Dear Lost Love,

Flash back to this time last year

I watched you when you were live

That Colgate smile caught my eye

Like a whisper in my ear

The innocence in the grin

But it’s not perfect to all

A flaw I couldn’t recall

The light gleamed off your silk skin

You had me so mesmerized

I was completely in awe

I loved every single flaw

Thinking how to get this prize

You called us out by our names

To get us to talk to you

You turned on Ugly God too

I sang to outshine the lames

Soon I caught your attention

And in that moment, I knew

That making you my new boo

Became my first intention

Started talking one on one

Then that blue circle popped up

Looking at you like wassup

Call ends, but we just begun

Cause we clicked in that instant

Both vibed to Yachty, Carti,

Uzi, Trav, and Pollari

Phone calls became consistent


The day came for us to meet

In March, we met at the mall

Showed imperfections and all

My face wasn’t even beat

First take, on our Travis shit

Didn’t even know it yet

This something I won’t forget

From there, we couldn’t be split

More occasions came around

We knew how to take it slow

You impressed me with your flow

Played beats to get the right sound

I noticed all your talents

Playing ball, freestyling,

Catching a girl’s eye, smiling

Takes my heart as it happens

Truth slowly started to show

Said you had a confession

So I began to question

Learned that you went through school slow

You were only in eighth grade

You were ‘bout to turn fifteen

Had a kid as a pre-teen

Didn’t faze me, so I stayed

But so little did I know

Age was just the beginning

Of it, now my head spinning

My thoughts lurked like a shadow


We grew closer as time passed

No longer strictly liking

Our love grew through us crying

That’s when I knew we would last

From the moment that we met,

I lost fears I never knew

You took my soul with you too

Three fifteen, I won’t forget


The Girl with a Missing Heart

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My family
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