Love Sonnet

***This was written in 8th grade. Our not-so-bright teacher wanted the class of 13 year olds to write a romantic love poem. I felt left out because I'd never even been in a relationship, must less been in love. I'm writing this to the best of my memory.***


Curious, curious am I

About a wonderous thing

Even, for which, one would die

Plainly marked by a ring


Yes, I have heard of it's curse

Been warned of it's forever price

Yet, this makes my curiousity worse

Because I, too, have heard it could be worth the sacrifice


Laying one's head upon another's shoulder

The rampant beat of a heart

The thing that binds brother to brother

Unsuccessfully depicted in art


The thing I speak of is love

Will I fly away with it, as if I posess the wings of a dove?


***I got an A***

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