By We I Mean Me


The pressure to fit in

It takes over and they win

To become one of them

Too quick to condemn


Similar people group together in flocks

Only focusing on how far go their mocks

The last mand standing is left out in the cold

Yet we pay no attention to what weve been told


To us you must listen

They said

Don't violate the tradition
They said


Beaten and bullied for having self-worth

You cannot blame us for returning our bodies to the Earth

Until now we have hidden away in fear

By we I mean me, and I shall make this quite clear


You look at me with distaste

But your hatred is misplaced

You are mad at you

Not at me you bafoon


I like the way I look, I feel, I think

Your words will not make me pick up one more drink

Times will get tough, I tell you right now

It will be all worth it, you should say in that sweet vow


To never give up

Or give in

I tell you shut up

That is way too thin!


To be free

Is to be me

But when in creeps the doubt

I remember, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

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Robin Lee


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