Who am I?

Around age thirteen, freshman year is where life began for me

Rising up from my cocoon so that the world would take notice of my identity

I was quiet but passionate,

Reserved but determined

Clumsy but resilient

I dreamt profoundly of my soccer career


At the age of about thirteen and a half,

I was thriving over all my fears


As I turned fourteen things changed

As sophomore year approached I failed to make the soccer team

From there, my life seemed to have been rearranged


I became a passionless soul

I began to search for love in the midst of the broken

I ran after the wrong people

I took upon me a burden, the wrong role


At about fourteen I was a reckless girl, out of control

I was in search

Looking for something to satisfy the emptiness of what I declared myself to be

A failure

If we are speaking figuratively

I was trapped in the jail cell of my own mind

If we're being literal

I was a step away from going to jail 


At fifteen I realized time goes by quickly

The world had left me beaten up and restless

Suddenly, one day

I came across a Man who told me

You don't need to fight anymore

I doubted this truth with everything in me

I had become so accustomed to being ignored

But the One who told me this seemed divine

He told me that He is the true vine 

Which every good thing grows from


At about fifteen in a half, I came to know this Man

His name is Jesus, He showed me the holes in His hands

In the depth of the His holes, I found my passion again

I became free from the jail cell in my mind

I began to move forward and leave everything behind

All the baggage I carried filled with anxiety, brokenness, and regret


At sixteen I was no longer running, I would soar

Hope bounced back to me from rock bottom

I traveled to the nation of Africa to help the poor

To share the good news, the evidence of my life story

Each day I was rising from glory to glory


I am now seventeen

I am graduating high school with my head up in the clouds

The world has seen who I was and who I am now

Teachers, friends, and counselors look at my and question, "how?" 

I smile and I know they see

That what happened in my life is beyond human comprehension 

The restoration was beyond what any psychologist, therapist or medication could perform

I am now strong

I am focused

I will boast in my weakness

Because in my weakness, I found my strength

Resilience is found in Christ alone

I am no longer ashamed

This, is who I am.







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