Beauty from Within


Why do I care what others think when I know I’m amazing?

How come every time a cute boy walks by, I’m left here gazing?

I know I’m pretty and I know I’m smart,

But people don’t care what’s inside the heart.

America is all about image and if you don’t look it, you don’t fit in.

I want to show my talents and my patient is running thin.

Like Shakira my hips don’t lie

Start me singing, I’ll have Beyoncé screaming “Why!”

All these wonderful blessing given to me by god

But no one will ever see them because I’m looked upon as odd.

Being overweight ain’t an easy life to live

I’ve been struggling with this since I was a little kid.

People can be so judgmental even your own kin

Which hurts the most makes me wish it’ll end

And don’t even get me started when it comes to hair and skin

Cuz that’s a war I know I’ll never win.

All the teasing and taunting can be a living hell

Make you wish were a turtle and hide in your shell.

Maybe as I get older I’ll be able to begin

To see the true beauty that lies within.

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