Birds of Many Feathers, Can Flock Together

The whole world is a zoo:
There are the carnivores
Who are all about gore,
And there are the herbivores
Who ate from the floor.
They are divided by a lengthy metal fence
And neither worlds were aware of the other.
It is likely from ignorance,
That they never knew 
That they too have mothers,
That they too knew all about love;
That it was okay to have spots
And the other to sport stripes. 
So what is left to do?
All they did was just assume and assume.
And you’d be insane
If you think the unknown
Is a future of tame.
It is out of fear and thus hate
That no wonder the carnivores
Would gnash at a zebra’s neck
When it entered their gate.
And there are the omnivores
Who could care less
About all of this mess;
But they are afraid to propose
If the meat-eaters can stop hating those
Who preferred a dish of primrose --
If the herb-lovers can just allow their sons
To mingle with the cubs,
Then maybe they would know 
That a dozen spoiled eggs
Does not render a herd or drove,
That their good eggs can outweigh the rotten
Beyond tons.
Level of social class
Is not the definition of 
An animal kingdom does not necessarily
Require ruler and slave.
It is tragic to know that it is faster
To savor a creature’s flesh
Than to fall peacefully asleep 
As one.
But they do not know in consequence
That when one side loves the sunset
And the other adores the sunrise
They are both squinting at the same star
Burning desperately on the metal fence.
At the very least, let there be a world of silence
Rather than arrogance,
For heaven is only possible
When the clouds unite
As one.
No creature is meant to be at ease
With only one landscape.
One can't possibly claim
That all earth is theirs
When they detest those
Who live on half.
Let there be peace
As an arrow against contempt.
Let there be help
When one howls for it.
Let there be comfort 
If one neighs for it.
And let there be laughter
If one cannot hold it.
This does not need to be done
In blindfolds.
One needs to realize
That the bond of hooves and paws
As well as fins and claws,
Even the gripping of tails,
Can truly overcome 
The hinges of any iron rails.
Let the evolution begin
And unite us all
As one.
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