Dear Beautiful,

Dear Beautiful,

I never thought we would come this far,

How we could go from strangers to sisters.

The way I can sense when you are unstable or confused,

Is the same way I recognize when you are the most content.


I used to believe you were perfect,

By the way you didn’t care.

But now that I know that you are terrified,

I also know you're human


In a red car parked in driveways,

In pitch dark,

Lit scarcely by street lamps,

We are swallowed by silence.


Whenever you are speechless,

it is the loudest sound I’ve ever heard.

I am engulfed by your confusion,

and choked to tears by unspeakable self doubt.


Since I first met you Beautiful,

I have only ever thought of you as breath taking.

Not in the way most are,

But in the most natural form.


I thought of you as the prettiest person,

Every attempt I made to convey my thoughts,

They were shaken off before I could even finish the sentence.

You appreciated the compliment, but never agreed.


After accepting the compliment,

Came a statement about how my adoration wasn’t correct,

That your nose wasn’t perfect, it had a heightened bridge,

Or that your hair wasn't cute because it was too greasy by your standard.


Every time they got shot down,

I understood you more.

You were like me,

In the sense that neither of us can take and agree with a compliment.


That’s the way we were programmed,

Being told there is no such thing as perfect,

But seeing others as perfection.

Not realizing that they go through the same struggles of confidence.


If it weren’t for our bonding in first period,

I would have been ignorant in my thinking of beauty.

In the most cheesy and cliche of ways,

Which I know you hate.


You have taught me when to care,

When to let things go,

The importance of recognizing external beauty,

As well as internal beauty.


Next year, we will physically part ways,

And the thought drives me to tears.

Just as your silence did,

You have impacted the way I hear and act.


When we are separated by five hundred and twenty two miles,

When we are busy with classes and our growing lives,

I will never let your beauty leave me,

And how you taught me that I am Beautiful too.


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I wrote this with my friend Maddy in mind. Sometimes she is the only thing that gets me through a day and I try not to ever let her forget that. Next year we both are going to seperate colleges and it breaks my heart. She hates anything super sappy so I wrote her a super sappy poem. 

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