There is a new butterfly

That perches in the flowers of minds

Eyes don’t blink in seconds

Costumed like the rainbow in the sky


I threw my eyes in my pocket

My mind in the cupboard

Where hands will not reach


Okonkwo has tried in millions!

Emeka has tried in millions too!

All to no avail.

Will I try too?


This butterfly perched on me

The flower

Maybe I have good scents

May be I have good nectar

Who knows why!


Okonkwo has good nectar and scent

Emeka has good nectar and scent too!

All the other flower will bow if she accepts

One from this two

But why me?


Why do you perch on me?

I whispered to her ear

My heart, my heart

You stole my heart.  

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Mathew Chiori

A poem about a girl i never imagined would love me

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