I Am... Scholarship Slam

I am a survivor, a Rose 
I wonder about the world, how we all still stand out above the chaos 
I hear leaves dying, butterflies crying 
I see the moon and sun waving their arms 
I want resolutions, to all the easy questions 
I am a survivor, a Rose

I pretend the world has a plan for me 
I feel the air around me, hug me 
I touch the sun, for happiness and reassurance 
I worry that we all might not reach ultimate happiness as a whole 
I cry when I hear of an angel taking their last breath too young 
I am a survivor, a Rose

I understand, the world doesn't spin for one person 
I say, magic is real 
I dream, reocurring nightmares 
I try to make the shapes on paper come to life 
I hope, everyone's best friend (cat or dog), will live as long as their friend does 
I am a survivor, a Rose

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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