A Call For Duty


Started my day before sunrise

Started my day after noontide

Started my day at witching hour

16 or 12 hours, all shifts I devour


Started my day with sarcastic smiles

Started my day with long reports and files

Just when I was about to start somehow,

“Nurse! Nurse, I need my medicine now!”


To the left, “I’m in pain!”

To the right, “I would like to complain…”

Oh it drives me insane

Stress reached my brain


Here and there while medicating patients,

Where some people don’t have patience

“I’m here to help and ease your suffering”

Some appreciates and some are cussing


“Aren’t you too young to be a nurse?”

Says the lady who use to curse

“I know I’m young but that does not

mean I can’t give you your prescribed shot”


Everyday I learned to sugar coat a comment

I smile and say, “Thanks for the compliment”

I’m an adult, I can handle things right too

People just needed help than I do.


We don’t get enough sleep just to keep you well

Even ran just to answer your call bell

Nurse’s Responsibilities are a heavy call for duty

We just needed your respect and dignity.


Some say Nurses have the dirtiest profession

Because we get dissed and get less appreciation

But I say Nurses have a very noble career

Because despite the toxicity, we still manage to cheer


They say, Nurses’ paychecks are good

And nurses can eat delicious food,

But money can’t buy gratitude

That’s what we seek on people with attitude.

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