Hello, I'm . . .

Hello, I'm Diamond, or at least I would like to be,

If I told you that I was, you would have to believe me.

But I could be someone else,

An imposter or traitor, criminal or spy,

Or just an average person, who can't look you in the eye.


Maybe I feel uncomfortable wth human contact,

Or maybe I want to make you worry about how I act.

"But why do you care about me?

I'm of no importance to you!",

And yet we'll make idle chit-chat like we always do.


Hello, I'm Jet, or at least that's what they call me,

I've been told that it's my name, it's who I have to be,

But I wish I was someone else,

A poser or sinner, criminal or spy,

But I'm just another person who can't look you in the eye.


I want to put on make-up, but the always push me down,

They said I should smile, but yet I always frown,

Why won't you let me be me?

Let me out of my cage, set me free!

I want to go out and have my life,

Not settle down and get a wife.


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My community
Our world
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