From the moment you came here

To establish a great nation

You came uninvited

You erased the natives of this land

And brought a people out of their own free will

You say this is the land of the free

And home of the brave

But are we really free?

The ownership of men was legal

We are all new slaves to the system

Paying to live and breathe

I once saw the colors of the flag 

On the people that were called 3/5ths of a human being 

Bleeding Red

Beaten until Blue

Until seeing white stars

A country full of hate

Police continue to shoot and kill innocent black people

Yet preaches "God Bless America"

So we started kneeling and protesting

To the same song that enslaved us

Hands up Don't shoot!

America you hate immigrants

But were you not founded by immigrants?

Government doesn't care about us

They are corrupt in their ways

America you have to change

For the better of the people

Dismiss the ignorance from your mind 

And the hate in your heart

We are all equal

Red, black, and white

Make America Great








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My country
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