Presenting Alice In Her Madness

Boys and girls of every age

Wouldn’t you like to read something strange?

The tale that began with a rabbit hole

Went so wrong and spun out of control.

It caused commotion and so much rage.


Dear little Alice, why did you fall?

You were perfectly fine, but don’t you recall?

Slipped into madness and drowned in darkness,

Without a wonderland you grew so heartless.

Please put down that flask and alcohol.


You spoke of beautiful creatures and Mad Hatters

But nobody believed your well-spoken chatter.

Screaming like a banshee

And questioning reality

You shortly became the townhouse subject matter.


Did you really fall into Wonderland?

Did it all go as you had it originally planned?

Even a crazy imagination

Could not have made such creations.

Dear Alice, help me understand.


You are safe now please don’t fear!

Not all things are how they appear.

These white walls made you hazy

And you claimed that you are not crazy

But you must be or you wouldn’t have come here.


Take your eyes and peek through that looking glass

You shall find madness that no one can surpass.

People would come in flocks just to mock a twisted mind

Spot the sign and leave our dear in her spot so confined

 “Alice has gone completely bonkers so please don’t harass.”

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