The Dream

Things were simple.

When I was younger,

I wanted to be a





Religion was a second nature,

where my sins were seen as tally marks,

that only met the eye.

School was my playground.



piles of books,

My own intellect.


When I was younger, everything was different.

Destined to be a performer,

The stage was my painting,

Creating my own artistry,

My own home.


But now I am older.

I learned the kindness of strangers,

a smile can mean much more

then a simple gesture.

People are temporary,

and will come into your life

only to teach lessons,

then fade away.


But now I am older,

Like a tree,

my roots have grown

extending into many directions.

Creating a trunk of stability.

With branches that hold

my leaves.

My own dreams.


I am older.

Innocence has turned into experience.

Childhood into adolescence.

Memories into philosophies.

Imagination into over thinking.

Home into migration.

Nightmares into dreams

And we said that we would never grow up...

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