Filter or Lie?


Who am I really without a filter?

Because with it, I feel as if I have shelter

I don`t want them to see the real me

Yet, I feel like I should let it be


1977, Hudson,  Walden

With these I feel as pure as a garden

Sutro, Sierra, Inkwell

I have secrets that I`m ahsamed to tell


Hefe, Toaster, Nashville

I have my own free will

Brannan, Willow, Lo-Fi

I can`t help it that I`m shy


X pro II, Mayfair, Rise

This is my disguise

Earlybird, Valencia, Amaro

I`m always hard on myself which explains my sorrow


Is this filter something to make me feel good?

Or to feel worse about myself?

I don`t want to hide anymore

I just need help





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