Please Respect My Heart

Growing up, I hate myself.

Every time I looked in the mirror, my eyes would pierce into my soul with a hate that I thought would kill me in and of itself.

As I got older things got worse; I realized my parts were not pieced together like those I know.

Not only that, I was starting to realize that those who constantly surrounded me since birth had no shame stealing my innocent glow.

As days went on, I started to grow colder with no desire for any type of affection.

My heart began to deteriorate from my childhood rejection.

On a downward spiral that would end in me losing total control;

I knew I had to let someone in, on behalf of my soul.

Who could I trust because trust could not even be found in me?

An angel by the name of, mom, was the only one in my corner I could see.

She bled and pried to loosen the noose around my being, so I could breathe.

A beating heart capable of love, is what was found beneath.

From that moment on, I could be found to be receptive;

Accepting love freely from those willing and letting people in, as well as, being protective.

My heart has faced many cruel acts that made me cold and filled with regret,

But the fact that I can still love despite it all is why I ask that you please give my heart respect.


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