Looking in the mirror I see many things those that vary from style to emotion and such in between

Front view camera #Flip

The outside perspective of me can be dull and clean but behind this smile there are things that are never seen
Intelligence, the key to success are all such things both the knowing and desire to be successful and succeed

Hair check #FlipItTwice

My motivation is family and I’m striving for greatness money motivated money motivated is my anticipation
I'm never slacking always ready for war my educated brains are locked and loaded and ready to roar

Lip gloss check, perfect #Wink

Education is important in this world we live in that is why college is life and I made that decision
My swag is my success and without that im nothing college is a mystery but I will go down in history for something

Got the right pose.... Click, flash #NoCheese

Another young black statistic that won't be me because I've made up my mind I will succeed

But I'm also known as "The Selfie Queen" #FilterFree

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