In July of last year I was blue.  To be precise I would say I was powerful, Electric Blue. My presence screamed, “I am vibrant and bold.” I celebrated being carefree and outgoing.  I was learning to embrace myself and become more confident in who I am.  Because of my intensity I intimated people. I realized that they were trying to limit and label me, but I didn’t let their negativity distract me. I continued to grow, declaring I am vibrant and strong.


By the end of summer, my experiences as Electric Blue had shaped me subtly into a softer hue. I found myself to be more lavender. The intensity I possessed became balanced with humility.  I realized that the world was bigger than I, and my perspective shifted to include understanding and joy.  I discovered I was now wiser than my blue self.


The holidays approached and I was pretending to be silver.  But when I really looked in the mirror the image I saw was gray, and I was totally caught off guard by it. I had become cloudy, unsure, and confused. I was struggling to grasp my formerly vibrant color. Depression had crept in and robbed me of my strength. I was no longer as powerful as I once was, and that scared me. I longed for transformation; I needed change.


In spring the days became warmer. I was still fragile but working to become strong. In my pure and natural state, I was a familiar brown. I worked on myself with guidance and help. I didn’t need to stand out among the crowd and I realized the importance of being comfortable with myself.  I found security in learning to accept being beautiful, ordinary brown.


Summer caught me by surprise. The fiery heat of the sun revealed in me an unexpected red.  This new hue brought about a return to my lively and vibrant self.  I found that red allowed me to be playful and yet serious, shocking yet calm, passionate yet rational, outgoing yet quiet, and creative yet reflective. None of these gifts would have been possible if not for the foundation of brown.


Now I find I have evolved into a magnificent Honey Gold. The image I see in the mirror is rich with depth and knowledge. I am happy and content.  I am a new creation reflecting the best qualities each color brought out in me. I like who I have become and the perspective I have gained. Honey Gold really suits me.


I didn’t realize it then, but looking back over the past year I see the hair color I chose intensely and intimately reflected so much about me. My hair was an outward expression of the inward journey, which revealed the beauty of my colorful mind. I possess qualities that I didn’t think were possible. I have matured and I am secure, I am bold and I am humble. I have learned to accept and embrace the many facets of my personality so accurately demonstrated in the colors I chose and those that chose me. As Horace once said, “Begin, Be bold and venture to be wise.” As I begin my college journey, I am eager to embrace the hues it will reveal.




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