Taken for Granted

Dear pen,


We’ve been together for years

Changing with the seasons

And yet our character is still the same.

Across thousands of pages,

hundreds of entries,

stacks upon stacks of books,

With you I have put my life into words.


WIthout me you could not function,

Left abandoned without no reason or rhyme

Only spending the days waiting

for a hand to hold you up.


Without you I could not manage,

Being aimless and lost from myself.

I’d look at what’s in the mirror

And not see one I know.


I give you purpose

So that roller-ball gives out for a reason,

But what you give me is far greater.


You gave me a voice when I could not speak.

You brought me calm when I was afraid.

You gave me release when I could not move.

You brought me home when I was lost.

Most of all you reminded me

(more than any mirror)

Of who I’m supposed to be.







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