Tell Jesus I Said Hi


Go on to be with the Lord
To be in His holy presence forever more
Welcome home
You good and faithful servant.


See those who have waited for you
Hug ya momma and let her kiss all over you
She smile and say:
‘My child, there will be no more days
That we will not be together.’
Let daddy pat you on the back and say, ‘Welcome home my boy.’


Meet up with the ancestors that came before you
Learn their stories
And watch as they rejoice with your return
Heaven is home
You’ve crossed that ole River Jordan
The battle is over
Victory is in your hands.


Don’t worry no more
Troubles aren’t coming your way
There are no more midnight hours to cry through
Forget all about the rainy days


Listen as the angels sing of your return
As the Lord, your god, says welcome home.
Your work is done
You have served Him well.
Forget about the past
For all is well.


Uncle, can you see the streets of gold as you walk?
How is that feast God prepared in your return?
We all praise Him
Cause you are now home.
Uncle, how’s that food tasting?
Ha, it must be good…


Well I’ll let you be Uncle
Since all is good.
We miss you down here
You mean so much to our hearts.
But at last, no tears at the gates of Heaven
Enjoy the home God has prepared for His people.


Welcome home Uncle,
I’ll let you go now.
I’ve said all that’s on my heart,
But please do me one last favor sir:
When the Holy Son comes his way to you
All I need you to do is look Him and in the eye
And simply just tell Him I said Hi

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My family
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