Keys to Happy Living


One job may change my life you see,
From streets, to office desk, or sea.
There are passions, there are hobbies,
Jobs as front desk clerks in lobbies.
We work so we may live our lives,
But what is life unsatisfied?
Few are fortunate enough to find
Careers that bring them peace of mind.
They say all good things come in threes;
Happiness is one of these:
Most importantly is love,
An emotional gift from above.
Secondly is healthy living,
Coupled with the gift of giving.
Lastly living comfortably
Is how to live quite happily.
But being comfortable does have needs:
Education, careers, and money trees.
But money trees cannot be grown
And dollar bills cannot be cloned.
So we must work to pay expenses,
Balancing fun and work on the fences
Of our daily, routine lives.
One job can change that in my eyes.

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This poem basically describes how life is cyclic. Generally, education leads to a good job (hopefully one that you're happy doing). A good job hopefully pays well, which allows one to live comfortably. Living comfortably is one of the three aspects that encompases happiness in the poem (the other two being love and healthy living which was coupled with giving). This is how one job has the abiliy to change someone's life-it can lead to a comfortable, happy life or a dissatisfying one.

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