Seize Yourself Children


The world has a softly spoken sentence

 That only those wise and relentless 

Can feel it pulse in their heart

 Twist up a clock and let it start 

With your hands bound

Your lips unmoving 

Delve deep into your mind 

Only consuming your time 

Lean your ear to the ground 

From here you'll be found 

Feel the cold 

Sweep over things untold 

When the seasons leave you 

Don't be lonesome child 

When the colors deceive you 

Don't feel hurt child 

When the months wither away 

Don't feel empty child

 Let your soul run wild

 Blood coursing around the lines in your hand 

Caress your sanity at your only resort 

And hear right here the beat of the sky 

Under the world's secret lie

 Listen close dear child and close your eyes

 You'll find that simple word there 

Then life will become fair 

No fear just breath and you'll find the keys 

To your heart you will fully seize
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Our world
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