Esscence of Me


Tried but true with the gentle honesty hidden within my grin,

light green eyes that lookout to see the world from within.

Slightly pink skin aging slowly with wisdom,

the mind of wanderer just looking for the next freedom.


Thin quaint lips always waiting for the right time to speak,

but knowing how to choose battles and decifering from the bleak.

The knowing stare of a girl who can see right through you,

but changing to a happy fond daze as light as dew.


The bountiful freckles scattered apoun my skin,

show the wonderful obsticals i have over come to win.

The wrinkles by my eyes as i laugh and smile,

the knowing knowledge after every thread and mile.


Are you keeping up now with my history?

But in esscence this is close to all of me.

To my creativity to desires and everything built in,

oh yes even unfortunately even my chagrin.


But look and you will see what is not so easy to tell,

discarded thrown away and not meant to dwell.

So this is me all of me and so plain to see,

that not even a picture can capture ths sight of me.


Look into my eyes they show my many emtions and moods,

quite stubborn and yes a few attitudes.

But this is me the one you will come to know and greet,

and no selfie can see this far not even one from my head to my feet.






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