I Was Made For Loving You

Your sweet smile brings light to the dark

Like the florescent moon in the night sky,

Your laugh brings joy to my ears

Like the sweet pitch of the perfect love songs

Your eyes are as deep as the ocean,

Captivating me within them holding such purity in their depths


Everything about you puts my head in the clouds but

Soon your voice captures my attention

Bringing me back down to Earth

Every word you speak comes out perfectly

Drawing me closer and closer to your lips

As they slowly become reality


The warm touch of our skin melts all frozen chains in my heart

That has been casted there to keep it safe

Like a bird in its cage

It was never meant to fly

But miracles happen

As it soars out of my chest into your hands


My heart explores its newfound freedom

Like a baby walking for the first time

All strings are attached

And it feels as if I have just been reborn

Not wanting this feeling to ever end


I was made for loving you

And you were made for loving me

I’ve been waiting all my life

And this moment is just so perfect

Because I love you 

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