Your Suggestions


Get up in the morning

Straighten your hair

Put on lipstick

You can’t shop there


Your “suggestions” are the foundation of insecurity

My mind corrupted by the way you think of me

Why girls and boys tolerate this I have no answer

Though who I am is what I ponder


I have experienced war and hate

Bombs thrown at me

No way of escape

I don’t sleep until I help everyone awake

6 hours of homework

But you only care about little mistakes

That you yourself have emotionally scared on my face


Look at me beyond my mirror

Would the thought of meeting me bring you terror?


Filters on my camera don’t bring out my inner me

I cant wipe away the my love for animals

My love for writing

My love for art

Your “love” only brings hate


Conforming to society’s perfect Barbie dolls

Can be fine for most girls

But then you are not perfect, sweet or kind

You are a belief

A reminder of self-defeat


Though I don’t have many experiences

I have lived a thousand years

My name is Nicole and I will always be here

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I hope you all like my poem(:


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