Sweet Angel of My Heart

Why? Can you tell me why?
My heart is crushed, sad, blue
My heart and arms are aching
To hold and be with you
I close my eyes and think of how
You brought such joy to me
The boundless love I felt for you
"I'm going to have a baby!"
Your little life inside of mine
Filled me with with such glee
To think of things I'd show you
And how you'd smile at me
Bright-eyed gaze to look at me
That soft and gentle cooing
Warm and safe inside my arms
Vain thoughts! Dark trouble brewing!
What? I'm angry; knotted up
The day your life departed
Remember how I cried and cried?
And since, I've felt half-hearted
"You're wrong, it can't be true!
I screamed "It's all a ruse!"
Despair, pain, those awful words
"We're so sorry, it's not good news."
I felt so angry at myself,
What warnings did I not see?
Can't I protect a little child
Who totally depends on me?
My arms are empty, I'm all alone
You couldn't stay for long
Waves of sorrow fill my heart
I'm trying to be strong
My thoughts, your birth, your babblings
Crawling, walking, the first
Time you'd sweetly say "Mama";
I think my heart will burst
I couldn't say goodbye, my child
That fills me with such pain
But deep inside my heart, assured
We'll meet, on Heaven's lane
As soon as my time here is done
I'll spring beyond the blue
I'll lift you tight into my arms
And whisper "I love you!"
Please know I can't forget you
You're mine, you'll not depart
I love you darling baby,
Sweet Angel of my heart
by David C. Rogers

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One of the saddest things in life, is to lose a life that's barely begun. Beautifully written.


Thanks, ever collaborate on a poem?


Im so sorry for your loss. This poem is a tribute 


Thank you for your kind words. This poem was written for a friend who delivered a stillborn child. The sting is there. I appreciate your reading and commenting


Im so sorry for your loss. This poem is a tribute. 

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