl. I wonder why people aren't confident in their skin. I hear "you're ugly and you're fat."
Here I stand, here I go Action unfolds every single day Surely it is great, so Which way should I go? With treasure and happiness barely felt Yet my next verse is the worst
I AM different, because I like music the majority doesn't listen to. I don't follow what everyone else does
Who am I? A question that is constantly posed. And wouldn’t society like to know. But I know how they define people, and I refuse to let them define me as so.
all i hear is fake silence. it's fake because I can hear the crickets outside, I can hear people's voices, I can hear myself breathing. I can also hear the nothingness that comes at night when I close my eyes.
I am dedicated. I am strong. I can see now.  I'm almost there. The road is not blurry anymore. I've reached my destination. I am at peace. Thank you.
I was a mummy   My bandages unraveled My heart disintegrated Into bits of dust and ash Of which particulate the atmosphere I have burnt in the fire of addiction in my family  
Your words not only hurt me  but make me feel so low how can you just look at me, and already assume this is what I'm about? All my imperfections and flaws
I am a woman, last time I checked at least.
Three days Two feet One God Whole world
I see the world like a watercolor, with blurred lines and edges. All my thoughts seeping together, memories bleeding into one. From skyscrapers to childhood mistakes,
The moonlight rays Slice through your window, Similar to the way The blade kissed Your skin only moments ago. You look out with Blurry vision and
I am the fight. The day to day struggle, The pain I combat with all my might. At the end of the day I cry a puddle.   I am support. A pillar hope, A Ward of the Court,
confidently, evidently,getting smarter through my mistakes, cutting down, to climb a rank, i just sometimes take my time and thank, the ones that help me out, respecting my every move, so its solute to you.
I Get hungry. yes its true. But what about the starving. where is their food?
why do these poeple hate on i? when i try to do what is right. all the time. snakes covering my feet.
Gosh youre so beautiful!  So why does my stomach hurt? Trying speak but not a word! 
Why is education so easy to bash on? Are we not, feeling classes arms long? Why is it so hard to get funds for school?
Roses are red Violets are blue Where have you been? I've been looking for you You, wait you?  Who is this "you"? That's been making me so blue Is he tall? Is he short?
Love always leads to disappointment.   I’m crazy for you   Everyone can see that, but you   I love your voice   Love your smile  
This is for the ones who stay up all night This is the ones  who can't look in the mirror 
I am Wendy, official Lost Girl I take the lead with pride but also dare to follow I believe in everything and discount nothing Though doubt is something i'm no stranger to  
I Am.... I am the girl in the back of the room, not because I don't like attention, but because I attract too much.   I Am... I am the girl who knows  who she is,
I am the north star  that my family prays to  High in the sky burning to it's fullest capacity  Afraid of going dull I'm fighting  For Them For Hope For Myself
I am invictus. This is my battle cry. A million armies can knock me down, but none will ever cease my fight.   Mountains rise before me and behind them hides the light, but I am not defeated
I've been in so many adventures  in my life. some bitter, sour, and rotten and some sweet n bright  
What the world presents on a silver platter, isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be...if you just zoom in on their bigger picture well everything becomes a blur and that, that’s your reality.
I am a painter.  I give life to that blank emotional canvas. I am a creator, Bringing life to my vivid imaginations.
I am not she I will never look the same But, I am me And you are to blame.   You say that you love me How can that be? I am not perfect I’m only maybe a 3.   In your eye,
What is school? When we were young, it was  a place of swings, coloring, and naps. In elementary school, there was  muitplication, no more napping, and   summer camps to look forward to.
Mother, when I was young and small enough to fit into your arm, I would hide into your chest and listen to your soft heart beat trying to make my sadness go away.
I walk through the hallways. People notice it always. They snicker and sneer, whenever I come near.  "Why don't you shave it?" they say. But I wouldn't have it any other way.   It makes me, me,
I've got a confession to make. If you asked any of my friends who I am They'd probably tell you that I was born in Sharpie marker Black of course; an attempt to cover the fact
It's not about what I am, It's about what I'm not Because I'm not about to  Tell you I'm creative, fun, and smart I'm not confined to expectations, Regulations, or damnations;
I am reckless abandon, stuttering tongue, heart on sleeve, woman.   Learning the art of testing the waters, not afraid to be swept away by the tide. Too mesmerized by the beauty in the waves
There's a raging storm in my head. So much confusion, So many thoughts while laying in your bed. I keep myself from turning away, I'm trying to ignore these feelings, so i ask about your day.
                                                                           Sensations   Don't stop now we're just getting started
Experts say there have been approximately 108 billion people on this planet. At the moment, 7.1 billion are exhaling carbon dioxide.
her whispers surface in broken fragments all withered and cracked and lacking her eyes, distant her mind, unsteady   it’s hard to gain balance here
Soon I return To that time I dread. It's not so much the place I hate, Rather, the people that Don't understand a thing about me. They cheat, they lie, All to get where they want to go.
I'm just another kid from India All I wanted was to fit in and be accepted by society  I remember starting first grade with no knowledge of English Mind full of confusion and heart full of anxiety
I Am…Scholarship Slam I am Black and Black lives matter. I wonder when all the killings and racism will stop.
The raindrops on the sidewalk are the tears, of the girl who tries to please everyone. The tears and yawps from within are the fears, of the girl who can barely face the sun.  
Holding back from you, believing that there was you and me, But the truth is there was nothing between you and me, I just can’t face the reality. That you will never learn to love me.  
Trust and nobility          a thing of my dreams to keep a trusting heart          againt the odds as it seems Constanty strivng, never to flee         attempting to be
I am fifteen going on sixteen  Another year to wait
  I am from wherever I want to be from.   I am from a World Series at one years old, Disney World, and Thursday night pizza smelling so good, but always needing red crushed pepper.  
I am a survivor, a Rose 
I am more than me All the burdens on my back
I am the avatar you picked Because your best friend called the princess. I'm a little... unconventional But with my hair bow, I looked fearless   I am the avatar with the power
    It is such a feeling of elation
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorrry i could not travel both And be one traveler, long i stood And looked down one as for as i could To where it bent in the under growth.
The horizon is wherethe sun caresses the bayin the final momentsbefore the world turns grey.What a tragic affair;not being able to stay,then distress in agony hence
Hate is not a word I care to adore But there is only one who could wear that title
  Rules grab my shoulders  They pull me back Decide what I lack
Who Am I? By personality?  I am the type of person Who can befriend anyone Whether short, tall, big, small Loves to read, or loves to ball Why, you say? Because it doesn't matter to me.
The kids, they’re all whiteThey say they can write
We’re standing in a room painted cheerful tangerine, It matches the sunset sky, As it gasps it’s last breathe of orange, And that’s when you kiss me.   And suddenly the sunset is so much more,
The bloated stomachs In stinking gutterrs The naked ribs Of sprawling skeletons Hoot for a time bomb.  
That night in April was the worst night of my life. Oh here she goes again Blades weren't helping There were no more tears to cry
They say black is the new black  Acting like they're bringing it back But lack the fact that it never left    My black have always been around  just like how we have always had crowns  
Quarter to one, here comes the last song Her beautiful smile I've seen for so long At the end of the night, this could be my last chance
Brevity is clarity. Stripping away all of the extra superfluity.   A clear breath, Crystal oxygen   Sweep away the dust, Begin again what was new.
 Most people think that joy is found In massive thrills, events, and sounds. But I have found it more often springs, In little treats and smaller things.
Awesomeness At Its Finest   The first time we meet was breath taken. It gave me an awesome sensation, leaving my mind blank but my heart awaken. I named every correlation in the sky after the letters in your name.
She knows the drill; She struggles every day, Just to keep herself going And drive the pain away.   For years she remained unsure Just who she might become. Her resolve is thick and full,
The throng of tearied-eyed neighbors will claim,
Pick up One piece, then two— More if you so desire. Make them one interlocking whole. Better.   This test Will not be solved By gluing several bricks.
Is this it? Is this really the life I was born with? I’ll admit it’s truly something; I’m working day in and day out for nothing, Flushing my time down the drain just to say I have a penny to my name,
Is the back of the room where you truly belong? The shy kid, That never wants to stand out from the crowd. The one who is too insecure To ever branch out For fear that you're being talked about.  
War Famine Hunger Be quiet Religion Political parties The Government Be quiet Everything is gonna be alright As a warm feeling embraces me
I don’t have a sob story
The love I have for my town is undeniable The small town feel makes me smile. The people are so reliable,  And so willing to go the extra mile.  Wether in time of happiness or in time of need, 
Stop and think about what you are doing, This time you feel like it's the end of the line. Please don't do it please, You may not see your purpose now; There is a reason why you are here.
Love Is what I have In my happy soul, I give love to all even the ones who spit on my name. Not even pushing for perfection but, to be clean, Inside and out,
What is awesome? Anything can be, and there are many things that are, to me.   What is awesome? When I'm listning to music, and the beat has me going, and I feel like I want to sing.
What is so Awesome? Seeing another day come my way.
When some people think of the word awesome, They think of winning the lottery,
small to tall, through it all, never saw one flaw, as my grandfather taught me the morals and wisdom of it all, showed me the ropes and how to have hope, he had dedication an legislation to watch me keep on,
The purple
Sometimes it's hard to see the good in everything. But we have to find the key
It's finally been a year See it clearly now as I stand here So hard to get over this fear See it clearly like looking in a mirror   I live with it everyday, Play it off in a more obvious way
This world is my own It's people are mine From itheir culture To their langauge I have made it mine.   Is the hero strong Or a bumbling nerd Who can prove that Power is not
The things we had wasnt enough these memories fade away easy for you , but the loving moments come to as they open me to say the word regret  
This World is our World, Shared by every human that takes in air. To share and to cherish Each other with kindness and care Is the only way to preserve something so rare.  
Upon a bleak and windswept street I stood, a blissful sprite among the charmless homes. With fondness I beheld their greying wood, for I had just emerged from catacombs.  
the static the separation loss of degradation the adjoining of hearts smooth, warmth, safety net skipping, stopping, speeding Love is me and you Your eyes, the green, the love at first sight
I sat amongst the weeds and felt their stalks twist against the wind into my torso and catch on the invisible hairs of my arms, a push and pull in time with the rhythm of the blanket beating
My life may not be where I want to be but I have an awesome life anyway. It is so easy to recgonize the things that we DON'T have, and marvel at someone else's blessings.
Unwilling to accept the pain he caused, When all he seemed to do was break the laws. Living life with regret for the time we spent,
 I've come to realize that a lot of things in life are awesome But for me and many others, music has brought the most awe Throughout life... And past the decades of one's death... Music lives on
Life is short, but life has offerings. So many offerings, that so many don’t learn to take. From a young age I was offered beauty and pain. The pain wasn’t a choice, but the beauty was.  
Yo, I'm pretty awesome bro. Overachieving the things you may not know Undermining things that bother me And trying to give a hug to a tree! Realistically speaking though, I'm pretty unique
A Day unto which a child was born A child who held in his hand
Awesome Wanes Eternally and internally through the smile Of  My reader, to Each its own, but make them a beliver       Awesome is the courage to read this page      when in this day in age
Attention! Attention!My people of the South, all has gone wrongListen and be strong.
The essence of your light is of a dying breed In a world full of fake facades and grotesque greed You made passion, care, and joy supersede
Before the wars had started There was no need for peace In the saftey of homes we lived in
We got the law taking the innocentLives of some men and even some children,
From beginning to end We work and we dream. There are those who condescend But let it not affect what we mean   We are human. Our actions driven by motivation, With everything on the line--
  I’m from cold thin air & billowing trees From a stampede of thoughts in my head To the thump of footsteps on hot pavement From creaking doors & utter silence
Oh I, yes I've thought of suicide me high on a precipice wondering do I hand my mouth the pills? that waiver, wobble me to aid the end delirious obliviously as I finally go over top it all by myself.
Who are you to me,but a man lost in his own misery. Who are you to me,How can we trust you with your recent history? Who are you to me,when honest words from your mouth are a rarity.
Don't let your troubles get you down
High School. It's all new New to me and the 90 other people in the grade They say nervousness is normal, you're just fresh meat. I guess that's just another thing they tweet.
Whispering winds wakes the wars on warm disolate nights. Even for the animals who writhe in the midst of a fight.
On Tuesday I ran home Just to get away from school I can't stand how the people Are so judging, are so cruel   They look at me, disgusted As if they wish that I was dead
I’d forgotten what happiness was like,he’d hurt me and left me in the dark.Pain was etched in my soul,and anger swallowed my heart.The tears I cried were for loss, because I didn't know it was a gain.
Trust No Future  
They are our friends Our companions Our strongest of bonds
Philosophy is awesome, yes
  1 The clouds slide past  and rising, rustle against the blank sky. Their grandeur throws me off balance.  I wish I could throw off my clothes
Like many others who came to this country             from a distant  world, I pushed my way from Bangladesh             where there are many conflicts and there is no safety.   I am like a clementine
It's a serious matter able to mar Even shatter fella Yet, can take you far Even make you soar Wondering what it is sir?
Maybe if I'd write more... No, maybe if I'd write a little more, my words would come alive across the page before my ink swarmed the page. They'd become reality, to me,
Everything is awesome, wouldn't you agree? From the hot summer nights to the cool winter breeze Going out on Halloween night for some sweets, Walking around in costumes and saying "trick or treat"  
Hold your breath  Make your peace This radio has fallen silent This newsreporter's caught speechless   I don't feel this pain When I'm not breathing   We just fall apart
Can I be lost in your arms Can I forget what it is to remember Can I lie and say goodnight Would you believe me?   If I try to deceive you Would you even care Would you look away
Have you asked yourself"What's the meaning of Life?"Happiness, wealth, dealing with strife?  
It all starts with a thought; A small fragment of our imagination. Or maybe it's an interesting word That catches our attention. Whichever way you come across it Never lose the original inspiration.
Life is a Ride   It’s always been about the journey,
I've known you since the beginning of time, We were once so little and fragile. Now that we use to only make a dime,
Anger is like a wildfire
Her smile, her hair, her eyes, She chases away the lies. Everything about her is just so perfect, She makes me feel like I am actually worth it.
I look up to the skyWondering what it would be likeTo be with you.
  Life forgot my passion there And handed me the key; For what possesses better snare Of curiosity?   The key, ornate with golden leaves And “Carpe Diem” divine,
To love me is what I wish from you Right now you've got my mind askew We are inseparable- we are glued So few things I ask for-yet so much I do to prove to you what I know is true  
You wake up. the sky is dark, the sky is light, the sky is day, the sky is night. you breathe, you laugh, you love, you cry you share emotions, dreams, thoughts, in betweens.
There once was a cool tree named Groot.. In  comic books he had his roots. In awesome unbridled,he got  his own title, And comic fans shouted, "Woot woot!"
The whole world is a zoo: There are the carnivores
I often ponder Over God's wonder. From the Sea's living creation, to Adam and Eve's formation.   Since the Bible doesn't lie, 
Everything is awesome, As we all know. The sun, the moon the stars, The flowers and the snow. But I, myself am awesome. To myself. To me. The way my lungs fill with air; Life.
Every day has its ups and downs Every person has their smiles and frowns Though sometimes it’s hard to see the light In the darkness and the dead of night Joy can be found in every place
Your fading eyes grow cold and darkAs you grow weaker from the breathsThat quickly become fewer and fewer.All the lies ever uttered,Left behind in life that only now floats as
Not a lot of thought goes into staring into a mirror
Mommy and daddy raised me to be a butterfly
Standing out was something I never wanted to do. Being different from the rest seemed so out of line at the time I never wanted to try new things, going beyond what was expected
Life is Hard. We all know that.But why is it you they always pick at?It’s like they know what buttons to press,That make you angry and sad;overwhelmed with stress.
Drama, Drama Go away, don't come again,
Happiness? What is great?
The people of this earth Have the power in their hand To shape the ground they live on, And dictate where they stand
The world hangs upon its final threadThe screams of the living are now of the dead.The tears of joy are all but goneThe fear has come, but not alone.
When the world around has died And all but one has cried There will come a being Who alone will be seeing
The world hangs upon its final thread The screams of the living are now of the dead.
Awesome-- The way I can describe everything in my life. The air I breathe,
The sound of rain pitter pattering on the roof connects me to you.
I am so peaceful, So comfortable in my pain. It seems like such a scary thing, But it all feels the same.   Because I know if I were happy, I would never understand The realities of life-
"Uncharted Territory"  by Patrick Dougherty   'Everything is awesome' they said to me, 
Thank youfor always being thereeven if you never realized it. Your slight smileThe laughter in the airThe glance my direction.  
Everyone is not the same so why do we strive to be like each other? Everyone wants to follow some one's foot steps but why?
"Simple person with a dream." "Never been the luckiest." "But somehow I'm still breathing."
It's Friday night, party at his house. She waited till midnight, and snuck out quiet as a mouse. She jumped in the car and dissappeared into the moonlight.
AWESOME THINGS HAPPEN EVERYDAY,                                    
Dazzle me. Your bright colors of allurement showing off, spinning fantasies. Well, can you turn those fantasies into reality?   Take me.
We met about two years ago and I may only know you from the other side of the screen But I know everything is alright.   We only talk through video chats and text messages
Freedom shall not be infringed. If freedom is infringed, it will cause us to cringe. Unfortunately our freedoms are diminishing right before our eyes. All the President does is spy.
The lady at work spilled coffee on me And a customer claimed I hadn’t gotten his order right My kids hate crust on their bread and refuse to wear the color green A day on the beach is what I need  
What makes me awesome? I will not say my beautiful looks or sense of style, But rather my heart and character that boast aloud The honor that I have towards God and my family
Come with me and watch the sunset fade. Let’s get away from this fake masquerade. Can you feel the cool, fresh air? We can be ourselves here and have not a care. The scenery here is very vivid and vast.
Nothing lasts in this world forever, Your existence is a mere speck of dust....   NEVER think that your life is  not important because you really can live on to the horizon   
She was told she's living a lie there's tears, but why bother to cry.   She was told she's a bad role model for her sisters But that's Not helpful if she's constantly betrayed by her mother.  
Remember when you were a child?   Running free outside, When your aspirations were wide. Swinging on the swings and pretending you had wings.    Watching cartoons on a sunday afternoon.
The moment you step into existence,
Always remember where you came from and how much you've grown. Wonder around and be adventurous when it comes to daring to know the unknown. Eventually things will fall in place the more you explore.
When you get the news, your heart stops. Not a success, its just an attempt, All the same, your stomach drops. But with that kind of fear, no one’s exempt.   Suddenly you can’t think straight,
Drown out all the pain
We are bound and always fall Stutter forward, sad and stupid. Shared desperation makes us crawl --it burns, like fire like gravel on palms.
I  am crumpled. I am tumbling through a busy street- not lifted by this wind but dragged.   I  am breathing. I am lucky the paper bag is about
Life always goes For the low blow To the balls, Knocking 
My life Is a moving picture Half written By a Drunken Monkey Who sits at the typewriter And
There are so many moments
It’s something nobody can really expect She could be going to the grocery Before climbing into her car, should have checked Who could blame her for not thinking to see  
In this perilous sea, What I see is profound A daft society Two which I'm not bound   I'm not saying I'm perfect By no means is that true What I do now conclude is I cannot be like you
Peace felt  Love helped
 I know where I belong 
I'm 12 and You're 13, You are within the realm of comprehension. You're not a symptom of me, Though not at all determined by decision. I've no experience, you see, But I can find you anyhow--  
 That title is a lie, Meant to trick your eye
As I am getting older, there is one thing I have found. I've never been so grateful, to have you around.   Through all the tears and fights, you've always had my back.
I am a girl who still has hope. I wonder what tomorrow will bring, even though it is never promised. I see world hunger.
They tell us we’re b
One day you’re going to find yourself
My family is like a building. My father is like the brick That brings us together. My mother is stairs that Bring us up when we are down. My sister is like open windows Who gives us fresh air
As i look around me is it really what it seems there is laughing and happiness there is joy and smiles but is that the true color of the sky?   The things around me cannot all be good
In the future, I see; A glorious thing; The sweet little dream in my head;   When I think to myself; About what I want; I can hear it whisper to me;   Sweet melodies that sing;
Our current generation has risen anew, But not better than ever. The innovators are still there, But scarcely.   Video games, social media, applications Take over the new counterculture awry.
  When I don’t hear but the breath of the soul,
the Awesome mother of three, was crazy indeed she runs all day chasing, playing, and frolicing in every way
Lets start on how I'm so in love How you have me in a trans, how you got me so sprung...
Love is patient, love is kind, As Paul so eloquently wrote But love is fast, love is temporary, It can end as quickly as an eighth note Heartbreak sucks It’s easy to see
Swimming in the anger, drowning in the sin. Its been so long, how long has it been?   You left abruptly with no trace on your lips, Of remorse for the pain, and your angry countenance. 
In younger years, it makes kids scream “Ew,” But that is only because it is just so new, Little do they know, they’ve been experiencing it all along, Haven’t they ever heard their parents sing them a song?
I lay in the depth of the comfort of my bed as the light of the new moon shines. My imagination, an unpredictable sea of desires, but as bright as the starlit sky. I sleep night by day but dream day by night.
The wind blows,The snow flows,Drifting in and out of children's dreams.We hear the tick tock,Of Santa’s watch,Waiting to see his sleigh.Here on Christmas day.The chimney shakes,
The wind is cold,And we are bold,Here and now in this place,Standing against the odds that we face.
steadily pacin back and forth, heart racin, watcha think i'm worth? did your life take this course from your day of birth to allow destiny to lead my way to you on this earth?
I always used to see rainbows as a kid-
You’re not like other grandparen
It seems like a PARABLE The situation is UNSTABLE No food on the TABLE Increments in oil prices and VEGETABLE Clothings and school fees UNAFFORDABLE The government is UNDEPENDABLE System is not WORKABLE
When did I grow a Shell That closed off all the world
Happy or sad Inside or out Is it heard, as I Walk across the street, The mild Humming made to Replace my hollow throat   Is it seen when I Face familiar faces and
Do you remember When you were a young, innocent caterpillar,
Cried all day Pain went away
Honest About My Emotions,   Maybe Too Honest For You.    I Am One Blunt Person,   That’s No Longer New.    A Killer For The Truth,   
Her smile Was a blooming flower A shining star Evoking happiness, beauty, and love At age 13 She was told her teeth were too big And her eyes squinted awkwardly when her face beamed  
Fashion.  Fashion is a dream. Fashion is a fairytale wedding sewed at the seam.    Fashion.  Fashion is not hard to achieve.  Fashion is full of creativity that one's mind will concieve.   
Respect, the word: To be cordial is to respect You show it in each and every aspect You respect everyone with everything you do Respect is found in each and every one of you  
I think you have anger issues.
It is 8 o'clock in the morning, I would much rather be in bed snoring. You keep pestering us with your questions, I would like to leave you with some suggestions.   
The sleek mahogany drifted past, held by the solemn frowns on hardened faces The crowd, locked grim without a tear, stood in honor Stood without honor Stood because the press was watching  
Is to be stared at             Leered at                         Eyebrows waggled at                                     Cat-called                                                 Belittled
A world so empty A tree all alone grown by a young boy. Who planted it
#NoFilter: Who Am I? Beneath all the make-up, the mascara and the blush, There lies the heart of a fighter, one that beats faster with every adrenaline rush.
"Love thy Neighbor"
Compassion, Imagine Compassion
The world has a softly spoken sentence
I struggle every single night to put up some kind of fight  To ward off this depression. Sure, I’ll take some medicine. Sure, I’ll draw a picture showing my feelings. Alone. Trapped. Scared.
Everyone puts filters before a post
Pain is a beautiful person, place or thing. You never know what you’re getting into Until the blood starts to stain Your tears begin to rain. Whoever knew pain could give you bliss
The tears are angry. They rush from my eyes with overwhelming hatred.
Roses are red violets are blue this poem isn't original it's not intended too   Violets are blue roses are red keep reading on but only in your head   roses are red
Nervous glances we exchange    across the lunch yard,  our eyes locked in a nervous dance,   bounding apart the second they meet   Too nervous to say aloud,    that my stomach is aflutter
There's a pattern to winning arguments:Some rules that you must heed.It takes a special kind of soul,And sometimes sickly deeds.Always be polite and calm.Be careful with your words.
As I stand in the mirror, I think my nose is too weirdly shaped. My eyebrows are too straight And I hate my hair this way.   As I stand in the mirror, I think my ears are too small
Who Am I? The girl in the mirror is a stranger, looking back at me with anger.
You pull me out of the  Darkness of Hell. You Say "I Love You"  with your Arms aroiund my waist. You make me laugh like no other person.   You seem to be distracted.
I review myself over a layer of abstraction: the camera's lense, the mirror's silver, or a stranger's eye.   It's when I look into myself as a primary source that I descover the gorgeous,
It starts in 1999, when at five years old, still chubby-cheeked and new, I learned that make-up was for girls as night over night I watched my mother paint 
Who am I without a filter? Who am I without the sparkles and glitter? I am the Lord's master piece for the world to see fearfully and wonderfully made, yep that's me. What does my true reflection show?
  When I rewind the tapes that hold my memories...
I feel like I always need to prove. impress. Which makes me feel consumed with stress.  Everyday its school. Then rest.  When can I break loose. and test Boundaries. limits ment for me to break. 
Qui suis-Je? (Who am I?) by Keith Skinner   Who am I?   I am a human being, a man, but most of all a brother and a son.
Glancing back into the past, Imagining the future, Seeing the present moment, And recording the last.   A sea of blue, a swirl of green, A depth of dark deep brown,
Filters on photographs hide so many things like the freckles on my nose and the acne on my cheeks   Filters on my words hide the real me how I sometimes cuss like a sailor
Inside out, right side in, Don't let the outside win. Take off the mask; leave out the filter. Your flaws are unique, as if made by a quilter. Birthmarks, acne, and scars; all make us who we are.
Oh, this one's not done Yet. But when it is, It will be Ultimate. ~~~~ Its words will speak to Everyone. It will bleed, And weep, And hurt, And die for Everyone.
A world, full of illusion Of fake emotions, altered expressions, And "enhanced" physical appearance   Is a world of confusion, A world of deception, A world of foolishness.  
We only haveone life,this life,no other life.The past isbehind us.The futurelies ahead.So do what you want,and not what you hate.No one can tell you
  We live in a world full of people,
They say that I'm an old soul that I'm wise beyond my years.
Eyes show us something.
Without the filters  I am Ariana. I am me;  not what everyone wants or excepts me to be; I’m just me.
Breathe Take a second to breathe A diaper needs changed Immediately I'm a father. You Intimidated by nature A pill bends my creator Finally I'm relieved of anxiety
It’s the same exact spot Where it happened. Walking past it everyday I cannot help but imagine Another way it could have gone. The crashing is silenced.   I arrive at my house and it is silent.
What does it mean to be? Always ready to face the war? Or maybe signing a decree To go somewhere afar.   Intelligent, persistent, and a king Many talents to possess and has the ability to sing
I remember The middle of November Back in seventh grade   In biology We were taught to see
Sometimes it feels like it’s not enough to be just me
Looking in the mirror I see many things those that vary from style to emotion and such in between Front view camera #Flip
Looking in the mirror I see many things those that vary from style to emotion and such in between Front view camera #Flip
Or maybe as a child Riding my bike across the street I never looked up to realize
Lakimbra Rencher                                 Uniquely Indifferent                                                Lakimbra is UNIQUELY INDIFFERENT.   
Free From everything I used to be                      Re-writing my history Picture by picture I’m finding me   I’m alright My hair plain brown, my face aged with time
My name is Richie, but I’m not rich. Learning is where I get my niche. Some say that I am very smart, But, that’s because I work hard.   A doctor someday I want to be,
There's too much discrimination, too many uncaring hearts, Some people only laugh when others are torn apart. Whether its racism or sexuality, no one seems to care,
Sometimes you wonder in a world torn asunder if chaos is truly the answer
Trial and error,
Four seasons filled with love and laughter, I'll be alright being alone,
We all understand the saying"Dress for Success"
My vanity has become an army Pictures purporting to show unparalleled perfection
A Selfie Cannot Reflect 
See how a man contemplates,
Parents can’t always see the signs When I was five I liked my hair long and dresses and pink That didn’t make me immune To how beautiful I thought The little dark-haired girl
You buy your baby Blue onesies, racecars, and little footballs When your baby’s hair gets to his shoulders You cut it short And say how handsome he looks You love your baby boy
A lot of people know me as @haleythebirdie singing "All That Jazz" Or lockedinabirdcage Analyzing why paper beats rock And for those followers, I am on stage on the web when I talk Or 15byerha
I am #nofilter I  don't use filters to mask me Why would I need to mask myself? I am #nomakeup
"Say cheese!" is all they say to me. "C'mon, girl. Let's take a selfie" Sepia, Tonal, or B&W. They aren't trying to shame you, only help you. Adding stuff to make us look "right".
Black is the colorOf the mothThat lays peacefullyOn my window sealNever making a sound Black is the colorOf the ravenFlying highIn the clear dark skyBut still a mystery in our eyes
Behind the makeup, hair, and jewlrey,                                                                                                 stands a girl with a little fury.                                                                               
The stars have alignedGot you on my mindMy heart's cold and oh so lonelySo I swallow some sinFor the pain that I'm inA cigarette, a blade, a dietWhen we promised we'd stop
  Unfeeling and inanimate I am
Life was much simpler without cell phones and computers 
The real version of me isn't told through stories, or through history, or through culture. I am me, these things do not define me.   I am lost, Forever stuck my head in the clouds.
Yea its me the diva. I'm the girl your guy wants. I'm that flawless girl making good grades and rocking pearls you know always rocking the new and fresh kicks always got something glossy on my lips
I am ME, And only I can see Through the filters, Into the center Of my self. I am ME. The best I can be, Without care Of how my hair May look in a picture,
Here I am with my eyes opened wide My jeans covering itchy thighs no lies Typing at a computer in a nearby college Doing sociology homeowrk to increase my knowledge Having four eyes isn't enoughh to see
Hidden under the Silk sand Sun sets its peek above the horizon Broken pieces of a civil land A destroyed flower is enlightened   Brought by the Gods to divide power, but Poisoned by twist of fate.
Late one night, not far away; A lost light wanders, trying to find the day. She moans and wails, completely lost; Her mind is ailed, heretics at deathly cost.  
I am a student: submissive to my classes. I am a worker: always trying to be the best. I am a suck-up: forever bending, and kissing asses. I feel like my life is nothing but an endless test.
on the first day it’s shitty beer and your shitty bandkid, maybe you want your name up in lights
i'm an 18 year old kid from a smallass towni'm up in the twin cities now tearin up that art school shit (nah)and fuckin up on the dailybut that's just me you gotta put up or shut up
My girl -  Translucent in the sun. Blue webs And purple strings that run. A wave of midnight crowns my head.   My girl -  Dark clouds around the eyes. Bony
Metastasizing in my grandfather was the horrific monster The monster that has fought relentlessly to win mercilessly Its grotesque figure has combatted many From my granddad, to mother, to me
I lost you a year ago Now I've found someone new Yet, here you come back Saying I should be with you   He's perfect for me: Sweet, handsome, hilarious You claim you've changed
Masks are what we hide behind everyday We feel as if it is the only way To fit the standards of society Afraid of individuality
Be by Lucero
I love my tree, and he loves me. He is big and strong, And also tall, long.
When Lilly met the lion, he was just a little thing. Completely unsupecting all the love that she would bring.
Maybe at times i did things that hurt, but i tried so hard that you will always see That having you was a blessing for you and me.
Filter Free What does my face look like without a filter?
Life,it's a funny concept really.
arms and hands and skin that we share sweet sunlight and lavender scents in the air. yet i do not compare you, my love, to the color of your face For love is never blinded by sex or race.
Compression I value the person i am and everyone around me Even if theyre too blind to see what i see I see a happy human soul with dreams and aspiration
Look, look at me  note what you see. A smile sweet,  Small blue eyes, Which cannot meet  Your steady gaze.   Do you, do you know My efforts to show Confidence?
When I was young, I did ballet, tap, and jazz. "I want to do what my oldest sister has". I loved dancing, and I would have persisted, But I, a boy, was shortly unenlisted.  
My mind is whirling a million miles an hour,
The little thing inside you The thing that gives you second thoughts The thing that tells you what to do The thing they call your conscience
So you want to know the true side of me Well then sit down listen and you'll see I'm the kind to choose authenticity over publicity Anytime of day No matter what people say
I am not what people see I hide secrets like everyone else  Afraid of what they might think of me
Left broken, Shattered, Alone. My innocence; Ruined, From the taint Of society.   No one understands My pain. It lies beneath the Surface Of my ever so
What do i
Who am I really without a filter? Because with it, I feel as if I have shelter I don`t want them to see the real me Yet, I feel like I should let it be   1977, Hudson,  Walden
I’m different. I’m not like you. I have ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression. Just because my brain works differently, I will never think the way you do.
Hate is a good thing, When it comes to bad things, But hate is for the next generation. When they look up to rap kings Who promote bad things, gold bling, and diamond rings.  
  They say             “It doesn’t happen here, we’re different.”   FLASHBACK TO A 5th grader on a bus, while they all gossip of the boys  
There's an island between two rivers
Life rolls up on meTells me to step asideTo get off the road God gave meAnd let it pass by  
Who do I become 
ACTION These are their talks, My Mouth is full of words, yet I can’t speak My eyes are full of vision, yet I can’t see
Through the looking glass stands a female. Not yet a woman, but no longer a girl.    Through the looking glass emotions set sail. A smile that hides pain, but still greets the  world. 
Do you love me?   Petrified of rejection, mortified to trust you Although innocent Im still afraid of you My heart says yes but my mind says think
  Go on to be with the LordTo be in His holy presence forever moreWelcome homeYou good and faithful servant.  
I am from A, B and C,
You look at meAnd you see tears fallingYou think—What could be so sad that she cries?But if only you knewThat joy brings these tears to me.Laughter with friendsAnd people I love
"Four eyes", "big forehead", all the things that my haters said. "Big lips", "big nose to", thought I was cute, they like "who told you?"
Who am I at the end of the day? No longer masked beneath media, makeup, and fake smiles What out of all that does stay, Am I even worthwhile?   i am quirky and shy,
We bind together with the impact of a cooked lobster’s last scream.   Without hesitation, we plunge the crisp sea life into a roiling pot, Searing tender, unimpeachable flesh—
Makeup applied Hair shines, blow-dried Stylish clothes picked out to fit just so. Sitting through art class,
Excuse me, But i'm just tryna get your attention from this world of mixed dimensions And worthless misconceptions engulfing the perceptions that I am not beautiful   You see,
Born and raised in the house of God, where the family gathers to worship; Laying on the couch playing COD, when bed makes me abandon ship.   Playing on the diamond with a stick in my hand,
A face that's kind, With just few zits. A smile that is funnier than an orange rind, With a really slow wit.   A walk without balance or grace. A mind filled with irrational fears.
I look to the sky for a dream, the stars seem to yell surrender. My generation has lost its roots, our world is yelling timber.
Her floor is decorated with red polka dots. She adds more daily without a second thought.   Her countless scars serve as ornaments for life.
Dark and cold,       A tale so old,  Coming home,     Waiting to unfold.    He sits on his bed,      Painting his wrists red, Urging the thoughts,     To just leave his head.   
i am becoming brave
It's not enough to know That the human heart propels nearly two thousand gallons of blood in a day Or that we take this and place it there "because I said so."  
I am quiet and quite emotional, many used to say I was really antisocial. I have limped, kicked and crawled from the at school threats, nobody knows my darkest secrets.  
 Dear God, why do we live in a world of hate?
  A crooked smile A silly face
along my path flowers bloom took a moment to think their beauty brightens my day colors of red, yellow, and pink   all were different, but each alike
I've looked at the tips of Icebergs Of various dimensions and shapes  For only so long my wonder can remain concealed What lies beneath this monstrous piece of ice?      
I am facing the silver screen, my virtual reflection refusing to look at me.   The screen turns black and all I see are my blank eyes as they wait wait to watch
***This was written in 8th grade. Our not-so-bright teacher wanted the class of 13 year olds to write a romantic love poem. I felt left out because I'd never even been in a relationship, must less been in love.
Soon but surely my people We will become equal! This is not the time to say fair well  But to join hand and hand in a moment of despair And show our alliance with the Americans
DarkHorse::NightMare   This is the space between my eyes This is the slowly rising tide Hear the voices in my head Listen, don't listen
The drive remains the same when I go home, take off my make up, remove myself from the daily cares of this world  only my true self remains to sit and reflect  
The drive remains the same when I go home, take off my make up, remove myself from the daily cares of this world  only my true self remains to sit and reflect  
Let Me Be By Raquel Gonzalez   There’s a world around me
Tears cascade down the young, broken girl's face
My knee brace is my artifact, and you might be wondering why, well it's for a good reason, because my dream could've died.   As I examine this artifact,  I always see the difference, 
What if I didn't do what I did?
I have to dress this way.I just have to; I do.All of the pretty girls wear this make up anyway.So I will start to, too.
I've jammed a few fingers, I've bruised a few toes What's my next injury? LORD only knows! I trip on flat sidewalks, and over my own feet I fall But the journey's not long, for I'm not very tall.  
"Tell us about yourself."  Such a common request.  Such a strong anxiety.   The pressure to answer correctly... outweighs the need to be myself. "What do you want to know?"  
The adhesive on labels never seemed to stick to me.
How many times will I have to tell you? How many times will you bring me down? I was just so sure you felt it too.
While your mind sits listlessly on its throne, mine ventures to the edges of imagination. Opening up doors you unknowingly pass by, taking notes all the while,
I am A collection of maybes and what ifs An amalgam of worries and fears
Everywhere we go, money here, money there Everywhere we go, it's jewelry or hair When you don't have something it's not fair How others have everything they get to wear
Can we enter 2015 with no filter? With so many filters and mask, I sometimes hate to ask what's real or what's fake. What would it take?
Not a care for anyone else But a bunch for themselves They spend loads of crisp cash While some look for it in the trash
I’m just a kid from So-Cal. First in my class, But not by much. I bite off more than I can chew Because I don’t see it as such. I play sports, To escape from reality. It’s a form of catharsis
Authenticity is a rarity. When looking clearly you often don't see The parts of me I try to hide From you and from society.   Take a look behind the curtain, Glimpse the person you thought you knew,
a love notewritten by a teenagermight be rifewith promises of foreverwith entwined hands
You'll always be here in my heart No matter where i'll always start Your're crazy Dad to think we're far apart
Blind   We see ourselves out our mother’s womb
I panic between doorways  I count the breaks in stairways  to rules I always adhere  and I do this out of fear fear that I'll lose my sight  that it will punish someone dear 
Let me start with this Sometimes life throws you some turns Sometimes there are twists What I say is true You must always remember To stay true to you Do not change for peers
I am who I am and I do what I do Not just a disease like the cold or a flu Not even cancer can define who I am Because now I can hold it in the palm of my hand
It is so frustrating.  In your mind there is a fascinating creation or new way to view reality around you.
Hashtag “no filter” Hashtag “no edit” Dear valencia and sierra I owe you the credit   Blurry pictures Red eyes And blemishes galore Dislike, mean comment, take it down Good Lord!
Told every single dayby what is portrayed in media & on TV,to look a certain way.  
Utopia, a state in which everything is perfect  By a visionary leader who must be worshiped He takes their memory, now they’re mentally destructive  You’d think they’re robots, because they’re always productive   
Old Soul Who I am exactly is perplexing to say,
No knows, why the sequoia stands so tall, From below, it’s just another tree, But through the storms it never fall, Stretching skyward, and free.   It isn’t adorn with fragrant flowers,
scream  soft smile bright blind yourself with loving light bask and sway for one more day to hold the scream in tight   blooming flowers choking weeds blind the world with loving deeds
My schedule— MWF class 10-12:30 TH class 9:30-2 Wednesdays are special: Go and help out at the elementary school, And make it to the Drama club meeting by 5.
I am flawless But for my flaws Perfect But for my imperfections Sacred Called by his name Alive Because of his resurrection.   I am small But souls heed no size
I am flawless But for my flaws Perfect But for my imperfections Sacred Called by his name Alive Because of his resurrection.   I am small But souls heed no size
I want to be remembered   I am aspirannt , determined and driven. I am a young lady with goals and a dream.
It's not like I asked to be an irregularity I tried to, several times To embrace my being and learn how to live With my insecurities and doubts But no I can't All I am is a pale face
Growing up, I hate myself. Every time I looked in the mirror, my eyes would pierce into my soul with a hate that I thought would kill me in and of itself.
My buck teeth are beautifulThey make me look like a bunnyMy one hidden dimple is gorgeousIt pops out when something's funnyMy pale skin radiantLike ivory pearlsMy strong assertive voice
Beauty is courage.
What makes me flawless in the past, present, and future as you may want to know, is my hardworing nature and this is how I show.   I sacrifice free time to get my work done,
Sports are awesome, there are played with different equipment. You may play one or you may play some, playing in a team requires your commitment.   Soccer or footaball
Education is important to society, it is important to me and you. A career you want to get is not easy, but education can help your dream come true.  
Millions of people take selfies every day they edit their pictures in different forms but I have something to say, editing pictures is not in my norms.   These images stay the same
Staring in the mirror as I wipe away the day.Cold, alone, and vulnerable.Looking at the real me as the mask fades away.Scared, beaten, and longing.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say.
Place your phone in the air get that angle rightCo
Throwing pitches at me left and right, Fastballs, Curveballs,  Knuckleballs, And sliders.    Few of them turn into home runs.  But the ones that do, They shock the world.  
Everyday i wake up walking down long hallways its a place in my head i fly to escape maybe I'm an activist but i cant add this  list of reasons why i cant breathe  my future haunt me my past torture me 
Nurses in tidy White shoes saw her Enter, leaving flashing Lights, rolling to Surgery. Blood Red.   Then she lay Dormant under White sheets and their Gaze on her Red hair.
I am more than the 4C type It does not get me where I’m going in life The kinkiness does not exemplify what I am capable of Just how I present myself out of love  
"What did we do to you?" the chief asks in his head His people's feet are bloody from the miles they'd tread
Everyday is a war, 
I am standing,
from the Stars I threw my net the depths of hell left me kept undisturbed from soul untold my heart bears wounds of old  
I love you, take of your panties I will marry you, sex is part of love I promise I won't leave you, just take off your panties My words, against yours
I wake in the morn to apply the face I've sworn, the face known widelly for all I've acted kindly.
I am a new beginning A jump across a puddle and two hops to the left Press start. Look up. The dreams no longer satisfy who I am   I am a force  Not a physical matter to measure
See just before fire was sent to the rain Before I even saw a glimpse of the pain Before the arrow was shot through my heart Before peoples' words could tear me apart There was hope! Yes, little but there was Hope
What's the point?
And he told me not to look back at you, darling,but that’s telling fire not to burn and I had waitedtoo long yet. I felt you there behind me, closeenough to feel the whisper of your breath so that I longed
You Lifted me up when i was down, masterfully crafted like artwork by him. beauty at its core kindness unfathomable, your presance enshrouded me with love. Swoosh went your soul,
Tried but true with the gentle honesty hidden within my grin, light green eyes that lookout to see the world from within. Slightly pink skin aging slowly with wisdom,
"There's no flaws in dreams,"Said my mind to me,"Be who you are, And who you want to be."I may have a personality,That's flawed in many ways,But a mind that's reigns...
"There's no flaws in dreams,"Said my mind to me,"Be who you are, And who you want to be."I may have a personality,That's flawed in many ways,But a mind that's reigns...
She looks in the mirror all she see's is a reflection she was rated a six  she started to believe it although her friends couldnt see it. she looked in the mirror again and asked herself "is she acceptable"?
Wake up, get ready, Go out. Smile, Conversate, Engage. Leave, Sleep, Repeat. These things I do, I say I love, Bring me pain everyday.   Wake Up. Wake up to a world of hate and pain.
Born in Nebraska, raised in Omaha, just a small town girl with wild dreams
Months of endless preperation Perfecting the smallest of things Weeks of no sleep Putting your heart into it all Putting your soul inot it all All for a crown and title   They said
I sit here and watch you grow... My little angel very strong you go.
You see her walking down the halls Her skirts are too short She boobs are too big And she looks like a life size Barbie Doll
It is merely an object, An abiotic, and yet it Disturbes me for what I see.   Since I ran remember, I  Wake up for so many days That I am given, and  Literally see what I don't 
Somewhere, oh somewhere A place where I can go To have a stranger become a friend Or a whisper become a voice.   I long for the day When I can find a pair of hands To help me with my work
I see visions. Visions of people who don't exist. They come to me all at once,
People ask me all time "What do you want to be?" "What's gone be your career?" I tell them it's not what I'm going to be Better yet it's what I am now I'm a creativist
Get up in the morning Straighten your hair Put on lipstick You can’t shop there   Your “suggestions” are the foundation of insecurity My mind corrupted by the way you think of me
I take the consequences Good or bad I take the zero If I deserve that I fight for fairness Even if I get hurt real bad Standing up for whats right
Sitting in the park under a tree.
I wish I understood diversity.  
No matter what I do, No matter what I say, You will always see, What you want me to be.   You can call me "she" instead of "he" And you can call me by my birth name.
Be Seen and Not Heard. One of the most fatal statements For a child, an unfortunate stagnation Of intelligent thought and the process Of forming their own kind of fixation, And I’m sorry to admit,
More than just a black male is what I am. A matter of fact, I don't see myself as "Black"
When I was 11, I was told to branch Out of myself, but the twigs grew in weird places.   When I was 12, I sat on a fallen petal and broke a twig. It hurt.
I ask them to come to school
All i feel is pain and sorrow What happened to the Jpys of tomorrow All there is is hurt and pain
I was afraid                                                                                                                                                             Of loosing him                                                              
I look in the mirror And I am you
"Little me, Listen up Your heart doesn't need to be in three You're better than that.   There may be something about the boy That draws you in Maybe it's the smile, or eyes
I look at the world around me.      Full of love, joy, hope.      Marred by hate, pain, doubt. I see myself in the middle of it all.      So small, what can I do?      So insignificant, what can I change?
To pull against her trust
I don’t exist in the real world.
I wish that I could say I woke up on a bed of diamonds and gold, I wish that I could say the clothes I have on arent used or a couple years old. I wish I didnt care about what others said, the opinions of those around me,
There is a girl, Quiet and rare, Who refuses to speak, Or show herself bare.   She isn't quite skinny, Nor overly large, Yet each day that passes, Makes life rather hard.  
   Hair a mess no make-up, no stress, wearing jeans and a shirt the same thing you'd probably wear to work. I still smile and be who I am
I sit and I stare into the mirror at my chest.
Im Flawless and I Know it ! Im not afraid to show it ! I go about with my head held high  and let you focus on my Flawless ! My shoes clean  My Jeans Pressed  My shirt stays wrinkle free
I have learned to love these curves As a rollercoaster to my body. The more curves, The more exciting, Because no one likes a ride, That only goes straight.   Glide your hands over the curves
“But still beautiful…”   Every day I wake up,Breathing life into my system.Inhaling the wonders a new day. A day that’s going to break me down,Tear me aroundAnd show me just how flawed I am.
Vivid Loving   If one day, our laughter disappearsWould you settle for silence? If I no longer smiled and shed only tearsWould you let go and not give me guidance?  
The other students make me insane
To be who I am is no easy task
Winter time has come at last It's time to play, forget the past We'll jump in the rain and play in the snow When we'll come home, nobody knows   We'll build a snowman, we'll slide down a hill
Stillness, emptiness Shielded from the world outside,
This is me and my hair, No, it doesn't have that white girl flow, But why should you care, It's healthy is all you need to know.   Yea, I know my head is nappy, No, stratch that, it has kinks,
I am not this natural hair that sits on my head I am not the expectations people expect me to live up to I am not this skin that makes my physical appearance
Everyone has their flaws I have many of my own   Everyone has advantages that make them who they are   My eyes show my fear My smile shows i'm strong My dreams show i'm hopeful
Hastag no filter  yet your face looks far from NORMAL.
The bluest eyes, the blondest hair, the perfect body,
Every day I wake up and wear the latest trend Brush my teeth, put on my mask, and go out the door I can't stand it, will this pretense ever end?
In the fourteenth hour of this day, The dawn is still in hiding, Scared off by the soft white skies that spill in from my window, Painting my walls with a hush. My heart sleeps, And I nod the same tune.
You say my eyes reveal my soul To expose what lies within …but what shines through The careful mask I wear just for you?  
COLOR MEWith the dichotomies ofChink and AsianPerhaps then my tulip-shaped eyes may twitch openWATCH MEReach for a boundless futureEFfervescent and unhinged
Some White, Cream, Tan, Buff. Pink, Red, Brown, Black. Chalky complexions, solid skins.   Some room in between for no invasion of space. Stacking and stacking— too much to even count.
These days, we hold gunsAt the ones we onceHeld our guns for.We give out freedomAs a broken promise.We don’t care
A tear, a whisper A shout, a cry No one seems to hear No one is by your side.   Everyone is oblivious until it's too late, Another angel has been sent back too soon.  
With big eyes of brown  That could never tear anyone down‏
The camera can show so much, but not enough. A filter can change your preception,  and give you the wrong attention.  The way we perceive ourselves, is different from everyone else. 
Who am I?
Red plastic cups are every party’s necessity Without them it would just be a gathering The products in mass for a fraternity raid But do you even know how they degrade?   Plates made of Styrofoam
My hair  is frizzy, messy, and unkempt; My face is rounder than I would like it But all of those things aside and  exempt   I am me, and that's what  makes me perfect  I am not "fabulous" I'm FABUMORE  
If I were real, real with nothing in my way, there would be no shame.  No worry of what others thought and no need to be tame.  With no filter, words would roll off my tongue in an instant 
Behind the lens is the truth All of the impurities that make her perfect
It wasn't cheap but it was priceless With a regaining form and a Star of David Because she became unashamed And she changed all the thoughts any man ever gave her.    
I am no diamond, no gem, nor sane, nor a narcissist if such becomes my name... For my flawlessness is known by all it is the reason for your fall, where you lack I excel
For years I've stood in front of a mirror,
Magazines, movies, posters everywhere Women with the perfect bodies, skin, hair “The newest fat burning strategy is in!” “Newest foundation for gorgeous skin” Wear that, wear this, curl your hair, stand up tall
Solid minded, Confindment. Come and find me. I get excited. X out the rhyming and, Art. The talented with the mindset, Of a genious. Because my mind is, Out of here. The stratosphere,
Who am I without a filter? I am real I am not fake Put me through a rough challenge I will not break
She's a pretty girl
I am wild. I am spectacular. I am wildly passionate. I am jealous. I am human. I do dumb things.
There is nothing more beutiful in life than love. It's the glue that holds everything together, the thing that makes life more sweet,
Hair the color of dusty road, Eyes that do not shine like gold,
You banished me from my walls Replaced all my tapestries with portaits of you throughout my halls Like this place was some sort of shrine to accomodate you   But I am the prodigal son
I used love as a compass but it ended up using me taking so much that I lost everything   my fingers still try to read palms searching for your pattern empty-handed attempts to right all wrongs
[For a little background, I use a wheelchair to get around as I have an orthopedic condition called Arthrogryposis.
Love was all she longed for, all she needed. She didn't believe in it because she had never seen it.   And what she thought, that it couldn't be real. She didn't show or reveal
I'm just going to come out and say it No one can be flawless There's just too big of a deficit Between what we always have been and being errorless None of us ever want to admit this
Looking towards the future Reflecting on the past Seeing the person in the mirror with new eyes Worthless and hopelessness has left the frontal lobe Walking down the enlightened path Awaken from the dead
Life will give you lemons
Hello! I'm the brainiac
A hellishly dull land leaves nothing to desire; The cold marble floors hit hash against my feet. They reflect the strange, distant faces I didn't wish to meet. Dumb and dull leaches one after another,
“Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.” ― Benjamin Franklin   1.
A universe so massive, an earth so large,
Who am I beneath it all? Who am I without any makup? Who am I?  
Paint splatterd t-shirts, accomponied by a librarian nose, stand erect as a lighthouse.   Vindictive waves may crash, And temptuous winds may roar. But I glide over these turbulant seas
What makes you FLAWLESS?            Is it who you are That will take you far?            Is it how you got here That deserves a cheer?            Is it your looks? Your achievements? Your attitude?
Bullies and parents put me down
Almost Eighteen Frightened Heart Broken Most of all confused   Seventeen Confident Kind, ruthless Loving, alone   Sixteen My grandfather died I got a job
There ain’t nothing stronger than a broken back, Except crooked teeth in a cracked smile. The hardest fights are the ones simply lost, Violently fought, Which bring death for a while.  
Im not perfect and I know it But still the best in me tries everyday My life is my story and my statement  Its caused me to be who I am today   Im not extraordinary nor a diamond in the rough 
My life displayed upon a screen- I live behind a filter; I never say what I think. I’ve been trained to keep my mouth shut, but my lips glossed and pink. Without the social media, I am like all the rest.
She's hidden beneath the pages, Words, and indentations. She chooses to be nameless, Lost in a wond'rous sea.   They come from her creation; The people and their nations
Don’t tell me I can’t do something Because I’ll prove you wrong. Tell me I’m no musician You’ll get a symphony, not a song.   Don’t tell me I’m not fast enough,
I'm a pest, And I'm a thief. Though, I do not mean no harm, I disturb your peace. But can you give me my peace? Can you give back what you took from me? Only half is fine.
If I showed you a picture, would you love me today? If it's #nofilter, would you promise to stay?   The truth that is I bother to cry to you my past, for with #nofather,