love notes

a love note
written by a teenager
might be rife
with promises of forever
with entwined hands
and hearts bleeding out
the same rhythm
with x's and o's
like romance is a game
of tic tac toe
with "i love you
do you love me?"


a love note
written by a girl
might be supplemented
by scented stationary
by i's dotted with hearts
by big loopy letters
and smiley faces dotting the lines
like soldiers going to war
by a bold signature
declaring her love to the world
by "i love you
do you love me?"


a love note
written by a victim of depression
might be drowned
in insecurity and apology
in soft wonder
at having been noticed
i'm so sorrys begging
for your forgiveness
in gratitude
and cautious happiness
in "i love you
do you love me?"


a love note
written by a suicide risk
might be asking
for everlasting support
for a life force
for a white knight
with a gleaming sword
to keep the demons at bay
for a safe haven
where falling apart is allowed
for "i love you
do you love me?"


a love note
written by me
is all of that
and yet none of that
is full of secrets too deep
to share with another soul
is my identity sketched in gray and blue
is the proverbial
heart on my sleeve
is "i love you
but you don't love me"

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