Quien Soy

Growing up in a box where I did not feel safe

because my neighbour refused to pay a dealer for a magic pill which helped him escape reality

so he was put in his box of reality


I was scared to step foot on the blood printed sidewalk

for everyone to see what lived amongst our comunidad


so for Christmas I made a wishlist filled with dreams

dreams everyone said I could not achieve 

so I wrote what I could not get

a good education

where I could learn to how to read and speak English


My wishlist was filled with words my mom and dad never heard of

and I hoped that one day instead of gunshots

my parents would hear a sea of people applauding for my next performance 

i hoped that instead of seeing a pool of blood

my parents would see people wait in line for my new book

but those dreams were only in a notebook

whose words were smudged

with tears that fled my eyes because I could not be who I wanted to be 


My neighbour seeked for a drug

I seeked for words

words that would remind me that I am not like those

who find pleasure in ending a story

and my story will never end


My newest chapter has begun

where I have an opportunity to change blood printed streets

to a sidewalk where fear is no where in sight 

where my brother is no longer scared of the monsters under his bed

where my words have no longer been dreams that will never be achieved

but goals that I have reached


Fear will have no place in my heart

and I will finally be able to spill my written pieces into songs heard by mis amigos

and inspirational words for those who have begun their chapter

I am a difference

I am a writer.



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This is beautiful!

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