A Complicated Year

It’s complicated really,

How I used to define the word complicated.

A year ago if you asked me what I wanted,

I would have told you with ease that

I wanted only to be a good person,

One with a beautiful soul.

You would’ve heard stories,

Stories about different things like,

Traveling the world to find lost people,

Being a guiding light to the wanderers,

Learning how to be a healer….


It’s complicated really,

How I used to define the word complicated.

Now people ask me what I need,

To start my life as an adult.

I need things like money and requirements to have a job,

One that will sustain me,

And allow me to live comfortably.  

One that I will be focused on for the rest of my life,

Because I’ll be passionate about it.

A job to go to with regular hours and great pay,

I am smart enough to have one after all.  


It’s complicated how intricate my passions,

The ones that I’m supposed to follow,

Have spread to the far reaches of my heart,

And presented all of these things to choose from,

Yet given me so little time.


Complicated has intensified and grown,

Complicated has become what defines me,

Complicated has turned me into a confused girl,

Complicated has turned on me and shoved me into a world,

A complicated world of growing up,

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