Man of wisdom and sacrafice

small to tall,

through it all,

never saw one flaw,

as my grandfather taught me the morals and wisdom of it all,

showed me the ropes and how to have hope,

he had dedication an legislation to watch me keep on,

he would pay for this and pay for that,

not for a hat or a chair that sat,

for an education as long as i could show him apprecation,

i dont understand the reason why,

he helps me buy and try,

as he starts to die,

ive tried to understand the morals of that,

but he just says the quality of life is to help others and give the ones you love what you couldnt have,

hes helped me through life when i told him i had no right or way to pay him back

he said you already have with your smarts that most lack,

this is a man of wisdom and sacrafice,

when it isnt deserved or gotten by right.


By: Layne Burdette

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My family
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