The world in 2020, facing the Coronavirus

As we cheered to the new year,
That was supposed to be the start of gear,
But Alas! we were embraced by an unwelcoming fear,
Fear of mingling, for not to shed tears,
As an invisible enemy in the form of Corona is blaring scare.

We the humans are finding no bulwark,
As the 'Nerve Centers' of earth are lacerating,
Seems as it is permeating only to engulf the essence of humanity,
The berserkness of this pestilence is imperiling the humanity,
But overcoming every fear has always been the humanity's geography.

Although we are bereft of strong defense,
But we can't bow down before this offence,
Helplessness should not be transformed into despond,
The One who casts such challenges before us,
Surely amends our beings to be agile in the response.

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Our world
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