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They say that I'm an old soul
that I'm wise beyond my years.
They say I need to find my voice
and live beyond my fears.
They say that I am just a girl
who isn't just defined by her peers.
What they say,
is it important?
Yes,in many ways, it is.
But what matters most is who I am,
coming from me,
because who I am is my decision,
it's who I chose to be.

Perfect? I am not.

It's nothing that I'll strive to be,

I make mistakes, I try

I even take wrong steps and cry.

I am gifted,

yes, I am talented,

above all, I have a purpose.

Who am I?


The name is India,

a teenage girl,
beginning her journey

in this great big world.
With her head held high
having dreams that exceed the sky.
Her eyes, are on the prize,
which is more than what
some may describe.
I observe every moment of the crowd.
The one everyone has, for some reason,
clung to.
Watching every step,
because I'm learning how to
end up on top.
I am a conqueror,
an original working towards her best.
You'll know me when I walk by,
and that I have a name,
my name is victory,
and I walk without shame!
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