Social Mask

Most days the smile that remains plastered on my face

Is only a skilled façade at best

And I fear that my inner self may break through

And cause me to fail my daily test.


It’s as if I am hiding behind a one way mirror

And my true self cowers behind a glass

Looking out to see my surroundings daily

From hall to hall and class to class


Because high school is just a masquerade

And we all just crave to fit in

Hiding behind whatever we can

As if being ourselves is a sin


The path to who I truly am is blocked by a veil

Nothing but a white toothed grin matched with a jolly mask

Because if I ever let a soul knew what was going on inside

I’m afraid it would be their pity, where I would bask


Yet this veil grows heavy

And my bones ache to let some of my true self free

Enamored with the idea that

Maybe releasing these bottled bits of personality would show the real me


The person I display is merely an act

Because I’m afraid of what they’d say if I liked rock instead of rap

I display a stereotype that is pleasing to most

I’ve failed at originality and given in to a social trap.

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